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  1. We're now 5 episodes into season 2 and so far I've been very impressed. After a lot of table setting in Season 1, this show has been pushing at full throttle this year. The mysteries have greatly unfolded, there's been a ton of political subterfuge, and the crew of the Rossi has gone for quite a ride. I've been hesitant to say it, but I think this show is quickly becoming one of the best things on TV. I still have nits to pick, but overall I've been really enjoying this season. Spoilers for episode 5: The end of this episode kinda bothered me. Some things were not made very clear, and I think it hurt the character's decision making. At the point that Miller was suggesting that the Rossi disengage and give up targeting the missiles, it certainly didn't seem like a sane suggestion to me. If he'd already met Julie and made contact, maybe he could have made a case. If Eros was going to continue accelerating past the limits of the ship (not the crew surviving, but the ship keeping up at all), it would have made sense. If they thought that the computer couldn't keep the target lock by itself, it might have made sense. If Miller had detonated the bomb and it kept going, it might have made sense. As it was presented, it was a "trust the crazy unpredictable guy with the fate of earth" moment, and it didn't feel earned. Still, that's mostly just a single issue with an otherwise extraordinary episode of TV. I'm really excited to see where the show is heading.
  2. I've been watching Colbert and I think he's found his stride. He replaced The Daily Show as my breakfast DVR show, and he's certainly better with the political stuff than he is with general late night fluff.
  3. Wow, that's some pretty glowing praise so far. If this had been a Switch exclusive, I'd probably have bought one just for this.
  4. Yes, Drake as a treasure hunter, because he's doing it for selfish reasons. He's searching for fame and fortune, not for truth or science. I don't remember his disdain for museums or curators though. Did I miss something in the games, or is that really a core part of the character?
  5. The critical backlash that the article brings up is a real thing, but it's exactly the kind of thing that happens to every front runner or thing that becomes too popular, and it's not the kind of thing that actually sways academy voting. For the most part, critics have loved it, and I think the political aspects of Academy voting are way overblown. The academy has a long poor track record of picking "important" films or films that represent the politics of the time, and I don't expect that to change now. La La Land is going to win Best Picture (and a good deal more), and reading that as a political statement requires a willful dismissal of the reality of Academy voting. Personally, I'll be fine with a La La Land win. I'd give the award to Arrival, but La La Land might be next on my list (either that or The Lobster). Fences was a good play, but it's a play that was adapted with basically no effort into making it more cinematic. Hidden Figures is a great story that made for an ok film. Moonlight was well done, but only the first act was transcendent.
  6. Seems like people are generally pretty pleased with the hardware, though the battery life may be worse than expected. It's kind of baffling how bad Nintendo is at software. I'm sure things will get a bit better with the day one patch, but it seems pretty unfinished for something so close to launch. Still, as we've known for a while, the biggest question around the Switch is if there will be many game for it, and we probably have to wait at least until E3 to get much info on that.
  7. I agree, this was an excellent arc that ended with an excellent episode. April suddenly feels a way off.
  8. Flash is the only CW superhero show I'm still watching, and for the most part I'm still enjoying it. Personally, I'm not a fan of Grodd. I think it's awesome that this show is willing to go there, but they don't get as many points for that anymore. This week was full of moments where it seemed like the Flash should be able to get out of it. Getting hit by sleeping darts is pretty lame when you're regularly dodging bullets. More so than most shows, this one suffers from wanting to just yell at Barry to use his freaking powers. Still, I enjoy the characters enough to stay with it. Maybe that won't last much longer, but it's enough for now.
  9. The idea that they want to deport non-Mexicans to Mexico is bonkers. I also think it's kind of hilarious that Trump asked Mexico what the receive in foreign aid. Seems like a number we'd be able to figure out on this end.
  10. The only RE/REmake comparison I can think of in film is Casino Royale, if that counts. I prefer the remakes of Ocean's Eleven and True Grit, but I can imagine people preferring the originals.
  11. Here are some details on the release of Rogue One. Digital on March 24th, Physical on April 4th, like the OP suggested. There are Target, Best Buy, and Walmart exclusive sets. They're releasing it in 3D Blu-Ray, but no sign of 4K.
  12. We won't get real world benchmarks until the actual launch day, and in the end that's all that matters. Cores and threads and GHz are all well and good, but what actually matters is the day to day performance for the kinds of things I actually do. I'm a while away from buying another desktop CPU, so I don't really care too much, but I really hope that when I do upgrade that AMD will be a viable option.
  13. I kinda feel like this question is getting things backwards. If a movie is really good, why would it need a remake/reboot? Look through the AFI top 100 or even the IMDB top 100 and for the most part you'll see films that are great precisely because they captured something that would be difficult or impossible to recreate. Maybe it was the performances or maybe it did something new, or maybe it simply tells a timeless story extremely well. Most likely it's a combination of things that makes a film hold up well decade after decade. To answer the opposite question, that being the classic films I'd like to see adapted to modern times, I think the movies I'd like to see remade are films that have a message I think is timely. I think it would be interesting to see a modern Mr Smith Goes to Washington, 12 Angry Men, or Dr Strangelove. At the same time, I have little faith that a remake of those would be any good, but if someone could tell stories similar to those to today's audience, I think that would be good.
  14. I don't know much about him, but he seems like a pretty smart guy. He's got a tough job ahead of him, but it's nice to have some faith in someone serving so high up.
  15. This has gotten some excellent praise from the critics I follow on twitter. Certainly seems like it lives up to the trailers.
  16. Edge of Seventeen - 4/5 Arrival - 5/5 - Best movie of last year. Plays perfectly on rewatch. Loving - 3/5 - I didn't love this one, but I do think I liked the approach here more than I expected to. It's not a courtroom drama, but a very subdued family one, probably too subdued. Ruth Negga carries this movie completely. John Wick Chapter 2 - 3/5 - I didn't like it as much as the first. They really put all their chips on the mythology aspect of the first, and while it was compelling in a glimpse, it's less so when in full view. The action is still well done. Inside Llewyn Davis - 5/5 - Still a favorite of mine.
  17. I'm getting Zelda on the Wii U and I have almost no use for a portable console. Nintendo is going to have to put out some quality software to get me to buy one.
  18. Well, i guess I'll keep the pre-order.
  19. I was just wondering when I would be able to buy rogue one on Blu Ray, thanks for posing. It doesn't seem like Disney is doing 4K releases yet, the punks. I'm getting an HDR TV and Rogue One would be a good place to start with if it seemed like it was a format that was actually going to catch on at all.
  20. But they don't have to live in three different locations. They could just live at the White House and vacation at Camp David. Locations that are already secure and much cheaper to protect.
  21. Well, thanks to some international titles, it seems that Jedi is plural. I think the easy answer is that it's Luke and Rey, but who knows. Maybe they're on a quest to find other Jedi?
  22. I'm impressed that they're still pushing the second episode to be as weird as the first. Continuing with the time skipping now seems like it'll probably be a staple for the first season. I still don't love it, but it's certainly the most interesting superhero TV show I've ever seen. I'm willing to stick with it just for its audaciousness.
  23. I read somewhere that at this rate the Trumps will cost more to protect in 8 or 9 months than it cost to protect the Obamas for 8 years. I didn't see the math on that, and I thought it was the WaPo article that one referenced, but it must be somewhere else. Still with $500k a day for Trump Tower plus Mar-a-Lago plus following the Trump boys around the world (I think they're in Dubai now), it seems like a reasonable possibility. If the party cared as much about fiscal responsibility as they pretend to and if Trump is as rich as he says he is, he should pick up the tab for Trump Tower and Mar-a-lago at least.
  24. It looks pretty good. Nothing really exciting there, but at least it's not clearly botched.