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  1. Oh I see, it's all determined by what a person deems it's main purpose to be. Gotcha, it all makes sense now, BAN GUNS!
  2. Any person who is advocating taking away constitutional freedoms does not deserve to be talked to with respect. That person is an enemy to me and to the United States in my opinion. If you're advocating stronger background checks, or owning a gun at 21, then that's different and we can discuss, but if the opinion is that we should just ban them all, ban 30 round magazines, etc, then you're an enemy.
  3. Why do you collect classic games? Why do people collect and soup up cars? Why do people collect records? Why do people collect guitars? Why do people collect coins? Why do people collect knives? Why do people collect rocks? Why? BECAUSE IT'S A HOBBY! Why does anyone collect anything?! Have you ever shot a rifle with a 30 round magazine? It's fun, it's enjoyable, just like ANY hobby. It's amazing that millions of people all over the country have these, operate them on a daily basis safely and responsibly, but when 1 lunatic goes off and does something like this, the typical reaction is outrage and to ban it!
  4. Yeah THAT'S why most people own a gun with a high capacity magazine. No one needs a fucking souped up Ferrari that someone gets out there and spins out being a hotdog and wrecks and kills other people! You don't need that, BAN ANYONE FROM HAVING IT! You call me a gun nut, what is more nutty than continuing to blame inanimate objects instead of laying the blame on human beings hurting other human beings? The guns don't just pick themselves up, load themselves, walk into a school and start blasting things, it takes a person to do that, and instead of trying to ban everything that this VERY small percentage of people use to hurt other people, how about attempting to clean up our media, clean up the corruption in our government, in our schools, AT A PEOPLE level, and stop trying to put bubblegum on the hoover dam by banning objects. Lets all keep banning things so we end up like North Korea!
  5. I hope I never have the displeasure of meeting you in real life. K?
  6. There is a reason for that, and it has nothing to do with guns, it has to do with the people within the society. When the people within the country turn to shit, numbers like that go up. Like I said though, go ahead and fall right in line with the mainstream media and continue to look for scapegoats! Our society just LOVES to not be held accountable for their actions, we just LOVE to blame everyone and everything else, as long as we don't have to look in the mirror at ourselves.
  7. I have no issues with background checks, and things of that nature to have in place before the selling of a firearm can take place. ..but if they ultimate idea is to ban guns from law abiding citizens because 1 lunatic kills 17 people (out of the 323 million in the United States) then you can kindly fuck right off. You want to lay the blame somewhere other than the shooter? LAY IT ON THE FUCKING MAINSTREAM MEDIA for continuing to glorify these nuts and give them all the attention that potential new ones want to mimic.
  8. Blame guns,blame Trump,blame Obama,blame parents,blame games,blame teachers, blame the sun, blame the animals, ANYTHING except where the blame really lies, on the fucking lunatic who pulled the trigger. I'll never give up my firearms, or my games, or my freedom to ANYONE. Fuck any puke that comes and tries to take them from me.
  9. I must have missed it! I checked GOG today and there they were, at least a couple of them. LOVED that series, especially the Eastern Front,Battle of the Bulge, and Normandy. (3,4,5) I've been waiting forever for those to be re-released! Fun times.
  10. What makes a good streamer?

    Something like NESMania that the Mexican runner did. That was highly entertaining, and TMR is a guy that is enjoyable to watch simply because he's not trying to be funny or anything, he just does his thing and watching all the different NES games being beaten is a good idea. 99.9% of streamers are absolutely unwatchable, they are irritating as hell.
  11. The Story of Tetris (Gaming Historian)

    Gaming historian is a great channel. I enjoy his videos. Fascinating story about Tetris, I knew it had a crazy history, but didn't realize HOW crazy. Great video.
  12. When you bought NBA 2K on the Switch, you damn sure should have known that it was going to be A: a shittier version of the actual game, and B: not supported at all for any length of time past a week or two. I don't feel sorry for anyone who bought it...and if you're an adult and playing a WWE game, you have more serious problems to deal with.