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  1. IDW's G.I. Joe in for a MAJOR change

    The spoilers are supposed to be INSIDE the spoiler tag, so people can choose whether they want to expand it or not. Why would you put some of the spoilers inside the spoil tag and others outside?
  2. IDW's G.I. Joe in for a MAJOR change

    Jesus, why did you not put the images in the spoiler section?!
  3. WE3 DELUXE EDITION HC coming June 15,2011

    Haha, no thanks. Morrison is a pretentious douche LOL.
  4. So... Here I am.

    Edit: This is not the post to try and stir up trouble, sorry. If you want me to just delete this out i will but all that is going to do is try and spark a flame war and we arent going to have that here, again sorry. - Seth