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  1. Rodimus added a post in a topic October PS Plus games   

    Looks like a good month to me. Saved me the toruble of buying Super Meatboy. Also I want to try Broken Age. Great games for PS4 and Vita.
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  2. Rodimus added a post in a topic Everything you need to know about PS4 system software 3.00, out tomorrow   

    I'm in the beta program. Yeah it is neat but I still want PSX and PS2 BC. I just really want to play Castevania SOTN on my PS4.
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  3. Rodimus added a post in a topic So what games are awesome on the PS4?   

    Last Of Us Remastered- yes you need this in your life. If you haven't played it wait no longer. If you have this is still a pure joy at 1080p 60FPS. Like butter.
    Resogun - great game
    Rocket League - if you dont' already have it
    Resident Evil RE HD - If you don't have it you should get it
    Infamous: Second Son - fun game
    Tearaway Unfolderd - I really need to get this charming game.
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  4. Rodimus added a post in a topic Street Fighter V: Zangief is back!   

    How many charactors left to reveal?
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  5. Rodimus added a post in a topic WHOA! Wait a minute...Master Chief DIES!?   

    Well looks like I don't have to play Halo 5. Last Master Chief Halo confirmed? After all that killed by debris. Fight Finished? This is an interesting ad. I might want to play this someday. Does it offer Split-screen Co-op? I really enjoyed playing 1&2 that way but I doubt it.
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  6. Rodimus added a post in a topic Launching my own game studio   

    Congrats and keep us posted.
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  7. Rodimus added a post in a topic What game(s) are you looking forward to next month? October 2015 edition   

    Super Meat Boy for my Vita and PS4. I really will be playing most of this on the Vita!
    Uncharted Collection if cheap.
    I really want MGS5.
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  8. Rodimus added a post in a topic The DualShock 4 is BY FAR the best controller Sony has ever made   

    I have played games for decades now and my hands can fit with nearly any controller from NES up. I don't get some peoples complaints on controllers where they feel it is unplayable. Also I don't think the 360 controller was the best ever. However I could get around on it. I agree that the DS4 so far is my go to if I can use it on the computer.
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  9. Rodimus added a post in a topic Playstation finally getting a dedicated Twitch app   

    I really do want this. I enjoy the live with PlayStation setction and I am looking forward to watching all the Twitch videos.
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  10. Rodimus added a post in a topic Uncharted 2 - Nathan Drake Collection: Building Collapse/Helicopter Fight gameplay   

    I will get this but maybe not day one. I wil be looking to pick this up cheap when I feel I have time to play it.
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  11. Rodimus added a post in a topic The King of Fighters XIV announced!   

    I haven't cared about these games in a while. Although I have been a curious onlooker. I just want Mark of the Wolves on PS4.
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  12. Rodimus added a post in a topic Attention seeking whores Speak out at a UN conference   

    Anita, While I disagree with her understanding of video games and thinks she carefully crafts a narative that was not there to further prove a point that she is desperatly trying to make. Sometimes her reasons are fabricated. I do think she has been really thrown to the wolves online and has also been elevated because of it.
    Was Zoe the developer caught sleeping with video game media? That lead to unethical behavior in the coverage and opinon of her game (without full disclosure).
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  13. Rodimus added a post in a topic Retro Games Pickup   

    It sounds like upstairs is not connected at all. Those are the pictures from the very fun Attic movie room. He has two mame + console emulators setup in the house. He mentioned old console RGB but no details on this. I think that is where that setup and connection detail we would like to know more about.
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  14. Rodimus added a post in a topic Halloween gaming plans?   

    Hopefully out on a Halloween party. I should play Evil Within. I have had it long enough to give it a go.
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