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  1. Over the years I have learned that trying to track a package and make sense of its routes will only drive me batshit crazy. So now I just wait. For instance, I just received my Sriracha keychain! I totally forgot I even ordered that. Seriously. Wtf took so long. It was like well over a month ago...
  2. Push It Real Good (Geico)

    I thought it was funny. But I am also pretty high right now, so, it could very well not be.
  3. Tofurkey is living happily with the man she left her boring husband for. I am now living happily and comfortably, drinking less, smoking pot way more, and having amazing sex. Something I cannot say was present in my marriage. You guys STILL talk about me? Sorry, I'm out living the fun life I now have with someone else, and have better things to do than sit on the computer and talk to a bunch of nerds. But I miss you guys! And, you were MY nerds.
  4. Dear lord, Mike Vick is certainly not my dog. Better update this thing...
  5. I see you're still painfully stupid. Very well.
  6. Oh my bad. I guess I just didn't hear anything about it until that happened. I mean I knew of the song, but I feel like he got torn into more after the Miley thing because people were like, yeah, well what about his song?? It's worse than what Miley did! I don't know... I'm tired.
  7. The only thing that annoys me about this whole thing is that no one ever gave two fucks what that song was about or what the lyrics said (well, only a small percentage of people) and ever since Miley twerked him up and down the stage, everyone is suddenly in outrage over his song. Seriously people. This is almost as bad as the time the general public all decided to suddenly start hating Mike Vick ten times more and ten times louder as soon as he became successful again.
  8. Ravens @ Broncos tonight.

    In my Merrill Reese voice... "That was, HANDS DOWN, thee best season kick off game I have ever watched!" Seriously, so entertaining. It's funny because the first few minutes of the game when not much was happening, and a few 3 and outs... I was like, ugh. Clearly a battle of the D's game here. WRONG. I was so wrong. Great, great game.
  9. I wish I was exaggerating. I think I have a picture somewhere of all the cheese I had to take out... let me see if I can find it.
  10. I am pretty sure it was either a mitake on their end, or that extra cheese is what did it. Places charge you an arm and a leg for extra cheese. Except for Primo's. You can't get those guys to put a normal amount of cheese on there. It's INSANE. Every time, I am like, can you please go super light on the cheese. I get my wrap, it has 10 slices of cheese in it. That is light cheese to them. Crazy. I always end up having to open it and take most of it out...
  11. The most popular Philly cheesesteak spots don't even charge that must. They're like $8.
  12. Also, that video is terrible.
  13. Why do I have a feeling Justin Timberlake is one of them?
  14. Who is he being sued by? Er, by whom is he being sued?