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      D1Pcast Episode 24 - Stuff has Ryzen (featuring NextGen and Lucian04)   03/01/2017

      On this episode we talk about the latest news that has...Ryzen from the tech world. Microsoft announces games as a service, @NextGen helps us talk about AMD and their new CPU and somewhere in here we have @Lucian04 talking to us about the salt mining business. We try to keep out Nintendo talk to a minimum but don't worry, we got lots of Nintendo talk on the next podcast! So join us as we have lots of stuffs to talk about in the latest edition of the D1Pcast!  Join us in this thread to discuss the show!   http://www.dayonepatch.com/index.php?/topic/141114-d1pcast-episode-24-stuff-has-ryzenft-nextgen-lucian04/  


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  1. Gotta give love to my favorite. Post apocalyptic sword and sorcery meets sci-fi. It feels like it was ripped from Tales Of The Dying Earth
  2. Yup , just for fun this guy shield Syms turret at the first choke. Its not game breaking in any sense but aggravating
  3. Bravo to your sir,not a Canadian or own a PS4 so count me out
  4. Gotta hit $30 before I think about it.
  5. God the 70's and 80's were both awesome and terrible at the same time.
  6. ROM was part of the same universe as the Transformers back in the 80's if I remember correctly .
  7. Got a chance to try her out, her hit box and character model make for a walking billboard that screams "shoot me". My biggest complaint is her shield ,Reins shield, and Dr. Zaius barrier change make for a ridiculous amount defense that can clog up a point.
  8. Wuthering Heights The Silence Of The Lambs Great Expectations Rum Punch - Jackie Brown American Psycho Princess Bride Heart Of Darkness - Apocalypse Now Invasion Of The Body Snatchers - This technically was serial before it was made into a novel Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep - Blade Runner The Children Of Men
  9. Not sure if should be happy that has not happen to me or sad cause I miss out on the fun PS I damn near spit out my ham sandwich reading that
  10. I am not fan of the games structure I gotta agree with this. There is some jankiness that happens with some of the animation and some bad VA but overall its not the level people were making it out to be
  11. I got a few hours tonight into the demo, I think my biggest gripe is so far is the open world structure . I am sure it sounds petty but I am just tired developers making empty worlds just so they can hit the bullet point, or maybe games like TW3,BOTW,and HZD have spoiled me with realized worlds. Ill give it a few more hours to see if anything changes but for now its a no buy or an extreme sale buy.
  12. Yes but for many there is only one type of conservative and its christian first.
  13. Battlefield 4 premium is $15.00 but thats the one without the BF4 its just expansions. BF1 premium pass is not on sale $49.99 also just expansions