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Xbox Live Gamertags

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Day One Patch Xbox Live Gamertag List:


Board Name - Xbox 360 Name






A UGA DaWGfan - A UGA DaWGfan

adam99x - adam99x

ALIEN gunner - ALIEN gunner

AndrewDean84 - AndrewDean84x

angelinterseptor - AstoriaUnited

animeguru - animeguru

apoc81 - Satansblade6

ARZ (azeller75) - ARZ



BadFlounder - BadFlounder

Bing_Johnson - Bing Johnson



BobbyB - Mallik87

Braingoo - Braingoo360

Brazil201 - Brazil201

bsmith (bsmith239) - Redfox777

bunting1 - bunting1



Cabinz - Caboose450

Captain Pickle - CptPicklicious

cavalier_54 - SeeUInTheFuture

chapanoid - chapanoid

Charlie - Charlie SPACE


CMerriman - CMerriman

Comet - Comet77

criese - Hey Screw You



Daemonocracy - Daemonocracy

Darkgran - Bommaar

Dark Lady Lumiya - Symmetrics Love

DarkMacrosis - ActionMarco

DarkTsuba - ParityBit

DarthMacrosis - DarthEpicMarco

DeadMonkeyz - DeadMonkeyz

Dodger - Planet Rain

DoomGiver - DoomGiver

DigForFire. - Chuckatommy

doa3_master - doa345

dreammitchconner - CATxPARTY

dwix - aut0bot

Dylan - toyoufromzero



EternallDarkness - MonkeyPants

EvilFriedBacon - EvilFriedBacon



Fieldy Snutz - Fieldy Snutz

FireWithin - Afireinside

Frek21 - Frek21

freneticburn - freneticburn

Fuhrer D - Fuhrer D



GameLordDNC - B24S

GameMaster - Z Killer 7

gamerdad38 - xboxgamedad

gamer.tv - gamertvben

GDG (GameDadGrant) - GameDadGrant

goma14 - goma14

GunnderDude - GunnerDude



HardAct - HardAct

hardass18 - PFCBulletsponge

HereisOblivion - HereisOblivion

hiawa23 - hiawa23

Hossome - SAM617

hugeRATMfan - SomewhatDamaged



icantwalkoncrazypaving - pinballsummer

iczelion74 - Rinshu

Indra - J B1ue



Jeff - Neigne

jergrah - jergrah

Jilted Valkyrie - Jilted Valkyrie

JMad - JMadFour

john gannon - silentcorp

journeyman2x - journeyman2x

jynxce - jynxce



Kairotik - Kairotik

Kal-El814 - KalEl814


Keyser_Soze - Bludgeoner86

Kitoro (Elekid) - Kitoro

KNMDave - KNMDave

Kyio - Kosanity



LaXDragon - LaXDragon

Lyphen - Lyphen

legend - Alerus

liquidfox 00 (lacrossekid01) - DJ Pauly E



Master Hoplite - Master Hoplite

Matthew9559 - Matthew9559


MinessotaFatz - LordDarius

monstuu - monstuu

Mr Deltoid - ASmallFuzzyBear



Narse - Giraffapuss

-NeoTB1- - NeoFoxTrot

Nerdboxer - Nerdboxer

never_knows_best - petethepanda

nib85 - NIBZY

Noahshark22 - Noahshark22

noey jerd - noey jerd




ohioguy24 - Gisherjohn



perineumlick - Nelsonkildyu

PimpMario - PimpMario

potterscrow - potterscrow

Pulled Pork - Mr Beef Supreme

purpletentacle - paulvstheworld






racer x - xxracerxx81

Red Shadow - The Red Shadow

RedSox566 - RedSox566

Resist - AdhesiveNickel

RightHandLuv - l RiteHandLuv l ( l = L )

RiteHandLuv - RiteHandLuv

r0bDizzle - r0bDizzle

royals - royals

Runny - Runny452

RussShooter - RiSS RoSS



Shamrock - Shamrock

Shizuka Ninja - Shizuka Ninja

Sir Aragorn - RalliArtEvo

SiskoKid - SiskoEP

SoberChef - juggalochef2399

somahead - somahead

SomeOneInaHat - SomeOneInaHat

Space Monkey - Space Monkey

stawnkald - stawnkald

Stephen - stephen087

StephenO1683 - SteveO1683

Stormshadow - Stormshadow

streamako - Virtualdrizzle

Symmetric - Symmetric



Tao - Top Dillin

tgo - Righteous1 Is I

td1984 - TDKienholz

Thane Krios - Typh91

The_Dude - Savatage79

TheTrueUndead - VKP Butcher

Thornado (ThornadoCube) - ThornadoX

TheManFiveGrand - JohnnyThePimp

thoseAREmySHOES (mariomaster3000) - thoseAREmySHOES

TMC - TMC2k1

Triage - Triage0921

tumble996 - Hobbesisfuzzy

TwinIon - Collateral Damg

twosock360 - two sock 360



UMad - tava84



ViolentJ317 - ViolentJ317

Vinsanity - Kamehameha



WasherDryerCombo - WDCombo



X-pert74 - Xpert74






zenzer - zenzer

zepplinmike - zepplinmike



Updated 12/3/13 by Kyio

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PSN: HereisOblivion

Playing: Call of Duty: Black Ops

I use HereisOblivion for everything. Email, games, users, etc. If you see another hereisoblivion somewhere, that's probably me.


My playtime is 100% devoted to black ops online now. I only get a few nights per week to play, but every time I get on I'm playing that.

I have prestieged twice now and somewhere close to being a level 20 again.

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XBL: ALIEN gunner

PSN: TransformerPSX

Playing: Nothing. I'm over online gaming on consoles. Black Ops was fun for a few weeks and got stale. I wish there was a progressive game like an MMO or something. I miss the old PS2 days with EQOA.

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XBL: zenzer

Currently trying to wreck chaos in Just Cause 2 and also have been putting time into Pinball FX2.

I also spend a lot of time playing Halo, COD and will likely get back into BF:BC2 once the Vietnam expansion hits.

Generally I am only playing after 9pm EST when the kids are in bed.

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XBL: Giraffapuss

Games: Halo: Reach mainly, i am trying to work on achievements on various amounts of games, but FPS is usually where i really shine.

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Xbox Gamertag is Stormshadow

I tend to primarily play single player games, but I do love some online coop gaming as well. Online I'll typically play Black Ops, Halo Reach or Battlefield. For single player I'm finally getting to GTA4. I know very late to the party on that one.

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XBL: Kosanity

PSN: Kozanity (God help whoever took my already made up name!)

I play anything that looks like fun. A master of all genres, and a lover of the soundtracks that go with them! Own all 3 systems, DS and PSP. Interestingly playing mostly on gaming rig right now; PC :P

Playing right now: Final Fantasy XIV, Minecraft

WARNING - Do not play Minecraft if you can. The game is way too addicting that it will cause you to stay up from 9:00pm to 4:30am with an insane amount of "I will stop once I do ____" that keeps on going and going and going. Halp meeeee :blink:

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XBL: Collateral Damg

Playing AC:B right now, but my brother is coming back from overseas so I'll probably be playing a good deal of Reach soon.

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I'm not dedicated to any online games at the moment. I jump on XBL for some Halo: Reach or BFBC2 here and there, but I rarely play an PS3 games online.

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XBL: Space Monkey

PSN: SMNation

On the Xbox side I play Halo: Reach and Bad Company 2 mostly.

On PSN I haven't really been doing too much online yet, but Uncharted 2 seems like it might be garnering my attention and I enjoy Wip3out quite a lot.

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gamertag: J B1ue

I'm a professional bullet-sponge in online shooters. Play all the time with HiO and some other guys who met during glory days of ChromeHounds (RIP)

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gamertag is freneticburn

I don't really play online much but am down for Pinball FX2 scoreboard stuff and some Borderlands (I still haven't defeated the boss dude Crawamex (or whatever it's name is) and still haven't finished the claptrap DLC.

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