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  1. https://www.pcgamesn.com/far-cry-5/far-cry-5-microtransactions Nothing says a great game more then when the Dev. gives you the option to pay more so you can play less.
  2. Not far from where I lived for the early part of my childhood was an intersection that was Y shaped. The 2 roads that create the V shape of the Y were very steep and there wasnt any stop or yield signs where they meet so the area was very accident prone and in fact a pedestrian was killed there. This intersection was a block from where my friend Big Paul lived and of course my parents gave me explicit instructions to avoid that intersection. Me at the ripe old age of 12 clearly knew better then them and on the next trip to Big Pauls I decided it would be fine. As I approached the intersection at what seemed like terminal velocity on my Powell Peralta , I collided with the front passenger side bumper of a Chevy van . The collision sent me flying covering me in road rash as slid across the asphalt and finally coming to end I hit the curb with my right forearm which broke it a 90 degree angle in the middle. The driver speed off and left me there and I walked about 1/2 mile home. This all happened on the first day of summer vacation, WORST SUMMER EVER
  3. Well I rented the game from a redbox. Its just not my cup of tea. PS The Xbone frame rate is atrocious
  4. The Revenant is top tier for me Dunkirk,Blade Runner 2049 and Blade Runner all come in a close 2nd.
  5. Just throwing my 2 cents in Visually its below the quality of blu ray disk due to compression and bit rate, the biggest offender is audio quality, you miss out on uncompressed DTS-HD or Dolby True.
  6. Love the Quotes from some of them Eric Maskin I thought we had learned our lesson with Smoot-Hawley Larry Samuelson A small number of people, engaged in steel and aluminum production, will benefit from these tariffs, at great cost to many others. Austan Goolsbee SMACK. SMACK [punching self in face] SMACK. SMACK.
  7. What shows should a streaming service bring back?

    Deadwood and Carnival
  8. TTK 2.0 is the worst offender. Guns like the SMG 08 was a large clip ,very accurate but slower rate of fire gun that rewarded smart play in exchange of brute force. Now its has all that but with a much faster ROF that makes every encounter a blood bath. Guns like the Hielregal which was already top tier got a boost in the damage department. LMG's went from high ammo count suppression dealers to killing in 4 shots with the ability to deploy bi-pods and lazer across the map for high damage. Instead of varing the guns and the gun play they homogenized it and upped the kill speed. One of my favorite things about BF is that listening to audio cues can earn you a kill or not listening can cost you a ticket but now we have perks like slink which damn near removes foot steps when you walk or Recprocity which allows medics to get free heals when ever they heal an ally. Its very COD'ish .
  9. After the way Dice completely fucked up BF1 they can go piss up a flag pole.
  10. Republicans decided 4% was good enough, voted and accidentally passed the 5% and decide to try and repeal. If I was the teachers i collectively drop my pants and tell them to kiss my ass and now I want 10% http://thehill.com/homenews/news/376608-west-virginia-teachers-to-continue-strike-after-state-senate-passes-lower-raise
  11. Slugdge,Usurpress,We Have The Moon

    Disclaimer: This band sings only about slugs, its weird sounding but they are like a heavier Mastodon . Here is your AOTY folks This video should have ended about 30 seconds in with masked hero running in and throwing a Molotov inside the vehicle. Who approved this shit and the bigger question is who really listening to this? I normally dont dog on peoples musical taste but this dumpster level of taste.