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Found 9 results

  1. http://money.cnn.com/2016/09/27/media/debate-ratings-record-viewership/index.html?sr=fbCNN092716debate%20breaks%20record0552PMStoryLink&linkId=29257297
  2. CNN GOP Debate #34

    The debate starts at 5:30/8:30 pm I don't think we have enough debates.
  3. CBS GOP Debate

    IT'S ON! No Gilmore, though. Didn't even poll enough when he was in the race.
  4. Lets hear your favorite/worse debate (outside of General Insanity) that you've had with rev!!
  5. This is quite technical, but I think this is very interesting considering what Valve is staking on OpenGL in regard to its future plans: 1. The debate started when Rich Geldreich from Valve (who is working on Vogl, Valve's OpenGL debugger) posted an entry on his blog called Things That Drive Me Nuts About OpenGL. He also made a couple of Twitter posts here and here. 2. In response, Timothy Lottes, a senior rendering programmer at Epic who developed FXAA and TXAA while at Nvidia, posted this response on his personal blog. 3. Rick Geldreich the posted The Truth on OpenGL Driver Quality on his blog. His Twitter post on this entry features quite a few responses. 4. Joshua Barczak, Firaxis's lead graphics engineer for the Civilization, agrees with Geldreich and posted this blog entry OpenGL Is Broken. 5. Epic's Timothy Lottes (as naturally expected) posted this response. 6. This caused AMD's OpenGL developer to post an angry tweet and another one from a former Nvidia developer who now works at Valve. 7. Michael Marks, the tech director from Aspyr, shared his thoughts. He also posted OpenGL Stop Breaking My Heart and The Impact of Apple's Limited OpenGL Support On Gaming. 8. A Unity developer chimed in with Rant About Rants About OpenGL. 9. Barczak posted a follow-up regarding OpenGL driver quality. 10. Lastly, and somewhat unrelated, a Naughty Dog dev said LOL DX12 LOL.
  6. Jim Sterling: An Industry That Needs The XBOne DRM Is A Failed Industry CliffyB: Brutal, honest thoughts on this whole debacle
  7. http://vitals.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/06/12/18919724-dying-girl-who-sparked-debate-gets-lung-transplant-from-adult-donor?lit That indicates that a giant push by Sarah's parents, which resulted in a lawsuit and a federal court order, actually worked as they’d hoped: to allow their daughter to receive adult lungs based on the severity of her illness instead of existing rules. ... They argued that a 2005 system that revamped the way lungs were allocated for adults and teens may have cut waiting list deaths in that group, but actually penalized children who were younger than 12 but large enough to get adult or teenage-sized lungs. It's still 50/50 as to if she'll survive past five years. Poor girl.