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  1. Ahh for love of god stop! I just stopped myself from buying one , my train of thought was " I got to much to play right now, Ill just pick one up at Christmas time".
  2. Alleged "Niger ambush" details emerge

    Why are soliders who are backed by the world's greatest military might riding around in pick up trucks and not armored vehicles in a hot zone ? I simply can not understand how this all goes down.
  3. Bought a Switch...

    Except nothing else really seems to be appealing to me
  4. Bought a Switch...

    I really want one but I am afraid its gonna collect dust after Zelda and Mario
  5. Bought a Switch...

    I gotta quit coming to this tread, Ive looked at the ones at my local BB like 3 times in the past week and walked away.
  6. Xbox Live Gamertags

    @ManUtdRedDevils will do but I am BF1 whore so dont expect much
  7. Congrats to @GuyWhoPostsThings Here's what you win
  8. Even though I have a nice pc i might pick one up just RDR
  9. Anyone playing The Evil Within 2?

    Hated the first one but this one is pretty damn good. My only complaint is physical combat feels a bit disconnected.
  10. ACO and maybe the new wolfenstein. Also might pick up an 8700k if I can find one in stock.
  11. Humble Bundle acquired by IGN

    Yup, I wont be purchasing any thing from HB anymore.
  12. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    Shadow of War The Evil Within 2 Doing my best not to play BF1
  13. Not that I condone it but it's not really shady. Anyone can do the same thing as long as police report has been filed.
  14. I think it's only made 30 million with a 200 million budget.