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  1. The Uncharted Collection

      This is my list as well.
  2. Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Muramsa Rebirth
  3. Code name Monster Hunter? That is pretty funny. I like my 3DS love my Vita. I hope it is more like the Vita. I really would like to hear more about a successor to the Vita (I doubt it sadly).
  4. Vita games for 2016

    I found this well done list for Vita English Releases for this year.  
  5. PS40 million served

    I thought they already reached 40 million. Interesting that it is still the fastest selling PlayStation. Also wow 270 million games sold physical and digital copies. Well done Sony.
  6. TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan

    How does it compare with the platimum release of transformers? It seems like it has potential but a tmnt game without couch co-op seems like a hard sell.
  7. REmake is my favorite. 
  8. It reminded me of this. I wish I had forgotten this.  
  9. Well the remaster looks not great. I hope it is cheap. Also looks like I'm going to play on Mac.
  10. I enjoyed the beta.
  11. Trying to hook my old NES to my HDTV, need help

    I went the Framemeister route. I love it. I also have a lot of old consoles and games to play with it. If you go that route I do have to say that it will be the cheapest part in that it can open the flood gates to retro games. Also you can get an HDMI NES a little cheaper than the Anolgue NT.  Retron 5 is a bad idea in that it is just an android emulator. Better off getting a Retro Pie and calling it a day. If you have many consoles and really want to play on real hardware then Framemeister. So I ask how hard is it really to reach the composite cables is it $300 too much or $30. on a Mac Open EMU is great. I was playing Saturn games the other day.   RetroPie   OpenEmu choose experimental version fo a ton of cool consoles.
  12. I like to stream on Twitch. This sounds cool.
  13. Ford's Metal Gear Solid commercial

    I just got the mgs Bleamcast disc and I'm tempted to play mgs on my dreamcast
  14. Yup, That is a good channel to learn about retro hardware and how you can hook it up with a Framemeister and they even talk a little PVM. I knew about this stuff but it wasn't until I really began to understand RGB that the Framemeister true power.