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  1. I haven't yet, but I did see that it just launched on the iPad. Maybe I'll give it a shot, but I've invested so much time in Hearthstone that I'm not that interested in another card game. If I give up on HS, I'd certainly be more open to playing more of Legends, Gwent, or Duelyst.
  2. I think it'll be a minor miracle if this turns out to be really good. Just think about what it took for the first Avengers movie to be as good as it was, and all the advantages it had going in. They already had a cast of heroes they hardly had to introduce, they already had a great villain they didn't have to introduce. It got to spend the whole runtime setting up the dynamics between those characters, many of them playing out in action sequences, and it still felt like they hardly had enough time despite it being 143 min long. Justice League has to introduce half it's cast, probably setup a new villain, and do everything that the Avengers had to do. I don't know who the villain is in Justice League, but it better be a lot more interesting than "army of evil CG baddies." Even Avengers fell into that trap (twice!), but both of those films had a central baddie that was fun and interesting. So far DC has struggled with those. I want to like DC films. It would be so much fun to be eagerly expecting great things from the next DC film, but I can't help but expect the worst at this point.
  3. I think @Chairslinger has a good point about the ACA turning into another issue like Medicare and Social Security. They can still campaign on it being a broken system, but they probably have to tone down the language and talk less about repealing it.
  4. I think @Chairslinger has a good point about the ACA turning into another issue like Medicare and Social Security. They can still campaign on it being a broken system, but they probably have to tone down the language and talk less about repealing it.
  5. Yeah, and Diablo and GTA3 often show up on those lists too, and it's not because they're necessarily the most refined games of their genre or even their series. I'm not arguing that BOTW won't or shouldn't end up on similar lists. I'm saying that I think it's an excellent game that does a lot that is new and novel and that we'll see refined. Certainly we'll see that in future Zeldas, and perhaps across other titles as well, and I think that's an exciting future to look forward to.
  6. If things were going to go to shit that fast, maybe it would work, but again, the CBO seems to think insurance markets are rather stable under current legislation. I suppose they can continue yelling and screaming and pretending the world is on fire, which might well be good enough, it did get them elected after all. So you're probably right that this doesn't guarantee the Democrats benefit, especially this far out from the election. Still, I have to wonder at a party that would give up on healthcare after two months in power and just over two weeks of actual legislation.
  7. How is it that this was their only plan? Why is the talking point not "it took the Democrats more than a year to build the 900 plus pages of Obamacare, it'll take us more than 17 days to unravel the mess they've left us and come up with a solution that will make America great again." They come up with the most unpopular piece of legislation I can remember, try and shove it through, fail, and then just decide that they're done trying?
  8. The CBO seems to think that it's rather stable at this point.
  9. I'm happy that I was wrong in my assumptions that this bill would squeak through. I think I underestimated the collective level of incompetence. It is freaking insane. They voted how many times to repeal or defund Obamacare? 50? They've spent the last 7 years and no one came up with a better plan than this? I shouldn't be surprised, but it really seems like the GOP had every possible opportunity to get this right. They campaigned on it, they won majorities in the House and Senate, and they got a Republican in the White House. They were in the best possible position, and they blew it up. It makes me pretty curious to see how future legislation is going to go for them.
  10. Since the advent of reserved seat theaters, I don't mind the trailers nearly as much. When I was sitting in the theater waiting a while before anything would start, the trailers felt extra long, but now I usually don't enter the theater until it's about to begin. Still, I'd rather have fewer. I've almost always seen the trailers beforehand, so their appeal is greatly lessened.
  11. That was a good episode, and it did a good job of solidifying what was actually going on while still being a complete fever dream. It's a shame that we're only getting 8 episodes this season, but I'm glad a second season is coming, which I hope is longer. Question for those that have seen episode 7:
  12. Wow, that looks pretty good. If I ever want to revisit the game, this would be very appealing.
  13. First of all, the ISPs are currently allowed to sell your digital footprint, what they're repealing is the requirement that they ask you first. For ISPs, you're paying them and getting a service, and the odds are that you won't have many or any other options to get a service that is, at this point, essential. So allowing them to collect this information without your permission is fundamentally different than opting into using a service like Google or Facebook that is both optional and where the only cost to you as a user is that information. Also, the nature of what they can collect is very different. Use a different browser, incognito mode, clear your cookies, use a different device, or do any number of other things, and many of those over the top media companies can no longer track you. Short of encrypting all your traffic, there's almost nothing you can do to prevent ISPs from seeing everything you do through that connection. ISPs have a vastly expanded capability that changes the nature of the privacy concerns. The other thing that's worth considering is the nature of the ISPs themselves. These companies are changing into media companies themselves, so while previously they likely aggregated anonymized data and sold it, now they can use it directly, changing the relationship you have with this essential service company. I think everyone was rather concerned with the Vizio lawsuit where they were collecting viewers habits, and the entire case was not because of what Vizio was doing, but because they didn't ask permission first. All device and service providers already have to ask permission to collect and sell your data. This repeal isn't leveling the playing field for ISPs, it's cutting away the most minimal possible protection.
  14. I felt pretty confident that Trump didn't have the patience or the political savvy to develop and push through anything like the ACA. I couldn't imagine him having the same focus and motivation that Obama did in navigating that bill through. What I expected though, was that Ryan would be the one spearheading it instead. That he'd shepherd the bill through the hearings and committees and Trump would just sign whatever came out the other side. At this point it's pretty clear that Ryan is not that man. This whole process of ramming through a terrible bill just because is crazy.
  15. I use RT scores all the time to decide what to watch. It's far from the only thing. I listen to a few different film podcasts, I hang out here, I follow some film sites RSS feeds, and some critics on Twitter. Still, I absolutely use RT to see what the critical consensus is. When a movie that I'm otherwise not hearing much about gets a score that surprises me, it will absolutely make me look into it more. If The Great Wall or Passengers had a great RT scores, I'd very much have considered seeing them in theaters. When a movie that could be horrible like The Lego Movie gets a decent score, it certainly makes me pay attention and maybe read through that review on The AV Club. For older movies that I'd heard something about and I'm thinking about checking out, RT is a great gut check to see if I should spend my time. Of course, I'd have watched Rogue One regardless of the score. If hear some buzz or watch a trailer or read a review about something that appeals to me, it can certainly override a bad RT score. I don't think it's a particularly bad situation for the film industry. It's obvious that plenty of films make money no matter what their score is. Transformers is an easy example, but even something like Beauty and the Beast is evidence that scores aren't an overriding concern. All the other things that make film goers chose a given film still matter. I also think that it can really help boost little films that might not otherwise be a consideration. I don't think it has a huge swing, but if someone is browsing for a movie to see tonight on Flixter and they see that Get Out has a 99%, I have to imagine it helps a bit.