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  1. Nintendo Labo - coming 4/20

    This is definitely not for me. I was rather excited to see what was going to get revealed and I was instantly turned off by it. If it were $20-25 then maybe it'd be worth a gamble but fucking 70 bucks?! lol no.
  2. RUMOR: Suicide Squad 2 To Be Affleck's Last Outing as Batman

    Oh he hasn't said yet. Got it, well for what it's worth, I thought he was great in BvS. One of the few things I really enjoyed about that movie.
  3. RUMOR: Suicide Squad 2 To Be Affleck's Last Outing as Batman

    I have heard of him wanting to get out of it but why is that though?
  4. Black Panther Breaks Marvel's Pre-Sale Ticket Record

    My fiancee is freaking HYPED to watch this movie. I also pre-ordered tickets and when I told her, she nearly had an orgasm from excitement. For her, it's the fact that POC are being represented as the good guys, largely POC cast, and for how cool Black Panther was in the last movie. She's even refusing to watch trailers so she can go in with as little spoilers are possible.
  5. Star Citizen, I am Disappointed (Eurogamer)

    I for one am glad that it's still in Alpha. It means that I'll graduate soon and I'll have time to go through my backlog of games over the past 4 years, and if this ever releases, I'll be able to play with everyone day one!
  6. There's a clear difference between robbing banks and seeking asylum for the violence and murder occuring in El Salvador, but getting temporary protection instead.
  7. God she's beautiful

    you cray
  8. Wrestle Kingdom 12

    I hope this is good. I probably can't stay up to watch but hopefully I can find it later.
  9. God she's beautiful

    Whoa, dudes, She's a beautiful woman, and duck face is the best (for me).
  10. Currently watching the video with the interview of the swatter, what a fuck ass bitch.
  11. As we end 2017, what is in your Switch library

    Off the top of my head: Zelda BOTW Mario Odyssey Mario Kart Fast RMX SnipperClips Setsuna Stardew Valley Bomberman Splatoon 2 Rayman Overcooked and I will be getting Doom in the next week or so.
  12. Clash of Champions

    I really hope Jinder isn't out of it, to be honest. Jinder needs to continue improving his in-ring work and if they book the match right, he can have pretty enjoyable matches. BUT, he seriously needs to STOP fucking up his finisher. That scares me, especially the one he did on one of the Singh brothers... which by the one, he (the one that almost died) seems to be pretty decent on the mic. I'd like to see more of him.
  13. Clash of Champions

    I noticed that too. Those tickets are expensive! I guess Jinder is done with the world title for now?
  14. Switch sells 10 million units WW in 9 months

    What the fuck is waifu?
  15. I would love this. I bought it on the Wii U, excited as fuck, played 20 minutes at most and it's just collecting dust. It was a waste of time and money but at least I own it, I guess. So I'd be down for it If it's re-released without the motion controls. +1