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Found 5 results

  1. Destiny 2 Discussion

    Per request from our Destiny 1 post I am starting the official Destiny 2 post! The beta will be in a few days and I think it's time to start the official Destiny 2 discussion to talk about the beta and beyond! If anyone has missed it, IGN has been revealing something new about the game each weekday and will continue to do so until July 28. I am posting the schedule below and links to what has been revealed so far: July 5th - Exploring the new social space The FarmJuly 6th - Bungie's Vision for Destiny 2July 7th - Our first impressionsJuly 10th - PVP Reveal - Video 1 - Video 2 - Video 3 - Video 4July 11th - Developing the Story of Destiny 2July 12th - A Closer Look at the Sentinel TitanJuly 13th - PVP Reveal - Videos 1 - Video 2 - Video 3July 14th - The Sounds of Destiny 2July 18th - Destiny 2 Beta Live!July 19th - A Closer Look at CombatantsJuly 20th - PeripheralsJuly 21s - LocalizationJuly 24th - A Destination ExploredJuly 25th - PVP RevealJuly 26th - Creating an ExoticJuly 28th - Ask Bungie Anything! PREPARING CLANS FOR DESTINY 2 BETA BUNGIE INFORMATION PAGE (Thanks @StephenO1683) BLIZZARD ACCOUNT AUTHENTICATION IS LIVE (Link your Blizzard account to your Bungie.net account) PS4 PRO Destiny Bundle Pre-Order Information- $449 (Thanks @StephenO1683)
  2. http://loudwire.com/top-metal-bands-first-album-21st-century/#photogallery-1=1 @Keyser_Soze @Jason @SimpleG (On mobile and I can't remember all the metal fans, please tag others) Yeah lists are lame but they're fun to discuss and bitch about. What do you guys think of the list overall? Of the top 10? While nobody will ever agree with the exact placement of everything, I think the top 10 are pretty solid picks that really have shaped metal this century, even though I don't care for 2 or 3 of them at all.
  3. So its finally here, that was a long couple months for me it seemed waiting, but we rock soon. So I figured let's get the game talk rolling! What class are you guys planning on going with? Who likes Hunters?Warlock? I only tried Titan, but how are hunters overall for those who played one?
  4. ***OBVIOUS SPOILERS FOR END GAME SECRETS*** Okay, allow me to first say that I loved this game! I've heard gimmicky posters call it a "gimmicky platformer" but the platforming is just the icing with tons of delicious cake contained within that delicious icing. A term I've always used in teaching and learning applies very appropriately to this game: you get out of it what you put into it. So very true. Over the years I have I heard people who say that they got 100% (or 209.40%) without cheating or looking solutions up. Now that I've played through the game, I'm going to call total bullshit on that! No way in hell!! No way. I blasted through FEZ and soon hit the brick wall many of you know all too well. I was persistent and working it out on my own. I spent about 5 or 6 hours while making only minutes of progress. One "a-ha!" moment would spread through multiple rooms, and with delight I marked more rooms "gold" on my map. A couple more "a-ha!" moments came after and then another brick wall. Stuck. I only had a handful of rooms not cleared but had no idea where to start. A classroom left me stumped, and while I knew I needed to decipher the language of FEZ, I didn't know where to start. I tried to figure out the alphabet in the game by piecing words together to see if I could cheat my way through translating the game but I gave up on that as it didn't work out well for me. And that's when my slide of cheating started... As if I was peeking through curtains on a window, I looked on the internet not for solutions, but a starting point. I read about a brown dog. No idea. I didn't remember a brown dog. I went through all of my "white" rooms and found no dog. I looked in some, but not all of the gold rooms and still didn't find this dog. I pulled the curtain back a little more. I hear of a room with a Rosetta Stone. Still, no idea. After a long search through the game with these clues, I was no closer to solving this so I just flat out skipped to the solution. "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." I found the room and the stone with this on it as directed by an online forum. I still didn't get it. I figured the words in the game were going from top to bottom, but I didn't think about it going right to left. Had to go to the internet again to figure out what was right in front of me. I now had the alphabet written down in my messy FEZ notebook. I took my new information and thought I'd be all set. Nope. Couple of hours later, and cryptic language and signs deciphered, I was now against another brick wall with no new progress made. More hours of scratching my head later, I was in full cheat mode. I didn't feel bad about cheating the alphabet because I never would have got that on my own. In fact, the rest of the cheats I would never have got on my own, and anybody who claims they did are full of shit! Here's the list of "no way in hell" puzzles that I can recall right now: -the clock - I knew I had to get the hands to 12. I got one and the others wouldn't work at 12 or midnight. After some cheating, and some system clock tweaking, I found out that my "true 12 o'clock" was 6:44 am. What?! Then the other two I can't remember, but one was a day plus later. No way I would have got that. -the bell tower - I still don't know how numbers work in this game even after looking the solutions up. No way. -blinking stars to write down binary code to later translate into hexadecimal? which then translates into something else which then translates into the actual code? No fuckin' way in hell! -megatron - I got the clue "my first half is what it is my second half is half of what made it". I get "tron" but now knowing the clue and the answer... No way. No way. -black monolith - here's where I call bullshit to anybody that says they figured this out on their own. No. Fuckin'. Way. Knowing how the solution was found (the actual correct solution found after hundreds of hours of code inputting attempts resulted in a successful attempt) and I'll say this: no fuckin' way! I'm very proud of what I figured out on my own. And knowing the solutions for the rest of the game, I can honestly say I did absolutely everything I could on my own. I wish I would have played this game from the first day it was available because while I had my notebook with me, that can't compare with thousands online sharing their notes together and working out these solutions as a group. No game offers an experience like that and I'm sad to have missed it. I will say this: if he ever comes back to make FEZ 2, I'll be there day one. So I'm curious what you were able to accomplish in this game on your own? Did you figure out some of the above puzzles I couldn't? Did you end up cheating? Where did you start cheating? Did you feel bad for cheating or did cheating make you realize you got as far as you could on your own? I'm curious how far the rest of you went with this game!
  5. [NFL] Week 3.

    Week 3 Coverage Maps If you've got questions as to why an area doesn't have a specific game, it's probably answered here somewhere. At the moment I've got: Kansas City @ San Diego NY Giants @ Philadelphia Green Bay @ Chicago ........... At this point, as a Chiefs fan, I'd like to at least go 1 game without someone important injuring their ACL. I'd like to see less blowout and better play calling and, you know, more than one score, but really, most importantly, no more season ending injuries. Please. Also, I'd never thought I'd say this, but it looks like our best chance for our first win might actually be our game against the Colts. Probably still lose that one, though.