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  1. Heroes of ruin party up/friends codes thread.

    Because this place is one of the worst online gaming communities out there. It's really hard to believe that IGN devolved into this. It's pretty much like back in the second grade where everybody took a side, nintendo or sega and belittled fought with and tried to shut down everybody that didn't like the exact same toy as them. Only here the second graders are in their late 20's and 30's, or in gigers case, almost 50 by now i think :lol: I always said when i could find a forum that wasn't populated by mostly 12 year olds, (this counts out 1up, gamestop, gametrailers, gamefaqs) or middle aged guys acting like 12 year olds i'd move there, and i did.
  2. Heroes of ruin party up/friends codes thread.

    Can't help but notice you don't act like a complete and utter douchebag over there. The magic of moderation!
  3. Heroes of ruin party up/friends codes thread.

    Yeah i'm pissed, comcast has been having issues in my area lately. Also fyi to dean/darth/grant and hte people who still want to play. I'm leaving here for setharion's forum permanently. I know grant's on there but i have no idea how active he is. Check swapnote/send swapnotes to organize games or you can see my duplicate thread over on gaming outsiders. I'll make public games and just chill for a few minutes to see if any of you guys join before i start playing, if you can play, please do!
  4. Heroes of ruin party up/friends codes thread.

    My stupid internet went out around 10:45. Fucking comcast. I'll probably pass tonight. This is always late for you, if you want to set up a different time, feel free. I'm only taking the initiative cuz nobody else is.
  5. Am I the only one who enjoys playing "bad" games?

    Dark sector wasn't a bad game. People just say it's bad because they heard from a guy that it's bad. It's actually a really well done action game that just happens to be really derivative of other well done action games, but only a little more derivative than the action games it's copying are..
  6. Gears of War: Judgment to release in March 2013

    I could seriously write a short novel listing all the incredibly stupid and simple problems this game has that have never been fixed. Among them is team balancing... i mean me and my buddy in a party are playing 2 randoms. That's 4 people. 4 divided by 2 is 2, theres 2 teams. So lets make it 3 on 1 when the new map starts. I see this shit all the time and i know it's not because of parties. 6 people? 4 vs 2. I love it when it's so broken it puts an unlisted 6th player on one of the teams vs 2 people instead of 4v4 lol. I mean shit, the bots proper names don't even come up
  7. 500 Magnum vs Watermelons

    It's amazing what even a .40 or 9mm can do to a watermelon with a good hollow tip, i expected a .50 magnum to vaporize it and that's pretty much what happened. I would love to shoot one of those. This disabled guy in a wheelchair at the range i go to who's an incredible shot bought one the day it came and hit himself in the face with it the first time he shot it and promptly returned it. Not sure how that's possible since supposedly the weight of it puts felt recoil at far lower than a hot .44 magnum. I also love that it's certified to hunt "All land mammals" that means a s&w 500 max can kill an elephant in one shot. Also
  8. What do your hands smell like right now?

    Irish spring. I can't stand having clammy hands so i become an obsessive hand washer in the summer. they'll smell like irish spring for months. So will my penis.
  9. So you trolled as usual and got upset at getting banned for trolling? olo
  10. Heroes of ruin party up/friends codes thread.

    That blows. Hopefully a patch is incoming to fix these issues. I can't imagine playing this game single player though, theres really no point, online only for me.
  11. Heroes of ruin party up/friends codes thread.

    Ideally i'd like to play through the game with the same group of people but I got a feeling there isn't going to be much of anymore party ups from these threads. I'll just start a random game and wait till the first person joins, friend or random. 8 pm pacific tonight.
  12. Heroes of ruin party up/friends codes thread.

    Going to start another game on the 19th at 8 pm pacific if anybody is interested. Just trying to get a feel of how many are on board, i made this thread over at gaming outsiders as well so i'll see if theres any bites there.
  13. Heroes of ruin party up/friends codes thread.

    Fantastic? I don't know it's not blowing my mind but it's quite a bit of fun. I'm still only an hour in but i don't expect it to blow my mind, i expect it to be fun and I love the idea of having a game like that on a handheld. The online setup is however fantastically designed. Pretty much showing everybody how it's done as far as ease of use.
  14. Well if it was cans, i'm going to assume it was a lager. It's really strange but ale actually cancels out the smell of lager and vice versa. Buy a bottle of a strong ale and just splash it all over where the smell is coming from.
  15. Getting married in a few days

    Yeah, i brought it up like "We need to get in shape. Let's work out and get sexy together" I had lost a bit of weight (good weight) she had gained some (bad weight). We both looked great but I brought it up as a mutual thing and i brought it up like "Damn, let's nip this in the bud. We can spend 2 months getting into shape or let it go and spend 2 years." she was down for it. Then i dumped her for unrelated reasons. It went well though.