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  1. Finished watching Gantz

    yeah. real messed up but can't stop reading >_>
  2. Hunter × Hunter resumes this August

    http://www.moetron.com/2011/07/25/hunter-x-hunter-new-tv-series-this-fall/ thought this would be appropriate
  3. Finished watching Gantz

    I agree with this. Manga's on its final arc if I remember correctly..
  4. Finished watching Claymore

    anime's okay considering the manga is still going. the ending of the anime was... crap.. dunno why they did what they did.
  5. bad apple much?

  6. Chop Thread: Narse Sits Around

    be nice.. [face_shame_on_you]
  7. Chop Thread: Narse Sits Around

    ahhh $h!t, here we go again!
  8. you just had to didn't you!
  9. Rumor: Hideo Kojima to announce two games at E3

    I dunno. His Zone of the Enders games were quiet good.
  10. PS1 Classics you wish you never bought.

    Jet Moto Pong 3D Wait.. what's wrong with Wild ARMs lol.
  11. Do you smoke?

    used to, and quit.. twice lol
  12. What are you listening to right now??

    Linkin Park - KRWLNG