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  1. It was fun and lighthearted, but I was still very surprised that Netflix is allowing it to run the full 6 weeks. I definitely thought it was going to politely say "please shut this down." Good on Netflix for handling it this way. They had every right to shut them down completely, but instead they're being good sports about it.
  2. Apple Special Event - September 12‎ at 1 pm EDT

    Yeah, it'll be interesting to see how the battery lasts once it's working as intended. I was also surprised that the music streaming isn't out yet. Far more than phone calls, I think it's the highlight feature of cellular connectivity, and given their commercials, I think Apple agrees. Even if it does work, I think the sticking point for most people will be the $10/month. While I'm sure some will get a ton of use out of it, I think most folks will find that the cellular connectivity isn't worth the fee.
  3. Apple Special Event - September 12‎ at 1 pm EDT

    The Apple Watch reviews are out and they're not great, or at least there is a lot of criticism about the LTE. It seems it's at least partially because of an issue that Apple has already acknowledged, but overall it seems the experience is below par and it sucks battery life as you might expect.
  4. Tomb Raider Movie Poster and Teaser. Trailer tomorrow

    That looks terrible. The CG looks cheap, but the biggest problem is it just looks like a movie that really wants to be a video game.
  5. What I've heard is that Google will be buying the phone hardware division, and HTC will retain their own brand and all Vive business. They've been rumored to be spinning Vive out into its own company for a while. I don't personally think the Vive brand is worth much, but if VR does take off they have a chance to be a brand leader, so that's worth something. I think it makes sense for Google to buy HTC's hardware side. HTC has been losing money for a long time, and not many companies would be interested in HTC, so I imagine they got a good price. Google is obviously serious about building a full stack phone and this is a way for them to accelerate that process. They're over the reservations that they had with Samsung when they owned Motorola, so I imagine that this time we'll actually see real Google phones come out of this.
  6. In that Vox piece, only Inhofe even bothers to bs about why they're cutting so much federal spending. They're all on board with giving power back to the states, but no one has an answer for why we should reduce spending so drastically.
  7. Bojack Horseman Season 4

    Season 4 dropped on Netflix last week and through 7 episodes I think it's safe to say it remains one of my favorite shows on TV. Everything is back in full force, from the continuing misadventures of Todd, to Bojack's crippling self loathing, to the constant background hilarity of the anthropomorphized cast. Rick and Morty works up a fervor in fans, but I think Bojack is my favorite animated show on TV. Anyone else watching the newest season?
  8. Mother!

    Darren Aronofsky's newest film Mother! debuted this weekend and it's generated more interesting conversations about movies than I've seen in a long time. Thanks to the insane decision of Paramount to release it in 2,400 theaters (to a very poor $7M opening) a lot of people had the opportunity to see Aronofsky's latest. It's got a reasonable 69% on RT and earned what the AV club called "a rare, semi-coveted F from CinemaScore". The film folks I follow on Twitter have been posting the reactions that audiences have had to the movie, and they make me want to see the film even more. Here's a few from Matt Singer's Letterboxd review: The film has gotten such strong reactions that Paramount actually put out a statement on why they released the film at all: Sight unseen, I think it's great they made the movie and put it out into the world. It was a terrible financial decision to go so wide with it, but I'm glad they're willing to support crazy in film. I didn't make it this weekend, but at this point I'm too intrigued to miss this one in theaters. I don't expect it to play for very long, so if you're similarly interested, make it quick. Once I do get around to seeing it, I've seen this reddit thread posted as a good explainer, or you could go straight to the source and read some of Aronofsky's own thoughts. Any of you all get a chance to see it? What did you think?
  9. iOS 11 is out today

    Played with the multitasking a little bit more on my iPad. Apparently you can use the floating windows over Hearthstone, which will be nice if I'm trying to copy a deck that doesn't have a code. Those floating windows are pretty odd to use though, for a few reasons. Moving them is kind of a pain. The target size for where you have to "grab" the window isn't that big, so it's easy to miss. It's also a bit awkward to move the floating app, partially because it can only exist on one side or the other, and at the one size. It's also awkward because it kinda wants to dock to one side or the other. It wasn't even particularly obvious how to get rid of it. It looks like a normal windowed desktop app, and it kinda feels like one, but when you realize you can't shrink the window at all you realize it's almost illusory. I imagine I'll get used to the limits and get better at moving it around, but it's more janky than I expect an iOS UI paradigm to be. I generally welcome complexity, but I can tell you that my dad (who uses a 12.7" pro as his primary computer) will probably never use this, and I'm almost certain I'll get a call from him to get rid of some unwanted multitasking window.
  10. The more I read about this plan the more amazed I am that it's even worse than the others. The thought process behind redistributing federal money is shockingly dishonest.
  11. Now that I'm married I generally don't eat at either, but I have a fondness for Papa John's and Taco Bell. I've spent far too many hours watching Top Chef and Masterchef. I'm trying to cut out TV I don't think is actually any good, so I haven't seen the most recent seasons. I think what really appeals to me though are fairly cheap clothes. I very much chafe at the idea of spending much money on most clothing items. I own a lot of $20 dockers.
  12. We watched the first episode last night and it's very much what I expected. I'm learning a lot. Sad to say, but I didn't know much about Ho Chi Minh's background or about Vietnam's politics post WWII. Watching part 1 was like watching a movie where you know what happens, but you desperately want the characters to make a different choice anyways.
  13. So while they're trying to restructure $400M in debt right away, the Bloomberg article in the OP says they have $3B in debt, and the Post says they have $5B! The money line is the end of that Bloomberg article: Their financial disclosure forms bear that out. For the fiscal year ending in Jan 2017, they paid out $460M in debt and posted a loss of $36M. So without the debt they'd have made more than $400M, and the toy industry is booming. So while this is being played in some places as another domino falling to Amazon and online retail, a further death knell in big box physical retail, it's really just a boring financial story of a very profitable company with too much debt.
  14. iOS 11 is out today

    It took quite a while for my iPad to download it, but it's finally installed. I don't know if I'll use it much, but the screen shot annotations seem very useful. It's still far too hard to swipe away a notification. It takes a very deliberate and complete swipe across the screen, not just a quick flick. The dock will certainly take some getting used to. I hope that iOS 11 is a sufficient kick to get some apps to work on their multitasking UI. Some of my most used apps (Feedly, Alien Blue), don't play well when not full screened. I think I like the new multitasking / control panel UI, but I'll have to use it much more to see what I think. Mostly, I'm just glad that for once the iPad feels like it got a deliberate update to improve the software and not just the scraps of whatever was built for the iPhone and happens to also work on the iPad.
  15. Have we peaked on coal consumption?

    I was curious how this looked by country, and amazingly enough the EIA had such a chart at the top of their twitter feed: So they basically always expected Coal use in the US to decline (no surprise), the overall trend is almost entirely thanks to China reversing course.
  16. Tomb Raider Movie Poster and Teaser. Trailer tomorrow

    Do people really care if Lara Croft looks like she does in the games? Wouldn't you rather have a good actress than one that resembles the one in game?
  17. Apple Special Event - September 12‎ at 1 pm EDT

    I have one of these that I really like to keep at my desk. I think the stand shape is much better than the pads. The angle towards you means you can see notifications easier, but it's also basically impossible to miss the charging zone. With the pads you have to make sure you place your phone correctly, with the stand, it's never a problem.
  18. Sure, if we figured out that the Russians directly manipulated vote counts the legitimacy of the election would be in question. My understanding is that exit polls suggest that it's very unlikely that vote counts were manipulated.
  19. What are the chances that some of these teams start lowering ticket prices? Are they just terrified of lowering the perceived value of the sport before they move into a new stadium? I feel like the best move in the Chargers "fight for LA" would have been to lower ticket prices for their first season up there. Don't worry about selling every ticket for the highest price, get people excited about actually seeing their new home team. Do community events where you sell tickets for cheap to try and get locals interested in the team. Same thing with the Rams. For the Chargers maybe they wrongly figured it wouldn't be difficult to sell out a 27k seat stadium to an NFL game in the second largest city in the country, but the Rams should have known you're not selling out the nosebleeds of the 90k coliseum when the Texans are in town. It's harder for the 49ers because they have seat licenses and they already opened a new stadium in the same city (kinda), so their approach should probably be different, but the Rams and the Chargers don't seem to understand or care that crowds aren't excited about their teams.
  20. So we can probably say that the Jags and the Rams weren't as good as week 1's performance would have lead one to believe, yet somehow the Bengals really are bad this year. It'll be interesting to see if the Cowboys have been exposed for real, or if this week was a fluke. I didn't even think about watching the Chargers game this week and I don't feel the least bit bad about it.
  21. Tomb Raider Movie Poster and Teaser. Trailer tomorrow

    Vikander is really great, but nothing else about this gives me much hope.
  22. Dems are asking for a CBO score. Not sure if the CBO score should really matter for a bill this bad.
  23. Kinda dissapointed they're not used to drive the sub.
  24. Bojack Horseman Season 4

    I finished the season and I loved it. The sequence in the doctor's office is probably the best the show's ever done, but they continue to plumb new depths of Bojack's soul and I love it for that. The season didn't finish with a barrel of laughs, but it was touching and real in ways that few pieces of media are.
  25. Game Of Thrones WIll Shoot Multiple Endings For Season 8

    Shooting multiple endings makes sense if you're trying to hide something like the death of a given character. Shoot that last scene where he/she lives, shoot the death, it makes it ambiguous as to what will air. I don't think (and don't really want) GoT to end in such a small way. The big stuff will still get leaked in the same way. If the army of the dead get to Kings Landing, it'll be pretty hard to hide that fact. Thankfully, while almost everything about this season leaked out beforehand, I was able to avoid pretty much all the spoilers without trying very hard. As long as that remains the case, I don't care what spoiler chasers figure out in advance.