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  1. But they don't have to live in three different locations. They could just live at the White House and vacation at Camp David. Locations that are already secure and much cheaper to protect.
  2. Well, thanks to some international titles, it seems that Jedi is plural. I think the easy answer is that it's Luke and Rey, but who knows. Maybe they're on a quest to find other Jedi?
  3. I'm impressed that they're still pushing the second episode to be as weird as the first. Continuing with the time skipping now seems like it'll probably be a staple for the first season. I still don't love it, but it's certainly the most interesting superhero TV show I've ever seen. I'm willing to stick with it just for its audaciousness.
  4. I read somewhere that at this rate the Trumps will cost more to protect in 8 or 9 months than it cost to protect the Obamas for 8 years. I didn't see the math on that, and I thought it was the WaPo article that one referenced, but it must be somewhere else. Still with $500k a day for Trump Tower plus Mar-a-Lago plus following the Trump boys around the world (I think they're in Dubai now), it seems like a reasonable possibility. If the party cared as much about fiscal responsibility as they pretend to and if Trump is as rich as he says he is, he should pick up the tab for Trump Tower and Mar-a-lago at least.
  5. It looks pretty good. Nothing really exciting there, but at least it's not clearly botched.
  6. This poll from Pew is rather demoralizing. Sure, I expect a certain amount of the GOP to stand by Trump no matter what, but I'm surprised that after these first few weeks he's still so popular. As long as he has such robust support among the GOP, it almost doesn't matter what the democrats think.
  7. The polygon review said this: I'll be interested to see what others have to say. I'm on the fence about this one, and I'll also be playing on the PC.
  8. Wow, that's a lot of changes, and I like them. Maybe I'd have done a couple small things different, but that all sounds really good. After this next rotation/expansion Wild is going to diverge much farther from Standard. I hope they really do support Wild much more. Moving those cards to Wild in addition to the rotation is going to change so much. Team 5 has been taking a lot of flack lately with the Pirate heavy meta, but it seems like they're working hard on making the game better. I feel like they're going in a good direction.
  9. If this is controversial, I'm right there with you. I love Tarantino. Pulp Fiction is one of the films I occasionally refer to as my all time favorite. Except for Death Proof, all his movies are good, some are great, and some are masterpieces. He's a singular voice and one of the most talented filmmakers of his generation. All that said, I think even more of the Coen Brothers. Part of it is just their output and their range. From slapstick comedy in Raising Arizona to the silent terror of No Country, they've made great movies of such variety that few, if any, filmmakers can match. Their movies also have a real hidden depth to them that I think is easy to miss. Tarantino's films are in your face, and after as single viewing, I think you understand what he's saying with the film. With the Coens, they play with form and structure and they leave much unsaid, even though their films are often very talky. I dismissed Burn After Reading as a trifle, and A Serious Man as a slog, only go to back to them and find them much more satisfying and interesting than I had at first glance. I think they're the best filmmakers working today.
  10. First reviews are coming out. A decent 8 from Polygon. " It doesn’t move the RTS genre forward. But it does make for an accessible RTS that doesn’t feel stupid in the process"
  11. This Mother Jones article about Trump's daily briefings is depressing, but not exactly surprising. ...
  12. I understand what he's getting at. I was thinking about this the other day. Last year was when consumer VR finally came out. We had the Rift (and eventually Touch), the Vive, PSVR, and the first Daydream phone. It was like after a long journey finally reaching the top of the mountain, only to find that the top of the mountain was like the end of Fellowship of the Ring and there was still an impossibly long way to go. We finally got consumer VR, and all it did was make us realize how far it has to go before it's a general consumer product. The experiences aren't good enough, the hardware isn't cheap enough, and there simply isn't enough software. After years of talking about the inevitability of VR, that inevitability has happened, and it's unclear who will survive the journey forward, or if they'll even succeed. I'm still a VR optimist, but I think this last year has tempered me a bit. Valve will go on with VR, just because they like it and they have tons of money from Steam. Facebook too, will keep going thanks to unlimited money. Everyone else in the entire industry is a questionmark to me. Sony certainly won't keep the PSVR afloat if it doesn't do well enough. HTC doesn't even own the tech, and their primary revenue stream is drying up. Almost no one is making any money in software, and the few that are getting by are mostly funded by Facebook. Even if we could assume that Valve, Oculus, or Google will get consumer VR to a point where the market is sustainable, I don't think you could safely say who else in the industry will still be around by the time that happens or how long it will take.
  13. On a desktop if you have a USB-C port on the motherboard and a GPU installed, a monitor plugged in via USB-C will not use the GPU. Depending on the setup, I'm not even sure it's guaranteed to work at all. On a laptop, it probably will use the GPU, as opposed to a normal USB dock, which will use Display Link. I can't say that's universally the case, but it is with my XPS 13.