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  1. lol NHL

  2. Blockbuster closing last remaining 300 stores

    Fortunately there is still the internet.

    Better picture of Magneto's costume:
  4. Battlefield 4 General

    The only things less stable than the BF4 servers are Day One Patch's.
  5. Well hi thar

    The best part is how the top NW corner of the country is now underwater.
  6. http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2013/11/apple-takes-strong-privacy-stance-in-new-report-publishes-rare-warrant-canary/ Effectively, if a court provides a request for information then they will take down the page indicating that no request has been issued. As a court can only gag individuals, not coerce them to lie, this is a loophole in letting people know what the government is requesting. However, no one knows if it's legal as it's never been challenged in court. Interesting idea. However, it does not apply to FISA/PRISM requests, so it may be useless.
  7. Ted Cruz's dad is a little bit crazy

    Oh really? A crazy man has a crazy dad?
  8. http://www.latintimes.com/articles/9881/20131104/mexican-coke-coca-cola-sugar-cane-fructose.htm The Mexican government decided to introduce a soda tax because Mexicans are getting fat. But instead of passing it on to consumers by raising their prices, Coke instead decided to cut their costs by switching to HFCS instead of sugar cane. So the drink costs the same and people will drink as much, but now they will be even worse off than before!
  9. Maybe that's the twist: Instead of getting their source material from the expanded universe, they are getting it from player bios in vidya games!
  10. The remaining US would still be able to finish off the rest of the world, never mind Russia. A single carrier group could be assigned to each continent and come out victorious (well maybe not...but you get the idea).
  11. http://www.huffingto...1.html?ir=Style USA: Canada: Mexico: Sweden: