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  1. Actually, OOT is another good example of what I was talking about, I just wanted a game from outside the series. OOT is a foundational game, and much about its' structure is still being implemented in AAA games. We've seen generations of game design grow up around its core ideas and refine them time and time again. I think that BOTW could be one of those games. Games like GTA 3 where their influence is long felt, but their issues are even more obvious in retrospect. I'd be surprised if I'm the only one with that opinion.
  2. I gave in and ordered the game. It'll be a good motivator for me to clean up my office and get my PC back together.
  3. Trump wants to kill an agency that is accomplishing one of his biggest goals I'm sure that, like everything else in his proposed budget, Trump carefully considered this and realizes exactly what he's doing...
  4. I think it makes sense that public school should provide an environment where a child can reasonably be expected to advance. It'll be interesting to see what effects this ends up having.
  5. I generally love musical episodes, but I thought this one was pretty weak. I always enjoy seeing Supergirl, she's such a joy on screen. If only her show was better.
  6. I think his reasons for leaving the game make a lot of sense for someone who wants to play competitively. At the very high end of play, I don't think there's an opportunity for someone to be that much better than their competitors, so RNG is probably a bigger difference than skill. So a theoretical ideal HS player would only have a slightly better than average chance at winning any given tournament. Blizzard absolutely builds and balances the game to that end. If a deck existed such that the best players would have a very high win rate, blizz would rather nerf it so keep competition closer. Patron Warrior is probably the best example of that. Even though I'd like to get to Legend, I think at my level, skill still makes up a pretty good part of my win rate. I can pretty easily and reliably get to rank 5 now, it's climbing above that where I have a problem. I don't have time to ever be a legend-every-month player, so I don't mind the general state of the game.
  7. I think we're going to look back at BOTW like we do the original Diablo. A great game, but after a while better remembered as the excellent but flawed progenitor of games that took that structure and polished it.
  8. I'm so glad that didn't happen, but I have to wonder how long it'll be before he does some sort of military parade as one of his rallies.
  9. I can hardly read Trump's rambling. It's crazy.
  10. The failures of healthcare in America are the failures of the free market. If you think that it's an acceptable state of affairs for millions of people to forego care because of the cost, or even go bankrupt when seeking treatment, then I suppose you're right that a free market solution is what's best. If you think the many failures of the American system of healthcare are unacceptable, from either a moral or economic point of view, then I think you'd be hard pressed to argue that the free market is the best solution here. I think it's clear that, like national defense or policing, health care is an area that is poorly addressed by the market. I don't think all private institutions should be pushed out of health care, obviously that would be a disaster, but it's a market that needs a baseline level of governmental intervention.
  11. Not particularly applicable to our gaming systems, but still pretty cool is Intel's new Optane SSD. It's a PCIe SSD meant for the enterprise market, but it's the first product with Intel's new 3D XPoint (pronounced “three-dee cross-point”) tech in it. While the tech hasn't reached what Intel says is it's full potential, the basic idea is that they've created a storage medium that is so fast that it can be used as memory. Right now it's about 5 times faster than the best SSDs, but Intel says that future iterations will be 1000x faster, all while offering capacities 10x larger than DRAM. The product that they just released is a $1500, 375GB drive. Separately, they're selling a piece of software that creates a virtual memory system, allowing the OS to basically use the drive as RAM, while it manages both the XPoint drive and the system RAM. So you could have a system with 64GB of RAM and one of these, and the OS would see 320GB of available memory (after overhead). Wired has a nice high level write up, that explains why this is primarily a big deal for massive enterprise data centers like Google and Facebook. Anand has a slightly more technical look at the product itself. Besides the cool factor, it's also worth noting that Intel is being highly secretive about this product. They've been working on it for a while with Micron, and they're not letting anyone else build it or sell it, and they won't tell anyone quite how it works. If they can really deliver on this, it does have the potential to re-write the book on how you structure data center computing, which could be worth an awful lot of money if there's no competition. It also seems that this is optimized for specific types of tasks. Intel doesn't even list sequential throughput speeds, focusing only on random I/O workloads, particularly sustained random calls. We won't be seeing this make a huge splash in gaming PCs anytime soon (though I'd love to see how it performs), but it's pretty cool. Maybe other tech catches up or someone else discovers Intel's secret sauce, but right now, this looks like the first big shift in computer system design in a long time.
  12. I'm sorry, but this is kind of crazy. The idea that someone's opinion isn't "legitimate criticism," especially based on what may or may not have been the designer's intent is ridiculous. In terms of criticism, it absolutely doesn't matter if the artistic team wanted to make some specific references or go after a certain feel, and it doesn't matter whether or not the final game reflects those intents. The author of the video felt that after seeing 100 shrines with the exact same motif, it was repetitious. I personally agree. If you don't, that's perfectly fine. Neither is an illegitimate critique, both are necessarily opinions. I don't see how the collectible elements of the game are particularly Japanese, since we've seen similar mechanics in western games for long enough that it's hardly a cultural touchstone. I'd even argue that the games that most commonly referenced in regards to collectibles are western, usually Ubisoft titles like Assassin's Creed. Regardless, his criticism isn't necessarily that there are tons of collectibles, but that those collectibles are a largely insufficient reason to explore the map. The difficulty curve is flat, there's no experience to be gained, and exploration can even be a net negative in terms of gear and resources, so those collectibles become the primary motivation for exploration. I agree with him that it's not enough and that I wish there were better rewards or a sense of gameplay progression paired with exploration. If you find the exploration or the collectibles more worthwhile, again, that is a perfectly legitimate opinion that you'd certainly be far from alone in having. Criticism is necessarily the product of preference and opinion, and I think it's wrong to dismiss something as illegitimate because you hold a different opinion.
  13. I mostly agree with that guy. I think the primary thing he hits on is the repetitive and generally unrewarding nature of the game after a certain amount of time. Certainly all games suffer from that to a degree, but the difficulty curve in BOTW is steep and then completely flattens out for the rest of the game.
  14. I've read a lot about how frustrating the interface is and the complicated a lot of the systems are. I'm curious if people think it's a real problem with the game. I'm also curious if anyone thinks that it's the kind of thing that could be changed, either by Bioware or through mods. I played the original series on the Xbox, so I don't know if there was any kind of modding scene for these games or what kind of improvements are even possible. Maybe the reviews that I've read are blowing it out of proportion, but convoluted systems and interfaces are things that I have ever diminished ability to stomach. I don't want to waste my time going through menus trying to figure out what to craft, where to go, etc.
  15. So instead of nominating politicians, he's going for people with backgrounds in law, diplomacy, and business. That sounds exactly like this administration would favor, though I'd guess that Mattis is appointing people with relevant experience, in a clean break from White House policy. I hope Mattis stays in the job. It's easy to imagine any sane and capable person deciding they don't want to work with Trump, but Mattis doesn't seem like the kind of guy to run away from a fight.
  16. I expected Beauty and the Beast to make money, but I had no expectation that it could possibly open to the $170M that it made over the weekend. That breaks the March record previously held by Batman v Superman and Deathly Hallows Part 2, is the largest PG rated opening ever (beating out Finding Dory by $35M), and makes it the 6th largest opening weekend of all time. I would have put it on the higher side of the recent live action reboots Disney's been doing, but that would still only get it just over ~$100M. I guess I'm not in the target demographic, but it seems just about everyone else is. The film critics in my twitter feed have been ripping this one to shreds, but it's got a very respectable 70% on RT. Meanwhile, Logan crossed $500M WW, and will probably settle with somewhere between $600-700M, making it the third highest grossing X-Men film (behind Deadpool and Days of Future Past). A well deserved gross. Kong had a respectable hold, but it's still only made $260M WW on a budget of $185M, so it's not the box office giant that WB needs. Get Out made Jordan Peele the first black director to make $100M on his first film. I haven't seen it yet, but from all accounts, it's a well deserved success. So, what mega franchise is going to (or already has) offered him a gig? I hope he keeps doing his own thing, but you know that he's suddenly on some lists for the next Star Wars/Marvel/DC/whatever film.
  17. It's almost crazy that you can come up with a bill that is, at its core, a series of health care tax subsidies, and structure it such that fewer people will have insurance. I still think this thing passes. For all their bluster about it not going far enough, I think the Freedom Caucus people must realize this is the best they'll ever do. Look at how unpopular this bill already is, and then take away the pre-existing conditions language, and remove even more subsidies. It's simply a non starter. As bad as this bill is, it's still a giant tax cut, it gets rid of a lot of the federal structure behind the ACA, and if/when it all goes south, you can blame Paul Ryan for not going far enough and Obama for getting us into this mess in the first place. Hopefully, they'll see this for the disaster it obviously is and actually vote against it, but I won't believe that until I see it.
  18. Jeri Hogarth, the high powered lawyer from Jessica Jones played by Carrie-Anne Moss, also crosses over. IMDB says she was in Daredevil for one episode, but I don't recall that.
  19. I'm hoping that Iron Fist doesn't even get a second season, and he just finds a spot in the Defenders where he seems like a worthwhile addition.
  20. T2 was the only great Terminator film, and T1 was the only other franchise film that was even worthwhile. If they never make another, I'll be perfectly fine with that.
  21. It's certainly gotten to the point that it's basically impossible to keep up with all the Netflix Originals, even if that was all you watched. Still, I don't have a problem with it. There are a ton of shows that I will never have an interest in, and a lot of their shows that I might be interested in aren't very good, but that's not necessarily a failure of Netflix, and it's certainly not a business problem. At this point you have to think of Netflix as a studio like Disney or WB. I don't think there's any studio that I always love, and they all make an incredible amount of media. Even individual channels (a position I think Netflix now transcends), like HBO or FX make a bunch of stuff I don't like or don't want to watch.
  22. They're still ramming this thing through, and it looks like they're making significant change without really discussing it or studying it. I still think it just slides through. The Freedom Caucus, that has been so vocally against the bill, has decided to not vote as a bloc, so while there will be some opposition, I'll be (happily) surprised if it's enough to prevent passage. At least in the House, maybe the Senate will be different.
  23. As far as I can tell, the administration hasn't provided any particular rationale for any of this, which makes it seem pretty pointless and petty.
  24. I'm in the middle of episode 4 and it's mostly just boring. I don't understand how the fight choreography is so bad. This is a show primarily about a kung fu master (?) and so far the few fights there have been have sucked. I feel like by this point in Daredevil and Luke Cage I'd been wowed by some sequence, but Iron Fist has been bland. Not to mention, he doesn't seem particularly adept. Maybe that changes, but I feel like he's struggled to take on random goon #298 far more than the other Netflix heroes. I also really hate the plot of the first 3 episodes. Did we really need to spend 3 whole episodes before we've established that he is who he says he is? This isn't Legion, the audience knows that this is Danny Rand, so waiting 3 episodes before anything can happen while the rest of the show figures that out was tedious as hell, and it's not like the resolution was particularly satisfying. I'll probably keep going through it as a show on while I cook or clean, but I don't think it's going to be something I'm intently watching.
  25. I don't buy nearly as many movies as I used to. I do a lot of digital rentals. When I do buy movies, it's almost always on Blu-Ray unless it's really really cheap digitally, and I try to make sure that my Blu-Ray copies always have a digital one. With UHD, I'm conflicted. I want to buy UHD copies of movies, but Disney (maybe others?) doesn't sell UHD versions in ANY format, digital or otherwise. I'm not really keen on upgrading to a UHD disc format, but I'd be tempted if every studio was already on board, and I got UHD digital copies along with the physical copy. If Amazon sold UHD digital copies at a reasonable price, I'd consider it. I'd consider Google Play as well, but I'm not spending $30 for a digital UHD copy with no extras.