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  1. I'm ready for another good pacman 
  2. Crazy to get ND Collection before owning a PS4?

    Dam I missed it at $20 now it is $30.
  3. Post your OLDEST game

    I thought super Mario bros was the oldest game I had. I was thinking my famicom version being older than any US game. It was 1985 on the cart. I do know that super Mario bros. is not the oldest NES game. Gyromite and duck hunt is older. Mario Bros. was released earlier. I remember life with the NES before SMB. It was short.
  4. PS I Love You Cagcast CUPodcast I do love Giant Bomb Retronauts  
  5. Post your newest game

    While not the last game I bought it is the newest released game I have. Uncharted 4
  6. Post your OLDEST game

    The oldest games I played was the Arcade. I just looked and the oldest game I have is from 1984. Balloon Fight
  7. Will it use the camera?
  8. Favorite Sony game by year: 2000

    I think I was playing other games that year. Like launch ps2 games and Dreamcast. 
  9. 23 games you may have missed on the PS4

    Nice list. Has anyone seen played that walking dead game?
  10. Gravity Rush 2 - December 2, 2016

    It seems like a bad idea to release a game after Black Friday. 
  11. Cowboy Bebop on PS2 Castlevania on Dreamcast
  12. I recommend trying some sodas. Try Tizer and iron-bru. Also lots of good Cadbury chocolate.   Also if you are out late headed back to your place from the bar avoid direct eye contact with the local drunks walking around the town.
  13. Some people are making some low blows. I would start with games that are broken without a patch. Also games that are still broken.    ZOE HD collection comes to mind. The game ran horrible until a patch a year later. Not great years later when you have the disc and can't download the patch. The servers are still up to get the patch for now.   i'm sure there are a ton of games like this hence the website name.