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Let's tentatively go with 9.16 as the "launch" for the league. I'll give the weekend for people to see NFL games and get the itch.

I'd like to go on a Tuesday schedule, giving us a full 7 days between (or to play) games. Since many of us work different shifts, days off etc, the extra time will be helpful in coordinating times. Of course, the Xbox guys have a great league going already, so I'd be an idiot not to steal their ideas for some things. This can be a work in progress, but I don't see why these rules wouldn't work for our needs.



This is a sim-style league!!

  • 4th downs -- If a real coach would punt/kick a FG the majority of the time in the situation, you need to. Unless down big in the 4th quarter, you should never go for it on 4th from your side of the 50. 4th and 1 or 4th and inches when just out of FG range, not a problem. 4th and 5 in that situation, punt the ball.
  • Mix up your offense and defense -- you don't need to run 50 different plays, but you need to run more than the same 5 or 6 all game.
  • Glitching / Nano-Blitzing / etc -- If you are found to be using an exploit, you will be booted from the league.
  • Communicate in this thread, via PM or on PSN to work with any user opponents to schedule your game.
  • Don't play like a dick -- if you are up huge late, kill the clock and end the game. DO NOT throw bombs or try to run no-huddle when up 3+ scores and the clock running out. Have some class.
  • 2-Point Conversions should only be attempted if they make sense with how the scoring has played out. For example it's in the 4th Quarter and going for 2 will cut the score to 3 points, wheras kicking the extra point would make it a 4 point game. Realistically, you should never be going for 2 in the 1st half.
  • Be Active, Be Active, Be Active! -- The more active you are and the more you participate in the thread, the better the league will be for it. If you are not active for extended periods of time it may lead to booting.
  • DO NOT run up the score or stats in games versus the CPU.
  • Pre-existing injuries will be OFF.
  • Quarter length will be 10 mins with accelerated clock ON.

ok is this a fantasy draft set up?

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Did anyone play their teams first game yet? We do have a week to complete your teams game correct? I've been playing Destiny so much that Madden has been put on the back burner.

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