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Ps Pro worth it for 1080?

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22 minutes ago, NuBlood said:


Lol, I know it wasn't patched. But there is a visual difference. But then again, maybe it's the combination of running it on the Pro with a UHD 4K TV with refresh rate set at 240hz...:thinking:




Man though, when I went from, like, a 20-something inch TV to the 55" 4k TV I have now, I was flabbergasted by the quality of so many of the games. :daydream:


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A little deeper into Bloodborne now and it is much better.  Mentally have gotten past the hitching.. see it, but not bothering me as much. 

Ratchet and clank however looks AMAZING.  

I think I am gonna end up buying a few games I would normally put on the pc just for the couch factor like watch dogs and maybe tomb raider (played the first on the pc).

I will say I enjoy the simplicity.  Last night I was starting a game on my pc.. Dark souls 1 .. thought I would give it another run through.. geez.. had to patch it, dsfix it.. then still had to fight with it. 

I played it the first time on the ps3 and it was easier.. 

That being said.. still a pc gamer, but the console will fill a bit of a hole which is nice. 



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