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  1. How are you feeling today?

    Borderline amazing. I recently cut out my prescription anxiety medication, alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes. All I take are vitamins and minerals, and hang out with my main girl, MaryJane. We're like, super BFFs.
  2. Having a guy who does that to me...
  3. This. Especially the intense ones that leave me quivering and sometimes slightly paralyzed and tingly in the hands and feet. I can't imagine having a 5-minute orgasm. I would be going into full body convulsions and making all sorts of involuntary sounds. It would look like a robot malfunctioning.
  4. I posted porn for hours one day, years ago, and didn't get banned. #DATPRIVILEGE
  5. Looking for the best mozzarella sticks

    He's handsome AND likes mozzarella sticks?! Like, where the fuck do I sign up?
  6. Looking for the best mozzarella sticks

    I don't know, and I normally would never entertain an internet relationship, but fuck, I love mozzeralla in any form, especially in stick form, and I sure would like to meet this guy.
  7. Bye, D1P

  8. Looking for the best mozzarella sticks

    Who the fuck is this smug prick?
  9. Happy Birthday Tofurkey!

    Yeah, I'd be doing that if I wasn't too busy kicking his ass in Madden right now. This is arguably more pleasurable.
  10. Happy Birthday Tofurkey!

    Isn't he, though?
  11. Post your pic!

    I think a lot of people would be surprised, as I was, that he's actually a good dude. He's also grown up a bit Ha