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  1. I thought it looked pretty interesting, but at the same time it screamed tech demo to me, so I'm not surprised it hasn't materialized as a full game.
  2. Another 60GB PS3 joins the YLOD pile.

    Mine croaked a few weeks ago, but I was able to resurrect it with a reflow. Even though it's working again, I'm kind of hesitant to use it too much. Right now I'm waiting to see if there is a price drop at E3 or maybe an Infamous 2 bundle...
  3. My PS3 has been raptured (YLOD)

    Thanks for the excellent info. Hopefully Sony announces a price drop or bundle deal at E3. I'm gonna take a shot at fixing mine, but I think I want a new one regardless. If nothing else I can put the old unit in the bedroom and use it for Netflix, Blu-rays and music.
  4. My PS3 has been raptured (YLOD)

    I seem to have been one of the unlucky few whose PS3 decided to give up the ghost (YLOD) while playing LA Noire. I've been gaming since the Atari 2600 days and realize these things happen, so I'm not here to rant against Sony or Rockstar - YLOD's, Red Rings, blowing in cartridges. these things just, unfortunately, come with the territory. Anyway, here's my real dilemma... Since I have an original 60 GB model, there's no way I know of to get my LA Noire disc back from the belly of the beast without taking apart the whole system. Newer models have a 'fan test' mode or manual eject feature, but neither of these applies to the 60 gig. I don't really want to send the unit in to get repaired, since I hear that will run me about $150 bucks and I'd probably rather just get a new system with a bigger HDD, plus I'm worried that my game might disappear in the process. Anyone have any ideas, or is it time to bust out the screwdrivers?
  5. I don't know about overheating, but I just played for less than 5 minutes (after just booting up my PS3) and then the game crashed and now my PS3 won't turn on. Never had any problems prior to this. Crap...
  6. Anyone try that new dungeon crawler on PSN?

    I'm really tempted to pick it up. The iOS version got great reviews. And it's still selling for $5 on the App store, so the PS3 price seems decent.
  7. SOCOM 4 reviews hitting today

    For reference, the same reviewer gave M.A.G. an 8/10 (a game which I loved).
  8. Torchlight

    I'll have to pick this up. I have the PC version and really like it, but it's always had a weird crashing problem that I've never been able to nail down. Plus, I just tend to enjoy gaming on a console more than I do on my PC.
  9. BadCartridge Killzone 3 Clan Tag abreviation

    I still don't think I've been added (unless I just don't know where or what to look for). PSN = El_Hefe Anyway, just finished the campaign, so I'm definitely looking to get into the MP now.

    I haven't really played MP yet (just the beta), but I was wondering if the spread of classes online was pretty even? I'm leaning towards the medic class to start with, but wanted to see if any class seemed to be particularly under-represented.
  11. BadCartridge Killzone 3 Clan Tag abreviation

    Add me please: El_Hefe I think I might be on your firends list from the old PGB MAG clan. Thanks.
  12. PSN IDs