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  1. What was the expected metacritic among the studio?
  2. Preloading this bad boy now. I also remember it being pretty universally touted as an all-time great. That's a long time ago now but it sticks out in my mind with GoW 2.
  3. God of War to release on April 20

    I’ll second this.
  4. The sooner they kill the 3DS, the sooner the Switch can realize it’s true potential. The Switch is doing amazing, but less than a year’s worth of sales is hardly an indicator of who is going to “win that race.”
  5. You missed my point. If Sony has 60 million consoles sold and MS has 30 million, its twice as likely that your friends own a PS4 than an Xbox One. So if you're basing a purchase off of the consoles that you're friends own (as many do) it's more likely that they have a PS4. If Sony allows people to circumvent that decision then they're losing that advantage.
  6. Community size is less important as a metric than the fact that people are buying consoles based on their friend's decision, but it still is directly affected by size of the community in terms of a user's likelihood to own a PS4 or XB1. I'm sure many devs would love the option to offer crossplay but again, that's different than Sony's or MS' interest in it.
  7. I don't think anyone has claimed that it benefits them as a gamer, nor have I seen anyone say that they're against it. I can't help but feel that you're being purposely obtuse about not reading the points being made. It being good for Sony's business is different than it being good for me. It's impossible to prove many of the assumptions but it's fairly safe to assume that many of them hold water, even more so than Sony's eyes.
  8. But it's not a wider variety of gamers, it's just gamers from a wider variety of platforms. There is likely far more variety in Sony's 60 million gamers than there are in MS/Nintendo's ~35 million gamers. The fact is that it help bring MS and Nintendo's offerings in line with Sony's, which is almost certainly the basis for Sony's decision.
  9. You're seeing a very small percentage of the gaming population write about things on forums and assuming that a) that's representative of the majority and b) that there would not have been as much, if not more backlash if Sony had explained it as business reasons. Both are fairly lofty assumptions in my opinion.
  10. I think the strategy is less about their ability to tout player numbers and more about your second point, the motivation to buy one console or the other. In Sony's mind they're provided a system which has sold twice as much as its closest competitor and they're probably quite hesitant to remove any of those motivations since MS & Nintendo have a lot more potential customers to gain than Sony does out of it. Would it make a noticeable change? Probably not, but it would still be a business decision most likely to harm them. I'd love to see Sony remove this restriction as a gamer but I'm not surprised that they don't as a business.
  11. There are certainly people surprised that Sony doesn't want to do this. Citing safety concerns was not far off what the average response is in the industry when it comes to how companies handle stories that are bound to be negative. It's a tiny sliver of their actual reason but it's almost certainly not an outright lie. It might be bickered about on gaming forums but that statement probably plays much better to most people than "business reasons."
  12. That's completely misreading the situation, however. This isn't about Rocket League, it's about sharing user base. If Sony allowed it for RL and Minecraft then they'd set a precedence to allow it for any game. Both MS and Nintendo benefit from adding 60 million PS4 users to their multiplayer base, while Sony loses in this situation. All of the sudden all 3 companies can boast the same multiplayer user base which benefits the second and third place competitors while removing one of the largest advantages of market share in gaming.