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  1. Hmm, maybe I should check it out then.
  2. I will wait till the Steam release not familiar with that other site.
  3. Umm, no... do you remember how bad FFTA was by chance I really don't trust Square with much of anything these days especially not an SRPG.
  4. PlayStation 5: when can Sony truly deliver a generational leap in power?

    I agree that it should be a 6-8x power leap from the base PS4 not the Pro. A system with better graphics than the Xbox One X and backwards compatibility will look REALLY good for Sony. As for Microsoft I think they are dead in the water next gen unfortunately.
  5. Forza Horizon series question..

    Horizon 3 (especially with the amazing DLC) is easily the best but 2 was really good and I'm sure you can grab it dirt cheap now.
  6. Yup been playing it for over two years now! Honestly a lot more people should be playing it than there is because the single player campaign is wonderful.
  7. I agree she should be charged for this just as much if not more than he is.
  8. D1P's Best Indie Games by Year - 2012

    What a fucking stacked year! However Fez is an amazing achievement that stands far above the rest and most games indie or not in general.
  9. I feel VR support would offer soo much more to the enjoyment of the game with it's art style and basic gameplay.
  10. D1P's Best Indie Games by Year - 2007

    Out of that list I played a ton of Puzzle Quest and Peggle. Puzzle Quest is my pick here being a game I was committed to beating and the one with I think the greatest legacy on the list.
  11. RIP in Peace, LawBreakers

    It kills me we have lost some damn good games because of this and a good company (the failure of Shadowrun killed one of the best Xbox exclusive game makers and was a really good game).
  12. RIP in Peace, LawBreakers

    It really needed to be F2P from the start to compete in the market. The standard model does not work for most multiplayer focused shooters unless you are a really big name in the industry (even then it has failed). Launching against Overwatch and expecting people to pay for your game is just an arrogant mistake.
  13. PlayStation 5 rumors are back

    I could see an announcement at E3 next year with a fall 2019 release but when they can just do a cheaper Pro this year and with their current lineup it's unnecessary to release the PS5 this year. I could even see 2020 being the year they release it if they want to do something like Horizon Zero Dawn 2 in fall of next year with some big release spread out through they early part of 2020. However if they want to push PSVR (they do) then 2019 with a new headset is the way to go for sure.
  14. I honestly don't care about the LOTR series the trilogy is my one of my favorite set of movies and it doesn't need remade. The Wheel of Time however is really exciting and I hope they invest that much money into it!
  15. I would argue Tideland is his only bad movie and then there are people who seem to love that one for some reason Gilliam is my favorite director and this looks to be more in line with his earlier work which I am really excited about