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  1. Yeah it is a good time. While price can go down no one knows the prices of things. It is a good time people are just getting rid of things and it is abundant. Now is the time to be picky and get that barely owned game or console. I would say if there is something you missed get it now. This is not retro by the way. The PS3 is still is store and can be bought new.
  2. What are you guys playing this weekend?

    I should play more RE4 HD. I have been just playing other older games on my new PVM.
  3. What retro games are you playing?

    I played Parodious Deluxe Pack and Twinbee Deluxe pack for saturn today. I beat both. It was fun. I want to get more shooters on Saturn. Shooters are a popular genre for me to collect for as I missed so many and there are so many good ones.
  4. PS4 Pro In Depth Analysis

    This video really lays it out. It seems a good value for someone new to PS4.
  5. Pokemon GO player mugged on stream

    Video is private now. Anyone know about a mirror?    When I go on a hike in the green belt I like to carry a pocket knife. I have walked past too many hobo camps in the woods out there.
  6. What retro games are you playing?

    I was playing some Mighty Final Fight. I have been bouncing around on some games with this new PVM. Although I want to Play RE4 HD I'm compelled to play older games on my new setup. I kind of want to beat Castlevania 1 and 3. I have been working through them but I really just have to push through it. Also I want to get a new video cable for my PlayStation and go RGB. Then play through SotN and Rondo again. I flirted with playing through Link to the Past again. Chrono Trigger is on my Bucket List for games.
  7. Arcade Gaming

    That looks like so much fun. Nice CRT @CastlevaniaNut18.
  8. Retro Games Pickup

      Yes it is a 20" PVM. They are beautiful. I saw my friends back in Febuary and I already knew I wanted one but that really had me wanting one. I can see myself getting another in the future.    @Reputator yes, it is large but I could go bigger in the future.  
  9. Sega Master System Recommendations?

    Nice Master System collection you've got going.   I have Shadow Dancer on the Genesis. This game is is impressive on the Master System.
  10. Retro Games Pickup

    Here is the PVM I got yesterday.
  11. Retro Games Pickup

    That sounds like fun I will be right over. Yay your getting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.I really think Collecting Arcade PCBs will be happening in my near Future.   I got a PVM today! I will take pictures and share them tomorrow.
  12. The Retro Collection Thread

    Thanks, It has been a fun time collecting and playing. I will tell you I had a bunch of games and systems prior to getting the Framemeister but that really started the world of RGB. I just got a PVM today and set it up. I will have to post a new photo as my setup really has changed in a few days. I agree I need to retro bright my SNES. Also get a SNES Mini and RGB mod it.   Edit: Here is my setup now with the PVM.
  13. Anyone get Bioshock Collection for ps4?

    I'm really tempted to pull the trigger. I'm playing Resident Evil 4 these days. I am thinking of picking up Dead Rising on PS4 soon.
  14. RDR coming to PS4

    Yes, The RDR we have all been waiting for to drop on the PS4!