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Couple little new projects completed

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Couple things.. One my growing daughter wanted to update her room and she needed new bed. Her new favorite colors being mint and silver I did best to have both colors. I painted the wall mint then silver leaves to match the new mint silver comforter set. Also curtains are mint and silver. I got the lamp and green bulb. My biggest pride is the accent wall. 




Then while in Disney World I bought the 4080 piece LEGO Disney Castle. Emblazon and I put it together then I got the fireworks and Disney characters to make it look more cool. 





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19 hours ago, EternallDarkness said:

Nice! That is one massive lego set.


18 hours ago, Mike said:


Took us almost 4 days so weekend and two days after work. I should take the picture of the back. So much details covering over dozen of Disney movies. 

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