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  1. Retro sports games.

    Super Baseball 2020
  2. Retro Games Pickup

        Riot Zone is a fun Beat em up on Turbo. Yeah no co-op seems criminal but not unexpected for a system with one controller port. I have the turbo tap. I love arcade beat em ups. So I would say shoot em ups and beat em ups are two genres I am enjoying picking up for this system. I'm thinking about getting double Dragon 2 on turbo since it is co-op? I know there are so few beat em up on the turbo and such a wealth of Shoot em ups for the system.    Man, I want to play Golden Axe 2 arcade these days now.
  3. Thinking about getting a Dreamcast.

    I do want a dreamcast with a sub/sd card adaptor replacement for the optical drive. That and the psio and the one for Saturn.
  4. Thinking about getting a Dreamcast.

    There is VGA and 480p. Most TV can scale that from a VGA connection. I am using a crazy VGA SCART RGB adaptor to an Upscaler XRG mini. YOu really don't need that just get a good VGA adaptor.
  5. Thinking about getting a Dreamcast.

    Get Controllers memory cards.    Here are some games to look out for.   Jet Set Radio Typing of the Dead Power Stone 1 and 2 Resident Evil 2 Bleamcast MGS Mark of the Wolves Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Crazy Taxi Seaman Soul Calibur Shenmue   That should get you started.  
  6. Retro Games Pickup

    I have been picking up more turbo grafx games lately. There is no time to wait. If anyone has some doubles let me know.   I can't do complete collections but I would consider a complete SuperGrafx collection.
  7. I spend about less than 10 hours most weeks. I do read about 10 hours of more abotu video games.
  8. This is what a 360 Goldeneye Remaster could have looked like

    Did you guys see online where you can download goldeneye on source engine. I read about it this summer.
  9. Flash sale this weekend

    I picked up a few games Dark Cloud 2 PowerStone Collection Solder X1 and 2 Okami HD Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon 
  10. I should look out for new cards or buy a new card before the price increase.
  11. Look at it in comparison to the DS4 and it seems much smaller.
  12. I want to build a MAME Arcade box....

    So You going to use a PC loaded with Mame or somthing like that maybe a retro pie. Then connect it to a CRT? I would say get a monitor with an RGB type input. That could include and old Computer monitor with VGA.
  13. I preordered mine today sans the record. I just want a physical copy of the game. I also ordered from limited run games shadow complex today.
  14. Well I am so excited. My new SCART switcher just arrived in the mail. I have just hooked it up and quickly tested it out. It took a while to get here but so far it has been worth the wait. I did a bunch of research and this one fit the bill. It has 8 inputs, auto switching and 2 outs. So when I get a PVM I can have it go to the framemeister and to a PVM.