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  1. Holy crap...Daddy's Home 2 RT score is 0!

    Lol, you say that and he will probably be the only watchable actor in this film.
  2. Thanks signed up! Soo looking forward to this one been wanting in on the battle royale games for awhile now (and PUBG looks too janky).
  3. Psx is less than 40 days away, any guesses on big reveals?

    I really hope there are more PSVR game announcements at PSX because the lineup is thin after Skyrim. Honestly pretty disappointed that some more older games haven't had a VR update yet like Child of Eden (or just give me Rez 2 now).
  4. Xbox One Xbox 1 Backwards Compatibility Thread

    Gunvalkyrie: I wanted to finish this but the duke was such a horrible controller for this game. Burnout series: These were great now we are stuck with open world crap Really sad there is no Xbox Live support because I would love some oldschool RS3/Black Arrow.
  5. How great is Polybius?

    I think it is the best Minter game and the best PSVR game! Basically anyone who is interested in that type of game is going to love it.
  6. What you drinking this weekend?

    Last night was a margarita with 1800 and tonight I might finish my bottle of Brinley Gold Shipwreck Mango Rum.
  7. Maya Rudolph totally nails her character and is the best performance of the show.
  8. So uh, Culdcept Revolt came out this week.

    One of the better LE's I've bought you won't be disappointed (especially if you have some use for the sweet dice)!
  9. So uh, Culdcept Revolt came out this week.

    https://store.nisamerica.com/culdcept-revolt-limited-edition They still have a little stock left grab it and hope you have someone to play 2v2 with (that was my excuse for getting a second copy)!
  10. So uh, Culdcept Revolt came out this week.

    Nope I got TWO Limited Editions! I played the 360 version, loved it and waited way to long for this version to be localized.
  11. Tom Petty free falls into eternity at 66 years old

    Fucking awful year for musicians 2.0 continues... Cornell still hits the hardest but man Petty was a fucking genius musician.
  12. The only issue I see is Epic name dropping PUBG like it is telling people "buy this rip off instead of the original". Other than that the industry is better when people are forced to improve and iterate to compete.
  13. Huge problem with new car audio

    It is in fact running Android and I seen people have managed to root it and run stuff on it.