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  1.   I was actually referring to chocolate. I am not a big fan of chocolate, but I do like white chocolate. So, I suppose that does make a chocolate racist. My bad.
  2. Triage For Admin

        Only if she brings DGH back. I know she's not bringing CMack back... I've given up on that one. That's asking to trade Jason for DGH, essentially. Well... alright.
  3.   Ha. Read the posts on the first page. There's an official "unban this member" thread...   ...and no. Never been a big fan of chocolate. I do like white chocolate though.
  4. Do you hate anyone here?

    I actually really don't. I used to pretend to hate DGH, but he eventually got to me. Anathema and I had it out a few times... But that's old news now, and I don't give a fuck.     There have been plenty of people who have pissed me off in the past... but not enough to actually dislike them.
  5. Wut

  6.   I would consider it for a certain someone to get unbanned...
  7. Wait. Whoa. Did Beerham edit his post, or was I drunk? Because I totally read that as "I want to see her boobs", and was agreeing.     I DO WANT.
  8. Triage For Admin

      But... but... I like Jason   Because he's abusive, and I like it.   I'm all about overthrowing Hitler, and I even like that guy, too.   Edit: Allow me to clarify. Not actual Hitler. The person currently posing as Hitler.
  9. Starscream for admin

  10. Official petition to bring back Pretzel