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  1. Mario Tennis Aces will be a 2GB File Size on eShop

    I have been going 60/40 physical/digital, due to sales and discounts on the physical media. This will definitely be a digital buy though for the ease of quick pick up and play. I wish I had done that for Mario kart and Just dance though. Oh well~
  2. Best Buy Dropping GCU

    Dang, I was considering signing up over the summer. Oh well
  3. Seriously stop. Anyway, I still want this game, I haven't read any reviews yet but a quick check on metacritic has the Switch version at 74. Anyone try this game yet or no? I'd probably get this on a sale.
  4. Be Our Guest

    Thanks! We're having a whole wedding. I'm feeling the same as you, it's nerve wrecking but also really exciting. Even though I have been married before as well, this feels different, it's a whole different feeling and a whole new level. It feels honestly like this is going to be the first time. Everything leading up to our day in a couple of weeks has gone right, except for the proposal lol, just been amazing and I couldn't be happier. Aww i'm sorry the parents won't make it but like you said, at least your daughters will be there with you two. I'm really excited for you both, you're awesome people and I'm super excited that you have your piece of happiness! congratulations!
  5. Backlash 2018

    Seriously, what the fuck!? Roman main eventing the show is bullshit. Joe losing is bullshit. AJ/Shinsuke happening first and then ending in a count out is also bullshit. Seriously, how deep is Roman sucking off Vince!?
  6. WWF No Mercy (for Nintendo 64)

    WCW/NWO Revenge has a special place bc it was the one I had and played the most. My friend owned No Mercy so I played it when I went over... But yeah it was pretty damn awesome. WWF Attitute on the PSX was entertaining for a bit, too.
  7. Be Our Guest

    Congrats @Triage @Emblazon!! My babe and I are getting married at the end of this month. It's crunch time and we're starting to feel stressed so I wish you guys the least bit of stress as possible leading up to your big day, and of course the best possible vibes! We'll donate as soon as we can. Would love to be there, but we will be in spirit and good energy. Congrats again!!
  8. Ass ta Ass

  9. Greatest Royal Rumble thread

    I love Titus O'Neil.
  10. And here I am taking a look at the 2018 Mini Cooper Countryman JCW.
  11. I had the 2014 Focus SE hatch with manual transmission. It was a beautiful car... when it worked! The clutch went out twice on me, the trunk leaked water every single time it rained, rattling noises all over the cabin, the driver seat would make a loud click/clink when I moved a certain way, bluetooth was a failure most of the time. IT was a nightmare, actually... my MIL's boyfriend has a 2014 Focus SE sedan with auto, he has the dual clutch issue happen to him twice and lost power several times. Beautiful looking car and it was fun to drive when it worked well (not often), but I'm totally soured on Ford, I don't even want to risk it for a Focus RS anymore. I moved on to a '17 Civic EX hatch and it's a dream. I now mostly use my fiance's '13 Scion TC (she drives further than I do) and that shit is hot and fun to drive. Not sure what we'll upgrade the Scion to one day but we're happy so far.
  12. Ahh, yes, I should have cautioned that, too... sorry about that. It's eye witness accounts that may end up being false or exaggerated (for example, my mother's hometown seems to be more stable than others have been) but it does give some sense of what's happening.
  13. US Embassy pulls some staff and families out of the country because of the violence: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/nicaragua-riots-latest-us-state-department-embassy-staff-remove-killed-violence-a8318291.html This reddit post has some more info about what's going on:
  14. I know it's not surprising but it's a really terrible situation. More people are dying, a university and their students were just attacked tonight... there's no order right now. I'm saddened that this is also not getting as much attention. Daniel Ortega really is a piece of shit. I'm embarrassed to admit this but I have never followed politics and history because it was hard to follow and it lost me at times. It wasn't until Trump happened that I began to learn more about what's happening here in the US, and because of these protests is how I'm learning about the garbage my people in Nicaragua face. I knew that Ortega and the Sandinistas were pretty shitty but this is an explosive eye opener. It continues to overwhelm me but I can't fall back this time. I only wish I could do more.
  15. http://abc7.com/politics/journalist-among-over-2-dozen-killed-in-nicaragua-unrest/3378825/?sf187516368=1 The actual footage of the incident was haunting. There's even footage of a man set on fire. I fear for my family over there, the last few days have been intense. The government, the police, Sandinista sympathizers are acting with too much violence over peaceful protests about unfair pension and social security changes. The President is currently or was speaking earlier today but not sure what was said yet, but hopefully things get better soon.