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  1. Leak: Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

    I won't (or at least shouldn't) buy one, but it's very cool looking.
  2. I would guess that Disney isn't on board because they've been making so much money. Last year they made more than a billion dollars more than the second place studio (WB) and with about half the number of films. This year it's closer, but they'll still be easily the most profitable studio around. They simply don't have the incentive at the moment. As for theater chains, they're the only reason that the studios are talking about this. If the theater chains weren't so opposed to it, I imagine the studios would have already tested this with individual films. If all (or most) of the major studios decide to change the release window, theaters won't have much choice but to accept the new terms.
  3. There have been no shortage of attempts to shorten the home release window for theatrical releases, but now someone that could plausibly pull it off is in serious discussions to make it happen: Apple. There's a detailed new report on where each studio stands in regards to the proposal, which could happen as soon as next year. Disney doesn't seem to be on board, despite historically close ties to Apple. You can read the post for details, but the other major studios are trying to work out details. What the exact release window might be (14/17/30/45 days), what the price would be ($30 or $50), and if all movies would get the same treatment or if the release would vary on a case by case basis. $50 is too much for me, since it's pretty much always just the two of us. At $30 I'd seriously consider it, since that's right around the price of two tickets. I wouldn't see Dunkirk that way, but for other movies I might. With Apple involved, it certainly could happen.
  4. I have to imagine that these places have something valuable in their history worth memorializing other than some treasonous folks who lost a war for slavery. The Confederacy only lasted 4 years, there has got to be more history than that. They don't need to replace all of these with slave memorials (though a few might be ok). There must be some notable local achievement or person worth celebrating. There's got to be an astronaut or inventor or Scrabble champion to memorialize. If they really can't think of anything else, put up something broad and uplifting to freedom or liberty or something.
  5. The first reviews are coming in and for the most part, they're pretty good. There seems to be agreement that the design of the phone, even with the camera cutout, is excellent, and pure android is nice. It does lack a headphone jack and the modularity is going to be a real question mark. The 360 camera you can get now seems to work ok, but it doesn't seem like it's any better than existing 360 cameras. The regular cameras seem to fall short of the top tier of phones, which is a shame given the premium price tag. It remains a real question as to who exactly will buy this thing. I doubt anyone is buying hard into the non-existent hardware ecosystem, which leaves the design of the phone the only real standout element, and it's not a clear winner in that regard. The S8 is a beautiful device, and the Pixel 2 XL will look very similar. When you get better cameras on those devices, and likely better speakers on the Pixel and more features on the S8, the Essential is a hard sell.
  6. Lone Echo is Amazing

    How is Mage's Tale? I get instantly turned off as soon as I read "teleportation," but that might not really be fair.
  7. I didn't realize that they are trying to track pretty much every finger individually with a touch panel. It's an interesting idea, although I'm not sure how useful that is in most games. The Oculus touch controllers are far from perfect, but I haven't really felt limited by how many fingers are being tracked. In that video it didn't look like it was doing a particularly good job of representing individual fingers, but it's hard to say if it's the prototype hardware or the prototype software at fault. I really like that you don't need to hold onto them. The Touch controllers do a pretty good job of staying in your hand while your hand is open, but you have to be aware of it, and you certainly can't do a real throwing motion like you can with these. They're certainly cool controllers and seem like a real upgrade to existing controllers.
  8. Star Trek is the only one I can think of, but I honestly haven't revisited many others (if any).
  9. I think this looks hilarious, but I'm not sure it can sustain an 8 episode series.
  10. THR: Standalone Obi-Wan Kenobi film in the works!

    I actually haven't seen any of Stephen Daldry's work other than The Crown. I'm ok with an Obi Wan film, but I really wish they'd start making these anthology films more distinct from the Skywalker saga. I'm all for more good Star Wars, whatever the form they take, but I really hope they can start doing things outside the stories we're already familiar with.
  11. Hearthstone General Discussion Thread

    The second wing of solo content is available now. The first two I beat pretty easily with standard decks. I tried a few things on the last boss that didn't work, but got him quickly once I changed strategies.
  12. Westfield is a giant company that owns a bunch of malls around town. Weird parking lot doesn't really narrow it down.
  13. I don't get out too often to try new food around town, and I'm not really one for reviewing restaurants, but here goes. Juniper & Ivy is pretty good, but over hyped a bit. It's good but not mind blowing. We tried out the Red O in UTC recently, and it's pretty good. Probably the best upscale Mexican food around, but I generally enjoy cheaper Mexican food. We finally got around to trying out Cutwater Spirits (formerly Ballast Point distillers) and I enjoyed the food. The service setup is weird for a place where an entre is ~$30. I didn't think much of the cocktails and while the whiskey was pretty good, it's not $120 a bottle good. The Hake Kitchen in La Jolla was renovated not that long ago, and I still really like that place. Prepkitchen is pretty good, an easy recommendation. The Beesalt Balcony in Del Mar was pretty empty when we went, but the food was great. I love Rimel's green sauce on their chicken. They just moved and I haven't been to their new location. The Taco Stand in La Jolla is really good, but you're not getting anything very authentic. It's fancy tacos for gringos, but that's ok. Don Carlos is down the street if you want a more real taco shop.
  14. I like the idea of collecting various monuments together. Explain the history of the statue and the history of the person/event it was erected to memorialize. Monuments that were erected shortly after the war commemorating something specific, like a battleground or something, have a reasonable argument to stay up. My understanding is that represents a small minority. It really shouldn't be that hard to find something else to build a monument to in these places. How hard can it possibly be to find something better than a four year period of war and the treasonous losers who fought in it?