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  1. The only issue I see is Epic name dropping PUBG like it is telling people "buy this rip off instead of the original". Other than that the industry is better when people are forced to improve and iterate to compete.
  2. Huge problem with new car audio

    It is in fact running Android and I seen people have managed to root it and run stuff on it.
  3. So I am a bit if an audiophile and it seems I have made a mistake with my recent car purchase assuming something with a 450 watt 10 speaker stereo system would support a lossless audio format (seriously it's 2017 why the fuck doesn't it support FLAC?). So it is a 2017 Honda Civic Si, has no cd player or 3.5mm headphone jack and the only formats I know it supports are all lossy formats I tried playing FLAC through Android Autio but it cut my sound volume in half so that is worthless. Bluetooth works but is also a lossy format so it doesn't solve the issue either I wasted $60 already getting a flash drive and not knowing it wouldn't support FLAC. Am I going to have to figure out how to root my fucking car to get it to support a proper format (if so I will probably just ruin everything)?
  4. Defenders (marked spoilers)

    Maybe I am wrong but I think they were trying to make him a bit insufferable in IF due to the fact he was completely disconnected from the world for 15 years.
  5. Super Twopers Teaser

    Dumb comedies rarely work for me but the first one is fantastic and I am looking forward to this.
  6. Defenders (marked spoilers)

    It seems I have bad tastes because I REALLY liked Iron Fist in fact I just watched it over the past week so I could start Defenders asap and all the bad press had me dreading it. I'm not going to argue why I liked it and think it is good because clearly I am wrong... hopefully my wrongness carries over to Defenders and I enjoy it as well as I did Iron Fist!
  7. I used to run MTGNews if you are familiar with that? Also @Chairslinger was a prominent member of the community until he moved over to the IGN forums. I used to play Vintage and now focus mostly on Legacy for constructed. As for limited I wreck sealed tournaments on a regular basis but I am pretty fucking terrible at drafting. I started when The Dark came out and I took a small break from Masque to Invasion (Masque block was TERRIBLE) and I've been on hiatus for a few blocks but Ixalan looks like it will get me back in (if it doesn't I am sure the return to Dominaria next year will). I usually play unusual decks in constructed of my own design so I don't have many top 8's there but I hope the brew I am currently stewing will get me some more!
  8. BBC's Top 100 Comedies of All Time

    While I think Grail is the more culturally important and rewatchable of the two nothing beats the best moments in Brian. Brian's funniest moments are way beyond most comedies and they are funny every fucking time.
  9. I was on the Xbox and the Xbox 360 bandwagon and a general Sony hater till this generation... MS can't catch up, it is over and now we are back to Nintendo vs. Sony. The games are just not there now, most of the companies they had making great games got ran into the ground and there is no savior on the horizon. The lineup this fall is pathetic and was in desperate need of a new Halo or some amazing new IP. There was a ton of potential this generation that got cancelled or delayed to the point it no longer mattered and now their competitors have left them in the dust.
  10. I just pass on games with unpainted minis for the most part sans stuff like Cthulhu Wars that use different colors for the factions. I didn't make it this year considering my time and funds were rather limited.
  11. So I really didn't think of it possibly selling out and I don't know if I will be making it (might have a distributor get me in on Sunday or hopefully pick up a pass from a friend who doesn't want to go on Sunday).
  12. This is pretty big for Best Buy and now I will be joining their gameclub!
  13. Honestly I have better things to do in my life then to deal with people's bullshit... I would rather tuck some bucks at this point of my life then even bother with a one night stand
  14. There is a club near me where interaction is a-ok
  15. That is honestly pretty fair... as I said worse sections of Chicago and Detroit but basically all of Gary is an epic shit show! I might be going there in a few weeks so if you never hear from me again after this month you know what went down