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  1. Let's reminisce about the year that was... 2004

    The thing I remember most about 2004, was Soldiers Heroes of WW2. Playing that coop with my brother is one of my favorite memories!
  2. The last Forza game I REALLY enjoyed was 3. The games after that got to where they just gave you too many amazing cars right at the start, you could sell them and buy whatever car you wanted. There was zero progression. They have 700 cars in the game, but you can just buy the best one right from the start almost. The original Gran Turismo, and part 2 and 3 all had you work your way up from a used car, and you had to grind to save up money to get that car you wanted. It made you feel like that car you bought you earned and you stuck with it a long time to customize it/etc. I never felt that way in Forza after part 3. I had no attachements to any of the cars, I wouldn't even drive 50% of the ones I had, because they just gave you a ton of them for virtually no reason. The whole rewind thing, and the sort of arcadey nature of the driving is also not much fun anymore. I've been playing Project Cars 2 on PC with my wheel and pedals, it's extremely fun to drive, but the game has no real progression system like GT1/2/3 had. It's barebones so I don't play it much. I just think everything anymore is going towards micro transactions, Madden Ultimate team type stuff for sports games/etc, and that's the opposite of what I enjoy in simulation games. I'm getting too old I think, because they cater to the flat brimmed hat, douche bag, twitch streamers these days.
  3. I get it, and like I said, I'm glad emulation is there for the people who don't care about things like input lag/etc, or have kids or other distractions they have to attend to every several minutes. Keep the classics alive however possible is how I see it. I just personally cannot touch emulation, every time I tried it always let me down because I could just see and feel a big difference. Having said that, I do have SOME games on my tablet through an emulator like FF7,8,9,Tactics, and games that don't require input latency to make a big difference. I can play games like FF Tactics because quick precise input commands aren't important generally, and being able to play those games while traveling is awesome. If I'm playing Super Metroid though, it's OG hardware only for me.
  4. There is not just a small difference between emulation and original hardware through a CRT, it's pretty massive. Especially if you grew up on the old systems and know how they are supposed to look and feel. If you like things like save states and all that, I get it, but for me, there is just no way I can play those games on emulation because I can really tell the difference, especially when I played it on a PC. I mean what IS nice is that it's free, and you can play every single game ever made from the past on your PC at anytime, but for me, I could absolutely always tell the difference in the input lag and of course the graphics weren't made for 1080P widescreen LED monitors/etc.
  5. I don't know how anyone plays with emulation like that. It drives me nuts. When I play classic games, it has to be on the original systems with the original chips, on a CRT tv, or at least something like Everdrive that's pulling the rom from an SD card and playing it through the hardware. It's the only way to play the classics, playing on emulation feels TOTALLY different.
  6. I don't know what it is but I'm enjoying part 2 more than I enjoyed the first game. It's a great game so far.
  7. Why was Zelda praised and FFXV wasn't?

    "Why was Zelda praised and FFXV wasn't?" Easy.....FFXV sucked, Zelda was amazing.
  8. Guy cusses out his mom during stream, geez

    Not going to debate spanking vs not. I'll just say that our society today is a bunch of pampered pussies. I've always said, every spanking I ever got, I deserved. I've told my mom,dad, and grandma those exact words and I thanked them for doing it and teaching me there were painful consequences for defying them and doing things that were wrong. No spanking I ever got ever harmed me past the point of temporary pain that lasted minutes, but the lessons taught will last me a life time. So fuck this pussy ass, time out, pampered society we live in today.
  9. Why was Zelda praised and FFXV wasn't?

    Mental note to NEVER take user Nightpain's opinion seriously. It has been noted.
  10. Guy cusses out his mom during stream, geez

    My grandma used to make me go outside and get the switch off a tree that she was going to use to whip my ass with. I learned very quickly not to fuck with my parents or grandparents. I'm 35 now and I love them for the discipline they instilled in me. I'm grateful they demanded respect and whipped my ass when I needed it. It made me a much better person because of it.
  11. Guy cusses out his mom during stream, geez

    My Mom would have beaten my ass silly had I done that. Then after she was done my Dad would have whipped my ass as well. Disrespectful little fuck.
  12. Good to know. Thanks.
  13. its a great game
  14. NBA LIVE is Back!

    It actually looks pretty damn good. They've done a good job REBOUNDING from the Elite games and past NBA Live games.... Fairly excited to try this out.
  15. SNES Classic coming out 9/29

    I mean I have my SNES hooked up to a CRT tv along with all my other classic consoles, and I have all the actual carts of those games except the Kirby games which I hate and Star Fox 2, I also use a SD2SNES, so I would never buy the SNES classic, but I'm impressed with the lineup of games they chose. That's a very,very solid lineup to choose, and I think they covered a lot of ground with it, but it's still emulation as far as I know, and that will always pail to the real thing. It's great though for younger people to experience some of the greatest games ever made that I'm sure they've never played.