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  1. Reviews are coming in, and while RT is withholding it's score and not posting any reviews until 12:01am Thursday, Metacritic is putting up reviews. The 51 score for JL is slightly better than the 44 that BvS got. I think a fair assessment of the reviews is that it's better than BvS, but it's not good. Some still found it entertaining enough, but it's probably closer to BvS than WW. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While reviews aren't able to go up yet, we're now getting some social impressions for Justice League and it doesn't completely suck! Honestly, this is as much as I could possibly hope for with this movie. If it's fun and I enjoy the heroes, then I'll walk of the theater a happy man. Here's a collection of impressions including some more tempered responses.
  2. Actually, it's not entirely clear if that's the case, which is why SCOTUS is currently considering that exact issue.
  3. Shouting anything during a SCOTUS hearing isn't a problem because of whatever you'd be saying. Free speech doesn't mean you have the right to disrupt a supreme court hearing. If you went in and started singing hymns you'd face the exact same charge as if your speech was "political." The type of speech in that scenario has nothing to do with anything. Also, the limits of obscene speech are pretty strictly defined by the Miller test: Given that neither what's on the truck, nor your example fits in number one or two, no, it's not obscene.
  4. I know there is a fine line here, but I think it's worth differentiating the different kinds of accusations and circumstances that all this has been sweeping up. This thread was particularly aimed at high profile men in entertainment, and those kinds of charges I rarely have a hard time dismissing. It's especially risky and difficult for victims to come forward against powerful men who have outsized influences over their futures. Besides, for most of these guys it's not a single incident, but a pattern of behavior they've been able to get away with for decades. Sexual misconduct on college campuses is a more difficult issue because of the mechanisms that have been established over the last decade. The Atlantic did an excellent job covering this recently. Those are cases that are being handled extrajudicially, and generally not against powerful men, and even with a disregard for the victims wishes. That's not to say that campus assaults shouldn't be taken seriously, that under-reporting isn't a problem, or that we shouldn't believe accusations, but a campus environment is very different from Hollywood.
  5. I don't really think that this change really helps clear that system up though. It's not as though this is a complicated deduction that people are having to math out. I would argue that the natural way to think about this situation is that tuition is not income. I'd wager that most PhD candidates don't even know how much "tuition" they're currently receiving, because it's not a number that matters to anyone.
  6. I think the tuition does have value, but it's not as if it has a cash value. It's also worth considering the realities of how these programs work. PhD candidates are already dramatically underpaid for the work they do. For many candidates, especially at private institutions where tuition is higher than the stipend, this would represent a dramatic change in their income, perhaps an onerously burdensome one. I think it's in our best interest as a country to incentivize higher education, and I can't imagine that this would make a meaningful difference in the tax code.
  7. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    Obviously the numbers are very preliminary, but: https://twitter.com/GiteshPandya/status/931562066481156096 If that indication holds, it seems very likely that JL won't be able to match Wonder Woman domestically. WW had an incredible 4x multiplier, while BvS had a 2x. I think JL can do better than 2x, but it might not even reach BvS.
  8. Vive Standalone announced

    HTC has announced the Vive Focus, a stand alone VR headset that will go up against the Oculus Go and their Santa Cruz product. The Focus will have 6 degree of freedom inside-out motion tracking, which should mean Rift/Vive style tracking even without external sensors or cameras. This is something that we've seen in the Santa Cruz prototype, but will not be present on the Go. Unfortunately, the controller for the Focus will only have 3 degrees of freedom, meaning that they're more like a standard motion controller than the wands of the Vive or Oculus Touch. The focus will be powered by a Snapdragon 835, and other than that we don't really know any specs. Personally, without a full 6DoF controller setup I'm not very excited by this. I think standalone VR could be the future of the medium, and inside-out tracking absolutely is, but compelling VR experiences desperately need precise and capable controllers. Without those, even with 6DoF tracking in the headset, I expect the Focus to be relegated to a lesser class of VR more akin to mobile VR than the PC based experiences we already have.
  9. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    So apparently Joss Whedon liked this tweet: So of course DC twitter promptly went mad.
  10. https://twitter.com/NateSilver538/status/931285379747143682
  11. I actually haven't seen all of Voyager. I got the list from here, and apparently I didn't read very carefully because the Voyager episode isn't a Mirror universe but a "Fluidic space" episode.
  12. While we wait for the the second half of the season, what is everyone hoping for? What are you expecting? I'm hoping that, despite the rumors and the setup we got last episode, that we don't get the Mirror universe we've seen in other Treks. The season is too short, and the fun of the mirror universe is in seeing the alternate versions of the characters we already know. There's a reason that in other Treks the Mirror universe episodes typically don't happen until everything is well established. We didn't get it until the 33rd episode of TOS, the 42nd episode of DS9, the 67th episode of Voyager, and they waited all the way until the 93rd (of 97) episode of Enterprise. Disco seems primed to explore the idea of alternate universes, so I'm hoping that they do so in a new way and don't just show us "the Federation, but evil." I'm hoping that we see more of the Lorca that @elbobo mentions, the explorer. That bit with the data map was a cool thing, but it felt like either a feint or a reveal rather than a character moment. I think he's more interesting if he is both a man who can justify any means and also an explorer who wants to believe in the dream of the Federation. Also, please don't kill him. I'm really hoping that Tyler isn't Voq and that his resolution is satisfying. I'd be ok with "brainwashed sleeper agent," though still not too happy about it. I'd be fine if he ends up dead. I also hope they find a meaningful way to do away with the spore drive. If they settle on "we can't get it to work without a human interface" that doesn't feel very satisfying. While I was initially hopeful about seeing the Klingon side of things, at this point I'm mostly done with it. They've completely failed to make them interesting characters, and I don't care about their politics. Anyway, here's hoping for a good finish to the season.
  13. At this point, hiding anything has got to be a losing strategy for these guys. They must understand they're under a microscope and you can't just keep "forgetting" to hand over documents.
  14. Firefox Quantum Released

    Firefox 57 has brought with it a new engine that promises to be faster and lighter on memory than Chrome. I haven't used Firefox as a primary browser for a long time, but I think I might give this one a chance. In my extremely brief testing, it seems pretty quick. I think I'll stick with it for a while and see how well it performs. Anyone else going to give Firefox another shot?
  15. Firefox Quantum Released

    After a day of usage it's hard to say for sure, but it doesn't seem that the new Firefox is faster or uses less memory or CPU than Chrome. I think it's pretty close, but not obviously better and might be worse.
  16. Coco reviews are coming in (Disney-Pixar)

    It opened three weeks ago in Mexico and is already the highest grossing film there ever. I'm looking forward to it.
  17. Google showed off a bunch of new hardware yesterday. Nearly everything had been leaked, but here it is: Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL - The smaller one has gigantic bezels, and while the XL looks much better, the hardware seems on par with phones like the LG V30 and HTC U11, and a step behind the Samsungs and the iPhone X. The camera will probably be the best around, but I'm frustrated by their other decisions. There's still no wireless charging, which I was hoping would make a comeback since Apple finally joined that party. It's IP67 water resistant which is better than nothing, but not up to par with the best. Then there's the annoyance of leaving out the headphone jack after mocking Apple for that decision last year. Google Pixel Buds are Google's answer to the lack of a 3.5mm jack, and I'm actually interested in them. Apparently they support some kind of fast pairing with any Android N phone, and they have an in-ear shape that appeals to me more than the standard plugs you find in most earbuds. They're tethered, which I think is both good (I like taking them off and hanging them around my neck) and bad (more wires). I'm not sure I dig the styling, but they're not terrible looking. $159 is more than I'd want to pay, but not unreasonable if they work perfectly. The standout feature is realtime translation, but that only works with a Pixel (for some reason I don't understand) and is something I'm unlikely to use. Home Mini and Home Max are Google's version of the Echo Dot and Sonos Play 5. The $50 mini makes a ton of sense and I think it'll do well. The Max is $400 and I'm not really the target audience for it, but I guess it's a simple enough addition to the Home lineup. The Pixelbook is aspirational more than it likely is to be any kind of sales hit. It's a $1000 chromebook with an optional pen. By all accounts it's the very nice kind of hardware you should expect for $1K, and it has an instant tether (w/ pixel phones only) that I think is a good idea. I just can't really imagine who should spend the money on this thing. I think it kind of makes sense as an iPad Pro competitor, but only assuming android apps work perfectly and actually start to support the screen size. Google Clips is the most bizarre and uniquely Google device they put out. The idea is that it's a camera that you clip to something or someone and it takes pictures for you. It uses machine learning to determine what photos or video clips it thinks are good and will push them to your phone. The idea is that you can be present in a moment and still capture the memories. I think it's a fascinating idea that I'll absolutely not be purchasing, at least not for the $250 they're asking. If this does work I can imagine future versions of this thing getting really cheap, and then you could just put a few of them around for a kid's birthday party or something. Afterwards you go through the app and select the best moments from an already curated selection, without having to bother doing anything. To get there though, you'd have to really trust that it will do a good job; either that or not care much if it doesn't. Either way, it seems like you really have to trust Google to make this $250 camera worthwhile. ----------- Obviously Google is slowly working their way into becoming a premier hardware vendor for their software experiences. At this point I think it's safe to say that there's no chance of them selling this stuff en mass. The Pixel phones are probably great (I love my XL), but they're exclusively sold through Verizon (or unlocked), and we've yet to see if they'll actually make enough this time. The Clip is an experiment, and the Buds are too expensive to hit critical mass. The Pixelbook has a tiny addressable market, even if Chromebooks in general sell well. The Home Mini might sell well, but it'll be competing against the Echo Dot that goes on sale all the time and works with a much larger Amazon Ecosystem. I'm personally going to wait another year to upgrade my Pixel. Maybe all those HTC engineers will help Google make a top tier product with fewer tradeoffs or maybe I'll go back to Apple or Samsung.
  18. Source Repealing the individual mandate could free up some $300B and leave 13 million Americans without healthcare. I can't imagine that this makes the tax bill any easier to pass. Are they so sure that the bill will pass that they think they can get away with this?
  19. The first season, though unrelated, was great, so I'm hopeful for this new story. I'm also interested because I have a mild personal connection to Andrew Cunanan. My dad used to own a few Ralph Lauren Polo stores and Andrew worked at one of them. Apparently, Andrew was a good employee and he ended up babysitting my sister and I a few times, though I was too young to remember. When he started killing, the FBI came to our house, worried he might go after an old boss. All I recall was the news helicopter that seemed far too close.
  20. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    Sure. Of course, Themyscira doesn't seem to really change much over time, but whatever. I don't have a huge problem with them dressing differently, and I don't even have a real problem with the new outfits other than they seem like a clear ascetic and design downgrade. If they want to change up their outfits in every movie, that's fine, just make it better than it was.
  21. Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds info (15 hours of content)

    I've finally gotten into the DLC and I'm enjoying it so far. It's probably for the best that they introduced new materials so that there's still some progression for those of us that had a ton of money/stuff. It would have been unrealistic for them to fix some of my complaints with the base game in regards to resources and ammo, so I won't hold that against it. I'm still not very good at the game, but it's still a ton of fun fighting stuff. I'd forgotten how freaking beautiful this game is. I don't have a pro, but I do get to play in HDR, and after playing a lot of Switch recently, HZD is a revelation. I think I'm about halfway through the Frozen Wilds content and it's a shame. I'm enjoying it quite a bit and just wish there was more.
  22. Deadpool 2 Teaser

    Here's the official synopsis:
  23. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    Updated the topic since we now have reviews coming in. I might have to take back the idea that it doesn't suck. I should have known better than to get any hopes up. While I'm not going to get enraged about something stupid like that, I think it is pretty silly for them to re-work the costumes for the Amazons so quickly after Wonder Woman. It just seems odd and unnecessary to depart from a finished costume design that worked and was well liked. Besides being more revealing, the new designs are just boring. They took out the cool sculpted metal and replaced it entirely with bland leather.