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  1. Well they should have done this the first go around. Offering a big Sonic and Genesis Statue and a download code was a joke to me. I know I will pick this up. I might even get it for switch and PS4.
  2. Retro Games Pickup

    Wow Megaman Soccer. You don't see that everyday. I know I don't have Donkey Kong Country, Mario Kart and KI as well as Meagman soccer.
  3. count me in. When I was in college I had a roommate break the mirror in the bathroom and use the glass to cut his wrists. We called am ambulance right away. he turned out to make it. It was a really stupid thing to do.
  4. God of War Limited Edition PS4 Pro announced

    I'm not a fan of this God of War theme. I want one that is gun metal grey.
  5. I really am waiting to see some real update on RE2make. I'm hoping they don't mess it up.
  6. Retro Games Pickup

    Here are my recent pickups. Thanks @Slug for Maniac Mansion and Tecmo Super Bowl. Thanks to @chakoo for the SNES mini that just arrived.
  7. Stephen Hawking dies at 76.

    That is a huge loss. Who will take his place?
  8. I played this tonight and plan to play more this weekend. Nice to see that changing the batteries really improved the screen. Funny how I forget that part of things.
  9. What's the PS4 Pro target audience? New or Upgrade buyers?

    I think the audieance for PS4 Pro are new users with 4k TVs. PS4 owners with a 4K TV. Some PSVR users may upgrade for better performance. Also some PS4 owners that want a 2nd PS4 or replace a broken PS4. I bought my PS4 at launch. I have PSVR since July and I kind of want a Pro because I will end up with a 4k tv and I love VR and would like it to be a little better since it can. I think the 4k TV will come first. Once I get a 4k TVa Pro will be on the want list.
  10. Retro Games Pickup

    I read and heard that Limited Run Games are going to be selling Saturn/Sega CD cases. So you might be able to get a new case for it.
  11. I have really fallen behind on this show. I am at least two seasons behind. I forgot where I stopped. I think Season 5 maybe.
  12. Retro Games Pickup

    I bought mine on Ebay like two years ago. It was complete. I just looked and your right I'm not seeing any really complete now. I will keep an eye out. Oh wait I picked up the Japanese Version. Are you trying to get the US version?
  13. Retro Games Pickup

    I need to get a soldering kit and order the parts for my SCART Genesis RGB cables. the ones I have are a problem. I figure it would be a good project to start with. I haven't done this since I was 17.
  14. DF Retro Extra: PS3 Reveal at E3 2005: What Was Faked? What Was Real?

    I totally forgot about the Nioh announcement. DF Retro does good work. I forgot about the 3 Ethernet ports on the back.