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  1. NFL Wild Card Weekend (2016)

    A field goal will win the game for the Steelers, so much less than 90 yards. This is one of the most exciting games I've watched all season.
  2. NFL Wild Card Weekend (2016)

    Bengals just gave the game away...wow.
  3. It's got some fantastic music, that's for sure. I've played Dracula's Castle on the way to work countless times. Gets me all hyped up to "slay" those clients with superior customer service!
  4. How do you play your MMORPGs?

    I have a couple of alts for when I get bored, but I mostly stick to upgrading my main character. Love my Shadowpriest.
  5. There is occasionally a weird delay when tricking out of a grind on a rail. Kinda like when you jump in the first Ninety-Nine Nights. I also don't like how fast you come out of vert tricks. Can't say I ever felt that way about the originals. Always felt the controls were tight, and while the camera was dated, it was totally usable.
  6. Not feeling this HD upgrade. Something about the way the game controls just feels off. It's a little bit too floaty, and not as smooth as the originals. Ultimately, I think I'll just stick to the Dreamcast versions of THPS 1&2.
  7. Nice quote about depression

    I really miss my best friend. He died from a heroin overdose four years ago come October. Life just hasn't been the same without him since he passed away. I've met new people, I'm in a long term relationship with a wonderful girl, and I have a job that allows me to enjoy entertainment like movies, video games, and other non necessities. Despite all of this, I find it difficult to ignore his passing and move on from it. To try and put it into perspective, he was like a younger brother to me. We did everything together. He introduced me to skateboarding, I introduced him to crazy videos on the internet. We smoked pot for the very first time together in the woods of our old neighborhood. We would watch Halloween every single Halloween. All kinds of horror movies. It hurts thinking of all of the movies we never get to watch together, to poke fun at. We used to love mischief night, the night before Halloween, where we'd go smashing pumpkins and causing all sorts of mayhem in our neighborhood. We used to tease his little brother despite the fact that he looked up to both of us so much. We'd look after his little sister when his mom was out. I could go on, but I'll just spiral off topic. The point is, it's just really hard to fight the wave of crippling depression that falls over me when I think about it. Because of this, I can understand where every one is coming from. Logically, you should be happy you are alive. It's a miracle we're all here, at this point in time, and able to discuss this over the internet. Unfortunately, logic is irrelevant when it comes to depression. There is no logic. There's just pure misery and a seemingly inescapable hole. Fortunately, life seems to have it's shining moments. I'm going to go rip this bowl and relax. Thinking about my bro has me really tense, and I'd just like to say again that I hope everyone here gets the help they need and ends up in a better place in life than they are now. Just keep pushing forward, I can honestly say that life isn't always terrible, so enjoy the moments that aren't. Giiiiiiiirl, you so controversial.
  8. Nice quote about depression

    I genuinely hope you all find peace within yourselves someday soon.
  9. Is Kameo worth getting for $5 if I hated the demo?

    So did I! PD0 was actually a really, really good game. The controls were a bit wonky at first, but once you got past that it was a really enjoyable online experience. How are you enjoying Kameo? The demo put off a lot of people, including myself, but I ended up buying it anyway at launch and it was amazing. Great graphics, simple but enjoyable story, and the game changed it up with the transformations so it didn't feel entirely stale towards end game. My only complaint is that there isn't much to do once you beat the game, it really becomes a collect-a-thon like lots of N64 games.
  10. I enjoyed the first track, the rest weren't my style.
  11. I've never beat Castlevania symphony of the Night.

    XBLA uses the same voices from the PS1 original. Personally, the sound didn't come off as being too different from the original disc release, but I've heard claims some of the sound effects were slightly different. XBLA also has achievements that you can earn. I personally feel that you can't go wrong with any version of SOTN. They're all pretty good in their own ways and tend to offer slightly different experiences, whether that be because of the controls, added content, or achievements.
  12. Those are both newer IGN mods, at least to me. You should have been back on the Vesti back in the earlier days and up until 06. Mods were regulars in discussions on the boards as well as outside of them.
  13. Kirby Super Star. It's the better game.
  14. Grats on beating Belial! Here are some tips. You need more dex, vit and attack speed. Go on the AH after saving up 10k gold, set the buyout price to 10k, and browse to see what they have to offer. You should be able to get something better this way. Dex is your main stat and you need to stack that as a priority. Vit obviously allows you to survive longer and you won't get 1shotted by things like Bosses and Champions. Attack Speed also boosts your overall DPS. Try to get rings that have +2-4 ( or more ) damage. These are overpowered for Normal Difficulty and raise your DPS a considerable amount. Drop all int, you DO NOT NEED int. As for skills, I understand that you are probably attached to your build as it is, but you could definitely use some tweaking. Try using Bola Shot over Hungering Arrow. I find the first explosive rune is the best for Bola Shot so far. Drop Rapid Fire as it requires you to be stationary and DH is all about kiting. Consider replacing this with Elemental Arrow+Lighting Ball when you unlock it. Twin Chakrams should be a good replacement until that point. Thrill of the Hunt is okay, you will unlock better eventually, but replace Cull of the Weak with Steady Aim. 10yards may seem like a lot, but consider this: the radius of your Caltrops trap is 10yards when you're standing in the middle of it. So, you can see how often that extra damage percentage will kick in when you consider that. Shadow Power will be useless once you learn to Kite, and Marked for Death is a waste of a skill slot, IMO. Here is my regular build: Bola Shot w/ Volatile Explosions Elemental Arrow w/ Ball Lightning Caltrops w/ Torturous Ground ( this will be useless eventually, consider Smokescreen for later difficulties despite the recent nerf... ) Vault w/ Rattling Roll rune. The placement of this skill is not random, it is dependent on where your mouse is when you activate it. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Preparation w/ Battlescars ( restores all disc, restores 60% of health. win/win ) Companion w/ Bat ( 3 hatred per sec. regen, quite useful when you are spamming Ball Lightning. ) Thrill of the Hunt Steam Aim Archery It isn't the best build, but I haven't been having any trouble with it so far. If you go up against bosses, I recommend dropping Elemental Arrow in favor of Impale w/ Chemical Burn. It has the highest DPS output of a single attack for the DH and absolutely murders bosses. Ball Lightning is really just for crowd control, caltrops adds on the damage when they hit the trap, vault gets me out, and prep lets me do it all over again. TL:DR; experiement with different skills, stack dex and vit. Have fun!