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Oxygen Not Included Early Access

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Lucian04    5,276
On 5/20/2017 at 7:31 AM, elbobo said:

no more early access games for me


To be fair, this is from Klei and they've had an excellent track record with high quality releases and frequent updates for years. @SFLUFAN Can vouch

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Xbob42    2,688

I opened this up to check it out for a few minutes last night, and before I knew it 3 and a half hours had passed.

It's one of those games where you're constantly on the hunt for the new upgrade or crew member to make things just a bit easier, but since they require their own resources and maintenance, you're actually making the game a little bit harder with each new option. It circumvents the issue I've had in some games where it's like "Why upgrade anything? Just to upgrade more things?" because of the excellent gas/liquid/resource system. You're breathing, so you're using up oxygen, and making CO2. So you make upgrades to create oxygen and use up the C02, but those require resources to be powered, so you're constantly juggling gasses and food for your dudes and all kinds of fun stuff, and they're constantly just getting more and more stressed. If you're not upgrading and building, your dudes are going to die.


I had no idea what to expect going in, I'd seen a screenshot or two but mostly bought it because Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together (on top of most of Klei's other non-Shank titles) were fantastic and my wife was quite interested in this. I actually had no intention of playing it myself. But it managed to be a ton of fun. While the characters are always getting more stressed out, I never really did myself, I always felt like I was working hard on expanding my base and keeping my dudes just a little bit happier.


I have half a mind to start over... but I think it'll be more fun to play out my current setup to its logical conclusion. I was slightly overwhelmed for the first few minutes, as the game keeps track of a TON of stuff that you don't necessarily need to worry about (but that is nice to know) so I built this or that willy-nilly, so my base is a sprawling disaster where everything is way too far apart. It's fun letting my past mistakes compound on my new decisions, and it's fun not using a wiki or anything, just trying my hardest and accepting whatever happens.


As I said, I've only got 3 and a half hours in, but I highly recommend at least wishlisting/following the game for a future purchase if the concept interests you at all. Hell, I was turned off for about 5 minutes since you don't directly control any of your dudes, which is a big change from Don't Starve, but holy shit, you do NOT want to be doing that, maybe sending someone somewhere every once in a while, but not constantly micromanaging. I figured it'd be a bit like Don't Starve meets Terraria, but it's a bit closer to how I remember Sim Tower being when I played that in school. (Sadly, Sim Tower did not hold up, but this game gives me that same feeling of a satisfying loop of juggling more and more things before the whole thing falls apart or I master it.)

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