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  1. Flash Carts are great

    I have thought about an everdrive 64 but I know I would rather get a Saturn and Dreamcast SD/USB mod first and a lot of other things. However if it was on sale I might bite.
  2. I like the running joke about Knack for a PlayStation plus game. My vote is for broforce.
  3. PS+ games for Feb!

    Helldivers is pretty nice option this month. 
  4. Ps3 Controllers are still 40-50 bucks?

    I just bought a new PS2 DS2 controller for like $26.   I need to buy a new battery for My DS3. 
  5. Gravity Rush Remastered comes out tomorrow

    I pulled the trigger on this one. The Amazon Prime deal is really nice. I have this on the Vita so I'm looking forward to playing this on the PS4.
  6. Flash Carts are great

    I know it has been talked about a little before. I just wanted to talk about it more now that I have a few different ones. For me they are great to play games I couldn't otherwise. Hacks, Homebrews and fan translated imports are great. Also retro games prices are shooting up in price. You think getting a flash cart will curb games spending but for me it informs me of what games I really want. I also enjoyed making custom cases for mine. I would like to share with you.     Turbo Everdrive is a must if your looking into TurboGrafx/PC-Engine if you don't already have a collection. I am working on a case for it.   Everdrive N8 is fun and I really like looking up nintendo games I haven't played before.   SD2NSES is the Cadillac of SNES flash carts. I picked it up on Black Friday 20% off. It plays so many games.    Mega Everdrive is great and works for me, a slightly cheaper alternative is Everdrive MD.   I enjoy exploring games I missed during the generation. There where times as a kid where my dad said I'm done with video games and had me box them all up. That happened twice. Once during the 8 bit gen and the last time during the 16 bit generation.    I have said it before the XRGB Mini was the cheapest thing about getting into retro gaming. These flash carts have been a similar deal. 
  7. What retro games are you playing?

      No wrong answers when it comes to great Castlevania games. Growing up I playing Super Castlevania 4 and then next was SotN. I knew of Rondo but didn't get to play it until 2002.
  8. Retro Games Pickup

    Here is an update on what I have picked up lately. I need more Saturn in my life.
  9. What retro games are you playing?

    That is a great Castlevania game it is my 2nd favorite old school games. The Whip kind of breaks it making it pretty easy. Rondo on the PC-Engine is my favorite old school game. SotN is my favorite Castlevania game.   Retro games I have been playing have been Bare Knuckle 3, TMNT Hyperstone Heist, Golden Axe 3, and Chrono Trigger. I'm finally into Chrono Trigger. I started playing with a friend that was able to help me get into Chrono. I never really played RPGs I have wanted to get into this one. I think it might stick.
  10. PAX South Anyone else going?

    No one?
  11. Thinking about buying an X1 Update

    I'm thinking about buying a NeoGeo CMVS and a SuperGrafx.    I have a WiiU,PS4, 3DS, and Vita. Also most of the older ones. I will own a One some day but it is not my next console purchase. Maybe I should get the Famicom Disk System next.
  12. Hey guys, I'm going to PAX South this weekend. I was wondering if anyone else was planning on going? Maybe there could be a D1P meet up. I went last year it was fun. Also anything you know about I should check out also let me know.
  13. Mighty No. 9 delayed again

      I have been waiting. I will wait some more. I have other games to play.
  14. Crazy good indie flash sale going on now

    Pulled the trigger on Fat Princess Adventures.