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I Loved You Innnnnn... IMDb! Episode 11 -- GOLDENEYE | TRUE LIES | Special Guest TWINION

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Pack up your gadgets, memorize your cover story, and put on the suit because this is the second episode in our SUMMER OF ACTION series and we're covering the BONDY action by looking at the mid 90's response to the 80's response to James Bond when we cover GOLDENEYE and TRUE LIES (and a little bit of FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE in the first part :-).  Come join Sir Rothwyn and Rex, joined by our special returning guest @TwinIon as we look down our sights at some of the manliest films to ever exist!


0:00:00 -- Opening!
0:03:35 -- From Russia w/ Love
0:13:56 -- Tanya & Grant
0:22:53 -- New era (80's/90's) Bond's reaction to earlier films
0:33:36 -- GOLDENEYE
0:45:23 -- GOLDENEYE .. THE GAME
0:59:47 -- Xenia Onatopp
1:02:36 -- Distilled Bond
1:14:04 -- Great Bond / Great Bond Film
1:16:49 -- Final Thoughts


1:21:53 -- Opening, p. 2!
1:25:33 -- Did you like this movie?
1:28:16 -- Is True Lies sexist?
1:39:40 -- Arnold as Bond
1:48:31 -- True Lies as the "American response" to Bond
2:02:13 -- Horse / Motorcycle chase & the action of the film
2:08:53 -- The American Bond, extended.
2:14:41 -- CGI and special effects
2:24:05 -- Who would you like to see direct Bond?
2:35:17 -- Final Thoughts


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