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A Storm of Spoilers - Game of Thrones: Season 7

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Spork3245    2,853
5 minutes ago, DarkStar189 said:

You guys make my head hurt :P


What does this have to do with the speed of a raven multiplied by the square root of 26 minus pi while taking into account wind velocity, atmospheric pressure, the weight of individual snow flakes and poop breaks?

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Spork3245    2,853

Alright, everyone... I figured out the ending to GoT. Having been absolutely on fire with my theories/predictions this season, it's obvious to say that this is practically fact already and will be true once S8 ends.


Are you sure?




As the very world around them begins crumbling, with The Night King dead, just a pile of broken ice at their feet, Jon realizes what must be done to save Westeros, why the world is suddenly dying... Jon grabs a piece of dragon glass and plunges it into his heart - knowing that a Night King must exist, that the children of the forest tied The Night King to the very essence of the world, that HE, Jon Targaryen, must become the new Night King to save Westeros, and the world. As his body slowly begins to turn to ice, forming the dead icy skin of a White Walker, he whispers to Daenerys "take care of our son... make sure he knows that his father loves him...". Daenerys, crying uncontrollably, leans in for a final kiss to her beloved...


We see an unconscious Robert Baratheon laying upon his royal bed, suddenly his eyes open and he sits up, gasping for air. "What in the bloody hell is going on!!?!? Where's the Targaryen bird with the big fun bags?!?!?" he screams. Eddard Stark, standing by his king's bedside, explains to Robert that he's been in a coma for several weeks, that he was in a terrible hunting accident but the doctors were able to save him, though the extreme loss of blood must have shocked his body. As his King's Guard, wife and children enter the room, Robert shouts "Bloody hell! What a fucking crazy dream I had! You were there! And you! And you! All of ye wankers were in it! And you, Cersei, you were bangin your brother over there like some kinda Targaryen! You, Ned, Joffrey had ya damned head cut off, the little shit! Where's ya boy Jon? I dreamt he's actually Lyanna's boy! My god, what a fucked up dream that was! ... NOW GET ME SOME DAMNED WINE!" everyone smiles and laughs, saying in unison with hands on hips "That's our Robert!"






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