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  1. I'm sure Trump would love to fire everyone investgating him and hire loyal stooges. Hopefully out goverment will not allow this.
  2. I'm so bad at this game. I make a good spectator. I can chase the ball all day. I know if I really spent the time I could figure the game out.
  3. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    Logan Lucky 7/10 That is a pretty high score for me where 5 is take it or leave it. Good hiest movie that is not too predictable. Great cast and fun to see Bond and Kylo stretch. Channing is not annoying. It was even worth a rewatch and I still enjoyed it. I resver 8 to be a must see. 9 is a near perfect and 10 is a good for all and has a big impact on pop culture and influences other films.
  4. So....Street Figher 5 comes out today

    So will the Arcade Edition include all the charactors up to now?
  5. So....Street Figher 5 comes out today

    When is Arcade Edition come out? I bought the game played it for a couple of months and never looked back. I'm interested in buying the Arcade Edition.
  6. Last Guardian VR demo

    https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP9000-CUSA10479_00-LASTGUARDIANVRUS I heard about this Last Guardian VR experiance/demo. I plan to try it out later today. I heard good things. This might be a good thing to demo VR with someone new to VR.
  7. I'm fine with that. just as long as Texas can claim its original land that includes most of New Mexico and some of Colorado. Also there is a little Oklahoma.
  8. YouTube app finally gets updated for 4k 60!

    It will be a while before I upload 4k60fps to Youtube. I like that it is there. That means more 4k content and more gameplay videos in 4k60fps to watch. I just got 1080p 60fps. I will need a new capture card and camera.
  9. Well from what I heard Texas is now part of Mexico so I'm good here in Austin. I guess I'm Mexican now. I wonder if Texas will leave from Mexico.
  10. Papers Please coming to Vita 12/12/17

    Vita Lives! Always nice to see more games get released for the Vita. I haven't played this game. I will have to look it up to see what it is like.
  11. looks cool. I would lead with the terminators when busting in. I'm guess this game has a long way to go.
  12. Ready Player One - Trailer 2

    I really need to read this book. I have had it and started reading. I just want to finish beofre the movie. I have even met Ernest Cline. Trailer looks great.
  13. PSVR+Gran Turismo $200, worth it?

    I have PSVR. I like it. I have a friend that has an HTC Vive. both are nice. the Vive is slightly better. I have also used a firends Samsung VR that sucks except is ok for watching 360 videos. I like PSVR. the price is right. There has been one revision of PSVR the breakout box has HDR passthrough and cheap headphones. For me that is not a deal breaker. I have had PSVR since July. I still like it.
  14. I want to this for PS4 and I might double dip on switch. I'm just not a pad player. I have a Stick I hope will work on PS4. I might buy a new Stick for PS4. I don't see getting one for Switch.