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  1. I'm sitting here at work waiting for Amazon to confirm delivery. As soon as I it arrives I think I'll find some way to bail a little early.
  2. New Ready Player One Trailer

    This is an ad for the Vive, but it's still a fun look at how VR was used to make the movie:
  3. Hearthstone General Discussion Thread

    Sad to see that Ben Brode is leaving Hearthstone to start his own company. They typically have a full year's worth of expansions in the works at a given moment, so I don't think his departure will have an immediate effect on the game, but he's always seemed like a very positive guy to have leading Team 5. From the sound of his post, he doesn't have a firm direction at the moment, so if we see a new Brode game, it'll likely be a few years. Whatever he does, I hope he finds success.
  4. Man, if Jews can control the weather, they have a lot to answer for.
  5. But Watergate did dominate the news, at least once it got going. The hearings were broadcast live to enormous ratings, even the re-broadcasts.
  6. World War Z 2 To Start With A Somewhat "Clean Slate"

    I'd rather have season 2 of Mindhunters than another WWZ film. If they just scrapped the movie and said Fincher was making a WWZ series for Netflix, that would have my attention.
  7. Confirmed. This game is for the critics, not the fans.
  8. They did the same thing with Watergate, which they won after Nixon left office. I'm not really sure if that lawsuit had any material effect.
  9. According to a recent report, Movie Pass is primarily responsible for a nearly $150M loss by their parent company just in 2017. Their business model has always seemed suspect, but it was unclear just how much it might cost for them to operate. With this new info it seems that if they're ultimately unsuccessful in getting some extra money out of theaters, they're going to have to change their business. They do have quite a bit of money, between $280M the company has raised as well as a significant line of credit, so they have a while before the house of cards collapses completely. Personally, I'm getting my money's worth while they're still around.
  10. Movie Pass Lost ~$150M Last Year

    After this report was released, Movie Pass's parent company issued a good deal more stock, hoping to raise another $150M. The stock price proceeded to fall by 40%. It seems the market isn't very bullish on their ability to stay afloat.
  11. D1P's Best Indie Games by Year - 2010

    I liked limbo the best, but there's no doubt that Minecraft is the most important game on the list.
  12. I find it difficult to believe that these guys know anything in particular. Given that it hasn't been tweeted out, I doubt the decision to fire Mueller has even been made. I imagine that this police chief is just worried that it could happen and wants to be ready.
  13. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom new trailer

    The Final Trailer is out. I certainly feel like I understand the vast majority of the plot at this point.
  14. That's basically what he said during his divorce. I don't think he ever came out and said that he believes that Sandy Hook was really a shooting or that pizzagate is all a hoax. Still, if his official position is that he plays a character that believes terrible things, I honestly don't know what the courts do with that in a case like this.
  15. If Jones goes to court and argues that only his character was suggesting the shooting was a hoax, does that matter?
  16. Gorsuch sides with liberal judges.

    Source I actually agree with Gorsuch even more than the other judges he sided with here. If this law is unconstitutionally vague in the context of deportation, I don't see why that vagueness is any more acceptable in another context.
  17. He finally had something he could point to and say "hey, look, I'm tough on Russia," and all he had to do was let this go through. Stepping in like this, especially after it's already been announced.
  18. What Anime Are You Watching?

    I took a look and didn't see it. Is it still there?
  19. Especially because it's not as if a DPRK invasion after American withdrawal would preclude American involvement in that war. If the US left and war broke out, it's not as if we'd just throw our hands up walk away. It'd be ugly, but we'd be there right quick, and there's no world where that's what China wants.
  20. Hearthstone General Discussion Thread

    After screwing around with a bunch of self built bad decks, I went 19-4 to get to rank 5 with cube lock. I didn't do much with the standard mountain giant list. I've kept Lord Godfrey around, but I don't think he's going to stay in the deck. I played with Dollmaster Dorian / sense demons, but that didn't work out well. I do have one Ratcatcher in the list for the moment, and it's worked out pretty well. After turn 7 he can pop a lackey or cube and the extra rush body can be useful. Now that I'm at rank 5 I'll probably screw around a good bit more. I played 4 Shudderwock Shaman, and none presented much of a challenge, and neither did the elemental mages. I played 3 quest druids, which I did not expect, and 3 quest warriors which I did. I lost to one quest warrior and can see how the deck could be viable again. I also played against 5 face hunters and lost twice. One win was by the skin of my teeth, topdecking lethal at one health.
  21. Hearthstone General Discussion Thread

    After playing a few games with a bad Shudderwock deck, I think it's a deck that might be viable, but would absolutely need to be carefully refined. Also, the animations can take forever. I had one turn where they went on for at least 5min.
  22. Hearthstone General Discussion Thread

    I opened 88 packs and did pretty well. I got Hagatha as my free legendary. I also opened Emeriss, a golden Azalina Soulthief, Dollmaster Dorian, Archmage Arugal, Shudderwock, Lord Godfrey, and Blackhowl Gunspire. More than a few meme cards, but also at least two that I think will be pretty good. Also 1920 dust, not counting the 1600 from the hall of fame.