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  1. So shady Facebook data harvesting was really just the amuse bouche for this turd sandwich of a company.
  2. I enjoyed the second half the season very much. Well worth the small amount of time it takes to get through the whole thing.
  3. While everyone has been marveling at the incredible success of Black Panther, it's worth noting that other 2018 films haven't been doing so well at the box office. This last weekend Peter Rabbit became only the second film of the year to hit $100M (though 50 shades is will get there tonight). Compare that to 2017, where we'd had Logan, Lego Batman, Split, Get Out, Beauty and the Beast, Fifty Shades, and Kong: Skull Island all hit $100M by now. Films from the end of 2017 like Jumanji, Greatest Showman, and Last Jedi all have done well this year, and with the success of Panther 2018 is actually up 3% YTD from 2017, but it's still kind of funny.
  4. Not a huge surprise, but still a very positive outcome from the Supreme court.
  5. Free Games With Amazon Prime

    I love Superhot VR, I'll be interested to try out the original game. I've heard good things about Oxenfree, though I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to play it.
  6. My younger brother was really into filmmaking during high school. One day he and some buddies were working on a project and they wanted to get a shot from the side of a moving pickup truck. My brother was the cameraman and he decided that he wanted to swing the camera around the subject that was moving alongside the truck, but he misjudged how quickly the truck was moving at the time. Intending to run alongside truck, he jumped off the side of the vehicle as it was moving at ~10-15mph. In his rapid descent into the pavement, he had an overriding instinct to save not himself, but the (pretty cheap) camcorder. He rotated his body to save the equipment, slamming his head into the road at speed. This was in the middle of a school day, and my brother didn't want to miss any more classes, so he and his friends cleaned him up as best they could and my brother went along to class. If I remember correctly, he actually made it through a couple classes, but after a while it was quickly apparent one teacher that my brother wasn't all there, and he was sent to the school nurse. After a quick inspection of his wound and his mental state, the nurse quickly realized the severity of the situation and called an ambulance. My brother was quiet and calm through most of this process, but when he arrived at the hospital he began to get agitated. Some nurses strapped him down, but he managed to break free of the restraints and attacked one of the nurses. It took more than a few of them to wrestle him onto a table and sedate him. Turns out that in addition to the obvious concussion, he'd managed to fracture his skull. But at least he saved the camera.
  7. I'm not sure if this thread belongs here or on the Entertainment board. Nothing about this is explicitly current events, but it seems relevant. I've just started listening to Slate's Slow Burn podcast, and I'd highly recommend it. It's a podcast about Watergate, investigating the stories about Watergate that failed to penetrate the public consciousness and a look into how it may have felt to follow the story while it was happening. It's a great combination of narration, historical recordings, and interviews. It's a great way to put current events into perspective and it's both comforting and disconcerting at the same time. On the one hand it's comforting to listen to this, hear how close Nixon was to getting away with it, and know that at the end of all of it some measure of justice was had. It's nice to hear that so much of what feels unprecedented today is just another historical repeat, and we'll all probably live through it. On the other hand it's also hard to shake the feeling that Nixon only got caught because of a series of happenstances, near mistakes of history that feel unlikely to happen again. Another thing that strikes me is that for all the stupidity around Watergate, there's something almost admirable about Nixon was able to negotiate it. It's hard to imagine looking back 40+ years back on the Trump administration and feel like these were dedicated people, doing effective work, even if their goal was a conspiracy and cover-up. By contrast, the the characters surrounding Trump's scandals feel even more like the bumbling idiots than they appear to be. Stupid Watergate indeed. It's also just interesting to hear the stories of those around Watergate that I didn't know. The first episode goes through the tale of Martha Mitchell, who I'd never heard about. The second goes through an early investigation that failed thanks to some deft political maneuvering. A later one looks at the Nixon die hards and how they approached the news; an episode that feels particularly relevant. Anyways, I just thought I'd recommend the podcast as something I think those around here might find interesting.
  8. There's been a lot of talk about different MCU movies being genre films, from Winter Soldier being a "political thriller" to Ant-Man's "heist movie," but I think Thor Ragnarok is the one that has gone the farthest. It's a buddy cop comedy to it's very core, and like all comedies, there will be those that enjoy the humor and those that don't, but I think it's by far the most single minded genre exercise that we've seen from Marvel yet. Personally, I thought it was hilarious, so I thought it was quite successful at being exactly what it was trying to be. I'll be re-watching it soon, I'm hoping it lives up to it's previous viewings.
  9. Or Nintendo is doing something non-standard in their implementation.
  10. New Ready Player One Trailer

    This is an interesting bit on how they filmed the Oasis stuff. Apparently it was all done in a rather large empty space, but everyone had access to an Oculus Rift that they could put on and see the "set" that they were using at the time to get their baring. That sounds a bit more like how Cameron filmed Avatar than most other blockbusters which seem to build simple sets of some kind, even for entirely CG locations.
  11. My interest in time travel would depend greatly on the mechanics of it. Could I bring anyone or anything with me? Do I replace myself in the past, essentially allowing a do-over, or would I end up seeing myself? Then I end up thinking about the implications of time travel. Do I have a responsibility to kill Hitler or save Lincoln? It's appealing to think about seeing the far future and it's appealing to imagine fixing the past (either in big ways or small personal ones), but it gets messy really fast. Teleportation would be pretty handy, and likely more practical than flying.
  12. I have yet to get a 4K BD player, but I hear that CoCo is a real showpiece in 4K HDR. I actually do have a question for you: How much better is a 4K BD than a 4K stream? For HD, I'd argue there's a difference, but not one that my wife would really notice. I'm trying to figure out if I should buy the 4K disc of Last Jedi, or if I should just get it digitally.
  13. That's the stupidest reason to not do a stupid thing I've heard in a long time. There are so many good reasons to not do the stupid thing!
  14. Thanks for the heads up. I have a 3rd party dock on a second TV that I seldom use, I'll keep it away until I hear otherwise.