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What % of deployed servicemen see active combat.

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HGLatinBoy    615

I was watching videos deadliest martial arts training and hoe the marine Corp had to develop a new martial art for marines to use that would not be meant for killing since the types of engagements they've experience didn't require killing. I'm assuming that if a civilian surprise attacks a soldier then they disable them more often than killing them.


So since some of you guys were out there what % would you say get to see active combat or closed quarters combat.

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Snaynay1    695

It isn't much at all. When I was overseas there were about 4 types of Marines that left the safe bases, Grunts, Motor Transport, Engineers, Public Affairs. Added in with grunts are all of the other combat arms as well, (tankers, arty guys acting as provisional rifle companies, recon guys) There were other cats and dogs that went out but not as whole units, IE comm dudes, MPs with other cats and dogs filling out their security convoys.


Not all of those people will ever see anything dangerous. The last time I went to Iraq in 2008 you had grunts throwing grenades in front of their vehicles towards the end of their time over there in order to obtain a combat action ribbon because nothing was going on. It really was pathetic.  Anyway most of those guys are gone now and are out of the military. The Marine Corps is a young service as most do not do more than 4 years so right now the amount of Marines that have seen any combat is slim to none. 


As far as Closed Quarters Combat goes that is even rarer. Like really rare. That drops the people actually seeing that shit down to just grunts and other combat arms guys that are acting as provisional riflemen. There are your cats and dogs in there like a comm guy, maybe a couple of engineers, an intel guy sometimes. Not much variety in the types of Marines that are going in built up areas doing raids and other shit.

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kaberle    3,272

MCMAP was designed for Marines wearing a combat load, as you're not too mobile with 100lbs on your back.

To the question. Less than 5%, at the height of the insurgency, and that is including the guys who took a few rounds, not those who would get caught in stand up firefights for hours at a time. If it's just them, 1-2% would be my guess.

And yeah, in close combat almost never happens, I know a few guys from my time who were in those types of fights, but that was in MOUT areas where turtle fucking happened occasionally.

This shit barely happens.

And boot ass pogs like @Occam's Chainsaw will never see anything. Enjoy your paperwork war. :P

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