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Found 52 results

  1. I just figured out how the hosting function on Twitch works So, if you have your own personal Twitch channel and you'd like D1P to host you as well when you're streaming, then just Follow or Friend the D1P channel and I'll add you to our hosting list! https://www.twitch.tv/day1patch
  2. We've decided to get into the "spirit" of E3 with celebratory logos for the event!
  3. At the suggestion of @Keyser_Soze, I've created Twitch channel for Day1Patch (note - DayOnePatch was already taken, go figure!) and it's URL is below: https://www.twitch.tv/day1patch If you do stream on Twitch, I'd like to invite you to be an "authorized broadcaster" for D1P which means that your stream would be broadcast both on your personal channel as well as D1P's. If you're interested, please PM me with the email address so I can send you a stream key.
  4. Gaming Test Blog Entry 1

    Pages for gaming could have blocks from different boards and twitter feeds. We could have microsoft/sony/nintendo/handheld focused content or we could mash them all together. General Gaming could have a legitimately different focus just by using a different twitter feed; one that's exclusively about top level gaming news headlines and other system agnostic things like e-sports. Further specialized we could have twitter feeds for deals, pc gaming & hardware, and mobile device gaming & hardware.
  5. Thanks to @NextGen, D1P is now an official member of the Discord Partners Program which means...something, but I'm sure it will be cool whatever it is! One of the goals that we have for this site is to give us more visibility in the overall gaming community so a partnership with an up and coming service like Discord (which dozens of D1P members already use) makes sense for us. The Discord Partners Program is very much in the embryonic stage right now, but as it evolves we'll keep you all informed of anything of interest!
  6. I am in Indianapolis (AGAIN!) for the week and because I am bored, I am ever so slightly buzzed right now (and I have been awake since 4am) with the result that I have come to the conclusion that in order for D1P to increase our "mindshare", we should invade and overthrow the government of a small island nation. Might I suggest St. Kitts & Nevis as a prospective candidate for such an endeavor? OK, time for another Moscow Mule.
  7. I received this letter of complaint from Mr. Robert J. Wesch, Sr. regarding the site. It was written in italics so I am reproducing that here: Hello~ I understand by the site you are somewhat ''in charge'', well if you are, you are the right person to relay this message. I joined your site a few days ago, then changed emails. That's when the problems started. I work at a newspaper in West Palm Beach, Fl, and the people who work with me here, said ''Please Bob, what ever you do stay away from Day One, They are a mess to work with, and have a terrible reputation''. Oh my goodness....were they right. The reason I brought up the newspaper is because this email will be in the weekend edition. The section for the weekends called ''Avoid the Noid'',so you can be the first to read it. Now, First, the reason for contacting you, when I put in my new address, I also wanted to change my password....When I tried to do this, I got an email reply for a list of a code to change my password to an UNHEARD OF 15, yes 15 !!!!!! password codes....are you people insane ? Or are you completely paranoid ? My fellow employees said ''working with you is like finding the start and end of a plate of pasta''. I will give you one point, you have a nice setup, but not worth the incredible stupidity of going through the muck and mire to be a part of ''Day One'', that takes more than ''one day'' to get enrolled. good luck, Robert J. Wesch, Sr Should I respond to Mr. Wesch to address his complaints about "Day One"?
  8. Do you guys feel like you're trippin' when you visit here now? I press F5 on Current Events or General Gaming and it loads quickly. I keep thinking I'm on something, but it's simply the fast loading time that is whisking me into cloud nine. This is so glorious. We've asked for this for so long, and it has happened. As long as Vic20 doesn't go bankrupt at a casino, I see a prosperous future on the horizon.
  9. Everything should be back up and running now. If you find any problems, please report them to @Kyio or other staff. I'm not always here so it's probably not a good idea to only tell me (Kellexile). Update 6/12/15 10:38pm EST Update 6/13/15 7:35am EST Update 6/13/15 11:30am EST Update 6/13/15 6:55pm EST Update 6/13/15 7:23pm EST Update 6/13/15 7:23pm EST Update 6/13/15 8:13pm EST
  10. Anyone who has tried to post a steam-cloud hosted screenshot on the boards has probably had the same experience: it posts just fine in the preview, but you are greated with an "extension not allowed" type error. From my understanding, this seems to be a problem with the board not allowing and/or not knowing what extension to make the image (jpg, png, etc.) So here is the workaround, and I think you guys will enjoy not having to rehost them, but it will require a little editing on your part to show the image properly. Until we can figure out how and if they can be posted directly in the future without any user edits needed: 1) You must be in the Full Editor mode to do this, you can't do it from Quick Reply 2) Click on the "Image" button on the posting toolbar and post your steam-cloud screenshot link 3) With the image posted in your preview window, this is where you usually see the error. But now look to the right hand side and click on the checkbox that says "Enable HTML" 4) Your image will now be an html line of code in the preview window. As of that moment, you could click post and the image will post to the board, but there is a sizing problem with larger screenshots and it bleeds off the page. 5) At the end of the HTML code for your image, you will see something like style="width: 960px; height: 540px;. I would reccomend you change the 2 numbers to half the resolution your screenshot was taken at (or whatever will fit the board if you are running a huge resolution). the example there is for 1920x1080p screenshots, and it resizes them to half the size. Edit: instead of editing the individual height and width, you can use the following code in the HTML post to resize your image by percentages. It designates a maximum allowed size instead of an exact value: " style="max-width: 50%; max-height: 50%;"
  11. Eye Candy has been moved from the Off-Topic section to the Danger-Zone section. Please continue to enjoy responsibly!
  12. Heya Bros and Broettes! There are two things that are in a constant state of work right now for D1P: Building for the community, and building for the rest. @ and I are working with the other staff peoples on a few projects and "To-do lists" covering both of these categories. You've seen some of this with the new Podcasts and playing around with new board ideas like Special Events. So for now, here's what is happening: The biggest change in the list is the moving of the infamous General Insanity board to the bottom of the index and into it's own new section "Danger Zone". At the same time, the Life board is being given top billing and is being renamed to Community General and will be our general community board for most off-topic conversations can occur. General Insanity will continue to be it's own pirate hang-out, but not highlighted as predominantly as it once was. To put D1P in a better position for new visitors and future members, it was not the best idea to keep GI as our advertised community page as it was. Let's be real, shit goes down there that should never be allowed to see the light of day at times! And as D1P is being strengthened and we are trying to grow our audience and earn more internet points, we needed to do some moves. Changes should take effect by the end of the weekend, maybe tonight if I can get my undivided attention on the board without erasing everything.
  13. In the event that I ascend to the role of Supreme Lord High Imperial Chancellor of D1P, what direction would you want GI to take under my leadership? Naturally, a blanket amnesty would be immediately granted for all banned members.
  14. Herro D1Pers! New addition being made to the staff that has been in the works for a little bit now! @ will be joining the Admin team to help give D1P the attention she is in need of, and start bringing new stuff exclusively to our everyday board viewing . Ill let V20 go into more detail of things he is going to try and bring our way, some still works in progress, and Over the next few weeks and months we will be introducing some of these projects V20 is spearheading, so continue to enjoy D1P as normal until it becomes even better. And all that other marketing jazz V20 and myself will be watching the day to day happenings of the boards together as well, but our focus is going to be on expanding the D1P name to bring more of the gaming community to us directly, and helping to make D1P a hub of even more quality gaming discussions and news
  15. Just found out the server was, to put it simply, "Off" Welcome back D1P! My PM box awaits your hatred!
  16. In response to the helpful suggestion from @madmankevin that we should stop posting these videos here, I've decided to post every single one of 'em released so far and will continue to do so until the end of the series. Enjoy!
  17. This is stupid and making people angry all over. If someone goes off-topic and trolls, we'll take care of it. Bannings have begun, ain't gonna fly. #StopTheBrackets #1stWorldProblems
  18. @Kyio What did we do to deserve this?!
  19. Go look and post stuff. That is all http://www.dayonepatch.com/index.php?/forum/89-e3-2014-board/
  20. Based off some community feedback, I am going to make the following adjustments to the TOS in regards to ban times and punishment levels. Effective April 1st (No April fools ) Current "Bans and Warnings" section of the TOS: Changed Bans and Warnings: First thing, I'm doing away with the 1 month banning. We only have had 3 or 4 users who have even hit that level of banning, but after we changed these back in November I can tell you it is unnecessary to have now. As a deterrent even, it doesn't work. It also gives our community a different image of being strict, which isn't what made our community what it is. Actually it was part of the reason we left our previous home in the first place. Secondly, you will notice there is a range of ban lengths now instead of a flat time amount. This was created to give the mods more flexibility when deciding what type of ban (if any) is appropriate as opposed to a flat increasing ban level. Users will still be tracked on how many times they break the TOS as a stat a mod can reference when issuing bans, but they will no longer be linked directly to flat ban times. I think this is also more welcoming for a new user to see a lighter ban structure that is still more than capable of handling the issues that arise in the community.
  21. Let's face it - we have no real standards here at D1P so we're perfect for dealing with rumor, speculation, and innuendo! In other words, we're perfect for the former NeoGAF insiders CBOAT and Famousmortimer to join our site to continue to provide valuable insider information to the gaming audience! This could be our ticket to internet fame!