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Longshot, but does anyone have a PSTV or anywhere to get it cheap?

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darkness35    213

I'm curious in getting a PSTV because there are some games I want to play on my TV since I rarely travel or commute nowadays.  Some games that I have on my Vita I'd like to sit down and play without looking at a small screen, especially with games like Superbeat Xonic or some of the Atelier games that I haven't beaten yet.  Problem is, since the PSTV is discontinued stocks is either limited or overpriced to not being worth purchasing.



If anyone knows where to get or part with one, please let me know!

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erehwon    9

I would also check walmart.  They were clearanced out for $20 for the TV and $30 for the bundle.  It's been awhile since they were clearanced, but you might get lucky.


It's too bad Sony never really put a lot of effort into the pstv.  If they had allowed netflix and other apps on it, they could have used it to compete with roku and apple tv devices.

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TwinIon    856

I have one that I haven't plugged in since I moved a year ago. I'd probably part with it if I could be bothered to find it. I can use my PC for remote play if I ever feel like setting that up.

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