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  1. The Washington Post has a good rundown of the emoluments clause, the lawsuit that's been filed, and it's chances going forward. The clause itself, from Article I of the Constitution, reads: The group that has filed suit thinks this "clause prohibits not just straight-up gifts, but payments for services rendered. So it would prohibit a Trump-owned hotel from renting a ballroom to a foreign embassy. And prohibit Trump Tower from renting out office space — as it already does — to a state-controlled Chinese bank." Trump's lawyers will probably argue that it only covers direct gifts, which Trump isn't in violation of. This has never been litigated before, there are no supreme court precedents, so it's very unclear how it will work out. Additionally, there's a very real question of standing in this particular suit. It's possible that the suit could progress to the point of forcing Trump to reveal all his dealings with foreign governments, and maybe even his taxes, but the standing issue would probably be a big issue if this ever got to the supreme court. The Post points out that Trump's competitors (like other hotels in DC) might have better standing as they'd be directly impacted, but I think it's hard to see a hotel or hotel group suing a vindictive and petty sitting President. No matter what, it'll be an interesting story to follow for a while.
  2. I came across this rather lengthy article about how CA plans to function under Trump and I thought it was interesting. On the legislative agenda: On the example that new Attorney General Xavier Becerra might follow: The article rambles a bit at times, but as a Californian it's worth reading a bit about what my State is planning. They also specifically mention a climate change proposition they want to get done. Personally, I'm most interested in what they do with healthcare, since I think it's the biggest way that a state like CA could potentially lead the way for the nation.
  3. This probably doesn't need it's own thread, but this article on the problem of translating Trump is kind of hilarious. It's not hard to imagine why. Reading a Trump statement or speech can be perplexing enough in english. Trying to decipher it's meaning and accurately translate it must be a nightmare.
  4. What bothered me most about the Note 7 wasn't necessarily that it exploded, that's something we've seen before and it won't be the last. What bothered me is how they handled it. Even their new detailed explanation feels fishy, and it took so freaking long. If their devices are head and shoulders better than the competition, I'll consider buying new Samsung devices. The reality though, is that there's not really anything they make that lacks good alternatives. I'll happily buy new phones from Google, tablets from Apple, TVs from Vizio or Sony, etc. I don't think they do anything so well as to justify a fierce loyalty.
  5. This reminds me of the moon hoaxer that Buzz Aldrin punched. -No, he shouldn't be physically assaulted for being an idiot. -No, I don't have any sympathy for him being punched. -Yes, there is significant schadenfreude to be had in him being punched.
  6. Unless Wikileaks has them and is going to release them, their opinion could hardly matter less.
  7. Cash on hand isn't necessarily a great indicator of how well a company is doing or any kind of bulwark against significant failure. This is far from a perfect analogy, but not long before Nokia was bought by Microsoft, Nokia had more than $6 Billion in cash on hand. Nintendo currently has $5.7B. I don't think Nintendo is in as dire a place as Nokia was, and they're certainly not burning through cash as quickly, but it's worth pointing out the fallacy in the "money in the bank makes them safe" argument. Personally, I think Apoc is right in that it's unclear what Nintendo does if the switch fails. One nice thing about being Nintendo, is that it doesn't take that long to build a new system anymore. They turned the Switch around pretty quickly. They could decide in one generation if they want to go to a more "pure" portable or high powered home console. They also have the advantage that so much of their value is in IP that continues to be evergreen.
  8. I imagine that every Trump speech will be stocked with supporters. He'll be facing lots of protests, so it's important to his ego that he gets cheering fans in person.
  9. I honestly have no desire to see any more Terminator films. T1 was good, T2 was amazing, after that they've all sucked. Partly I think time travel is just really hard, and the more you do it, the more stupid it's going to necessarily become.
  10. He has no power to do this, and congress isn't so stupid as to allow it. It'll be interesting to see how this all works out. Trump will be saying stupid things, making promises he can't keep, and unfortunately he'll be meeting with international leaders "making deals" and probably repeating this same drivel. I doubt much real action will come of it. Will Trump just change his tune when it doesn't happen, or will he turn on his own congress? My guess is he doesn't care enough about anything to see it through. When it doesn't look like it'll actually happen, he'll get bored and talk about something else.
  11. How is it that we only got one good playoff game? Especially in this round. God I hope the superbowl is better. As someone not from Boston, I think I'm obligated to root for the Falcons. Ryan and Julio (at least, don't know the team well enough) deserve one Superbowl. Unfortunately, I'd give a significant edge to the Pats. Their defence has been underrated this year, and recent history seems to suggest that good defense is favored over league leading offense. Plus, it's not like these are Manning's Broncos, the Pats can score points. Also, Belichick. Mostly, I just want a good game and not these boring blowouts we've been getting.
  12. We'll see how that stands up in court pretty quick it seems. I think Trump's impeachment is reliant on how useful Trump is to the GOP in general. If he just signs every piece of legislation that Ryan hands him, I doubt he'll be impeached. He might publicly say crazy stuff, even things that directly contradict what congress is actually doing, but as long as he doesn't cause some horrific (like actual bombs dropping) international incident, I think the GOP will have his back and decide he's a necessary evil. I'm sure Congress would rather see Pence in charge, but while generally unpopular, Trump has a very hardcore group of supporters that you wouldn't want to alienate.
  13. I know someone involved in the production and have been told not to repeat specific information, but in general it sounds like the production has been a complete mess. I think there's still hope, Fuller's scripts and story outlines are still the driving force, but there's a very reasonable chance this show is terrible.
  14. Unless I'm reading something wrong, the last Xenoblade Chronicles took almost 22 months to go from Japan to the US.
  15. I hadn't considered the lack of a D-Pad being a problem for VC titles, but it did make me wonder if Nintendo will sell Joy-Cons specifically for that purpose. It's easy to imagine a SNES themed joy con pack that had only the SNES buttons, SNES color scheme, and sold with a cartridge of SNES games for a small amount. If you don't have to include HD rumble, the IR camera, motion controls, etc, then I imagine you could make them cheap. There's potentially a whole category of accessories that are possible with a modular controller. Nintendo doesn't even have to do it themselves, all they have to do allow third parties to make them. Especially if Nintendo wants this thing to be used at parties and in games that hardly use the screen. Multiplayer party games become much more interesting if you don't need an expensive joycon for everyone.
  16. I think the question with all this conflict of interest stuff is who is actually going to do anything about it that matters? Some reporters and Democrats will make a fuss about it, but it's not like congress would impeach him if he live streamed a Russian banker bribing him.
  17. I also think much of the impetus for the life of crime wasn't so much that they wouldn't be able to afford the treatment, but that he would be leaving his family with very little. It seemed that the White family wasn't doing particularly well, likely had little to no savings, had one kid getting ready for college and a baby on the way, two things Walter didn't expect to live to see even if he got treatment.
  18. Apparently he's got a team that writes for his facebook page and professional photogs to follow him for his posts.
  19. NYC has a Democrat as Mayor that won with 75% of the vote and is eligible for a second term. That doesn't seem like a place where she needs to step in.
  20. It's ok, it's not like they do anything particularly important like NUCLEAR WEAPONS. This is ridiculous, bewildering, unacceptable, and somehow doesn't even make the list of things I'm concerned about with in this administration.
  21. Continues to look good. Please, please be good.
  22. Lots of Microsoft stuff isn't supported on Windows phone. It's a dead platform.