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  1. I'm really going to need to watch this one again. It is so far and away the most intricate Star Wars movie that I'm not ready to rank it yet. Lucas once said that Star Wars rhymes, and where The Force Awakens reprised a verse, The Last Jedi is rhyming and echoing everything we've seen in Star Wars to this point, and then goes on to expand and build on it.
  2. Yes there are. Significant changes like this cannot be "arbitrary and capricious." One of the many lawsuits that will be filed in the wake of this is challenging on exactly those grounds. I think the "arbitrary and capricious" argument might actually be the most impactful. If this change is found to be arbitrary and capricious, it goes away, and we're back to net neutrality under title 2. If it's not, then that means that the existence of net neutrality (absent actual legislation from congress) will be at the mercy of the current administration. I think most companies would be nervous about hinging too much of their strategy based on regulations that have a good chance of changing in a few years. For that reason (among others), I think the initial impacts of this repeal will be limited. You'll see things like ISP's favoring their own content, but I don't think you'll see them taking the big steps that many fear because of the continued uncertainty surrounding these regulations.
  3. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

    Thankfully there's no caveat about this show needing to get going. The Pilot is great, so if you don't find anything to like in that episode, you can skip the rest.
  4. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    For obvious reasons I've recently rewatched all the Rian Johnson movies. Brick - 5/5 - I love this movie. It never lets its heightened reality get in the way of emotional truth. High school is such a wonderful setting for this oversaturation of self consciousness and messy social dynamics. That messiness is a trope in noir that can easily be off putting, deliberately hiding the truth behind layers of unnecessary complication, but it feels so at home as teenage drama. It's shocking that this movie works at all, so to have it humm along so perfectly is a wonder to behold. At times it's obvious that this is a first film made with a shoestring budget, but again, the setting and tone make those rough edges feel organic to the world of Brick. It's an amazing feat of vision that makes it clear that Johnson had talent from the get go. It's available on Starz and VOD, but I watched it on DVD. The Brothers Bloom - 4/5 - Again Johnson creates a puzzle box in just slightly otherworldly setting, and for the most part it's a masterpiece of movement. The opening rhyme is effectively a dare or a demand: get on board here or you may as well not come along, and I bought right in. By the time I get to Penelope's hobbies, I'm swooning. By the end, I think there might be one too many layers, with that last one being just enough to keep me from fully connecting to the emotion of the film. While that takes it down a notch, it's still a thoroughly entertaining ride and another showcase for Rian's writing and directorial strengths. I watched it on Cinemax Go Looper - 4/5 - With Looper Rian's penchant for world building is most evident. He creates this odd dystopian future of murderers and finds such nice little ways to ground it. I do appreciate the maze puzzles at the heart of this time travel story, but there are some circles here that aren't perfectly squared. While the film couldn't be more direct in telling you not to worry about it, having the entire narrative focus on time travel makes it difficult to ignore. Still, when I can prevent myself from falling into a causal loop, I think the film works well. All of the men in this film are monsters, one way or another, yet they're all so very human. Of Johnson's films, this one is the most resonates the most emotionally with me, despite it's flaws. It's available on FX Now, but I watched on Blu Ray.
  5. My showing is at 10pm because I wanted to see it on the big screen at the Arclight with Atmos and in 2D. God I'm so excited.
  6. The last time I watched through A New Hope I was struck by the economy of world building. Empire continues it, but A New Hope had to do the heavy lifting. Things like the bit about the senate being dissolved do such a great job at hinting at the larger universe, but still being information that seems relevant devoid of any knowledge about that universe. While I love the ending of Empire, and think it's a daring way to go through a trilogy (seriously, why do we not get endings like that in the MCU, the ultimate achievement in continuity?), I think being a self contained story is no small feat. Personally, I'll always treasure ANH above Empire. I can't argue that such a ranking is in any way definitive, but it's a movie that still impresses me. Edit: Also, I think it's that kind of world building stuff that I think Rian Johnson is also really good at. Each of his films take place in another reality in some way, and I love the ways he sets those realities apart for the viewers. I think he'll do an amazing job introducing this new trilogy, wherever and whenever it ends up taking place.
  7. My understanding is that is specifically forbidden by antitrust law.
  8. I think Sony ends up selling their film and TV stuff to Netflix, Amazon, or Apple (if they decide to get serious about content). Assuming this deal gets through the DOJ, mega media consolidation is the new normal. The reason Fox wanted to get out was because they didn't feel they could compete on content anymore. I wouldn't be surprised if Sony feels the same way, certainly Spiderman is a hint at that being the case. Amazon is already building their own movie studio piece by piece, so I can imagine either they buy Sony to accelerate their plans or Netflix decides to compete on that level.
  9. The Grand Tour Season 2 is up.

    I enjoyed the first episode. I'm certainly glad they got rid of celebrity brain crash. It continues to be a beautiful show.
  10. Apparently this trilogy was pitched and accepted without Johnson having a story at all, just the interest to make his own trilogy.
  11. I don't disagree that there is a segment of deplorable die-hards that can never be reasoned with, but I thought that there might be some measurable margin of voters that would look at two options like this and decide that they should show up and do the right thing. I wouldn't expect 50% of GOP voters to do that. I wouldn't expect 20%, but I really hoped that maybe 5% would. 11% of Democrats that voted in 2008 didn't vote for Obama. Only 9% of Republicans that showed up yesterday wouldn't vote for Moore. Obviously turnout was the difference in results, but if 13% of GOP voters that bothered to show up did the right thing I'd feel like it was actual progress.
  12. I feel like you can give Bannon credit for weaponizing certain preexisting conditions, but he's no master engineer. He was more on the right boat at the right time than he was setting any kind of course with Trump. With Moore he backed a Republican that managed to lose a statewide election in Alabama.
  13. I won't disagree with that, I just wished that a candidate like Moore would have moved the needle just a tiny bit. Even if just a sliver of Republicans looked at him and thought "maybe I should vote for the other guy" I'd feel like progress was made. Don't get me wrong, this is a victory, and a significant one, and I think other elections could go similarly. I just find it to be a rather depressing road map.
  14. 91% of Republicans still voted Moore. Which is about the national average based on the last three presidential elections. That to me says that it's not so much that Republicans decided they would actually vote against someone as heinous as Moore, but that they just decided not to show up.
  15. They're really playing up the creature angle in this trailer, which makes sense as it's the easiest part of this otherwise bizarre story to grab onto. After reading the book, I'm dubious it'll make a good film, but I trust Alex Garland to find the right angle.