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  1. I need to post an update on new pickups. I will post that here later.
  2. I love this game and it works well with share play.
  3. I think this game is looking good. I hope it turns out that way. If I wasn't buying a Switch 3 days later I would pick this right up. So this game for me is going to have to play later. maybe this summer.
  4. It looks like this thread is back on topic and not a console wars thread. Yes this game looks great. I am looking forward to playing it. However I will not get to it at launch.
  5. Well the only silver lining is that the company is still afloat and that one day they will be interested in games again and also unleash their back catalog of games including all the Hudsonsoft games. I think I will be dead then.
  6. It is as easy as installing an sd card in the new 3DS.
  7. Have you heard about the Analogue Nt Mini? it is a custom NES/Famicom. This is a revision form the original Analogue Nt. The Original Analogue Nt was a NES /Famicom that has a custom case and board but used all original chips. It has HDMI output thanks to Kevtris. it also has analog RGB output. It cost $500. The Mini is almost the same but instead of using original chips it is like the AVS and is another FPGA console. The AVS is a great option. The AVS is much cheaper and only outputs 720p via HDMI that is not such a bad thing. The Analogue Nt Mini outputs 1080p via HDMI and also RGB. Both have 4 controller ports. Compatibility on both is great. The AVS is $170. So what about the jailbreak? the Analogue Nt Mini is the creation of Kevtris. He also recently released custom firmware. So far here is what can be done with the custom firmware. it adds a copy NES to rip your own games and you can launch games from the SD card. That is cool if you don't have an everdrive or other flash carts. That doesn't end there. Since the console uses FPGAs Kevtris also plans to creates other cores. The chips can be programed to be what ever chips you tell it. So this console can become other 8 bit and older systems. He plans to release different cores. So it could be a Sega Master System, Atari 2600, GameGear, Colecovision. Kevtris says it can't do 16 bit. He is looking into also create controller adaptors and cartridge adaptors. That seems really cool. That is all cool but the price tags is enough to scare me away $450. I do like where this is going. There has been a lot of progress with FPGAs. Maybe someday there can be an all in one console like the Retron 5 but not software emulation. Well maybe not. I kind of already have all the systems hooked up but this still can be fun. I'm also looking at setting up a retropie.
  8. If a game doesn't have a locked frame rate it can go higher. Also if a game has a sliding resolution depending on the action the resolution can also be improved.
  9. Come on PSOne support. Please I do want it.
  10. I like my 2TB drive on my PS4. I need to get a new drive for my PS3 some day. The reason you get that message is because the game needs double the space to download and install. So it is x amount of space to download and then x amount to install.
  11. Nice video. Also if you just talk capacitors your talking so many more. Funny that so many portables and not surprising about arcade boards.
  12. Go to 1989 and bring Super Mario Maker. I would do this just to mess with them to think not muched changed. Then the others would be Metal Gear Solid 5 and Last of Us. I like that some might have heard of Metal Gear then and would be amazed to see where that franchise went. Also not tell them the sad news that is Konami today. I would show them Last of Us to show them how far some games have come in story telling.
  13. I can't wait to count it down. I hope it is not $399.
  14. @Reputator Funny, I was already thinking the next video would cover 5 games on the Genesis and one of those is Streets of Rage 2.
  15. I see your playing Burnt Penis. This is not the physical copy people want. It looks like in the photos that the floppy drive is back.