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  1. I have a final on the stranger tomorrow

    It is a good book and it is pretty short. You should have read it.
  2. I have a final on the stranger tomorrow

    Your final is on one book?
  3. Former Leader of Guatemala Found Guilty of Genocide

    ....sponsored by our right wingers of course.
  4. It is only common sense to profile anti-tax groups. This is only a news story and "scandal" because Richie Rich controls the government and the media and is also evading taxes. http://www.huffingto..._n_1692608.html
  5. Treat Chicago gang members as terrorists?

  6. What are your fitness goals?

    You are like a viking.
  7. Treat Chicago gang members as terrorists?

    No chart spam.
  8. Treat Chicago gang members as terrorists?

    Nope. Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.
  9. What are your fitness goals?

    I bet that shower is a bitch to clean.
  10. We got a hundred posters in the Bay Area and none will help Johnnycakes.
  11. Kinda since ESPN will produce the SEC Network when it comes out in 2014. Those are the only channels I care about having. I guess I need Fox Sports too though. I just want to watch college football. It was great when you could watch all the games for free on ESPN3 on your 360.
  12. Russia has the best parades (Victory Day parade 2013)

  13. What did you get your mom for mothers day?

    I am going to take her to dinner.
  14. Is it shameful for a man to dress like a woman?

    Stick around. Don't mind the assholes. D1P has it's own culture. You will figure it out.