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  1. I'm kind of upset that Nintendo announces the system in a 3 min trailer and not hold like a press conference and make an event of this talking about it in detail for an hour followed by interview from the press.
  2.   I do like it. I really liked the contrast she made to a black suit.
  3. Hilary Clinton's outfit reminds me of a bond villain. It is also white so it is like the good and the bad.
  4. I remember Trump talking about the Emmys on Apprentice being rigged.
  5. Trump: I won't look at the election if I win.
  6. I don't like hearing Trump say he is entitled.
  7. Come on Hillary light that fuse I want to see Trump melt down.
  8. Trump: "Over a 10 year period."    I love it that it would be 2 years after an 8 year 2 term presidency.
  9. OK what are the drinking rules. I feel this one will be tough for all of us. I just hope to watch the meltdown. I"m going to pick up alcohol now.
  10. ~*Official Nintendo NX Reveal Discussion Thread*~

    Well so much for sleeping in tomorrow on my day off. This will be fun. Finally I hope we really get to see what this is. Also it will help in deciding which version of Zelda to buy.
  11. I'm looking forward to this. I need to go finish rdr. I was somewhere in Mexico last I remember. I was kind of hoping a relrelease would also be announced. 
  12. Red Dead costume pack for Little Big Planet 3?
  13. PS4 PRO will support SATA 3.0

    Has that been announced or is that just a dream?