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  1. Unless I'm reading something wrong, the last Xenoblade Chronicles took almost 22 months to go from Japan to the US.
  2. I hadn't considered the lack of a D-Pad being a problem for VC titles, but it did make me wonder if Nintendo will sell Joy-Cons specifically for that purpose. It's easy to imagine a SNES themed joy con pack that had only the SNES buttons, SNES color scheme, and sold with a cartridge of SNES games for a small amount. If you don't have to include HD rumble, the IR camera, motion controls, etc, then I imagine you could make them cheap. There's potentially a whole category of accessories that are possible with a modular controller. Nintendo doesn't even have to do it themselves, all they have to do allow third parties to make them. Especially if Nintendo wants this thing to be used at parties and in games that hardly use the screen. Multiplayer party games become much more interesting if you don't need an expensive joycon for everyone.
  3. I came across this rather lengthy article about how CA plans to function under Trump and I thought it was interesting. On the legislative agenda: On the example that new Attorney General Xavier Becerra might follow: The article rambles a bit at times, but as a Californian it's worth reading a bit about what my State is planning. They also specifically mention a climate change proposition they want to get done. Personally, I'm most interested in what they do with healthcare, since I think it's the biggest way that a state like CA could potentially lead the way for the nation.
  4. I think the question with all this conflict of interest stuff is who is actually going to do anything about it that matters? Some reporters and Democrats will make a fuss about it, but it's not like congress would impeach him if he live streamed a Russian banker bribing him.
  5. I also think much of the impetus for the life of crime wasn't so much that they wouldn't be able to afford the treatment, but that he would be leaving his family with very little. It seemed that the White family wasn't doing particularly well, likely had little to no savings, had one kid getting ready for college and a baby on the way, two things Walter didn't expect to live to see even if he got treatment.
  6. Apparently he's got a team that writes for his facebook page and professional photogs to follow him for his posts.
  7. NYC has a Democrat as Mayor that won with 75% of the vote and is eligible for a second term. That doesn't seem like a place where she needs to step in.
  8. It's ok, it's not like they do anything particularly important like NUCLEAR WEAPONS. This is ridiculous, bewildering, unacceptable, and somehow doesn't even make the list of things I'm concerned about with in this administration.
  9. Continues to look good. Please, please be good.
  10. Lots of Microsoft stuff isn't supported on Windows phone. It's a dead platform.
  11. I imagine that we'll be seeing a lot of headlines that read "Trump to strip ___ of oversight and protection."
  12. How is this news?
  13. Doing the deal over the weekend doesn't surprise me. I know Google would often buy companies at very short notice, and from what I know of the Oculus deal it was very much a shiney thing that caught Zuckerberg's eye and he decided that he should have it. The extra billion is kind of a surprise, since I thought the 2 billion was a bit much to begin with.
  14. Strong characters is exactly why I think TFA is an excellent film why I didn't love Rogue One. I really enjoyed my time with Rey, Finn, Kylo, and Poe, and look forward to seeing more of them. I will completely agree that it doesn't take it's time as much as Ep 4, but I still think it does pretty effective character work in a limited time. Rogue One, on the other hand, didn't do much for anyone other than Jynn. I think they told a fine story, and I think there's plenty to like in Rogue One over TFA, but ultimately it was the emphasis on characters that primarily makes TFA a better movie in my estimation. The best moments in TFA are those character moments. It's Poe wise cracking to Kylo, Finn pulling Rey along, Kylo losing control, Han and Leia reuniting, Han's death, Rey coming into her own. I think the reason that TFA echos so much of Ep 4 is that it can use that template as shorthand so it can spend more time with these characters. I think it's also worth mentioning that, like every great action movie, TFA does a lot of character work during action scenes. Rey and Finn come together in the Falcon's escape, Rey and Kylo's fight scenes aren't great fights because of the choreography, but because of what we're discovering about the characters as they progress. The action in Rogue One is probably more thrilling than that in TFA, but it's more meaningful in TFA. Also, we can't forget that TFA continues the story of the OT, and I think it does well with those characters. Leia's finally in charge, her relationship with Han feels naturally distant, their son meaningfully conflicted. TFA sends Han off in a powerful way that will have emotional resonance in the coming films. The story of Star Wars isn't simply about rebelling against a superior force, but about family and loss and the unlikely bonds that form in meeting a common foe. TFA does well in that regard, and arguably goes too far in ignoring the larger picture in service of those characters. Still, I enjoyed Rogue One, and while I'm excited for Ep 8, I'm also glad that Disney knows that Star Wars isn't just one thing. It doesn't all have to be Skywalker family drama and lightsaber battles. These first few spinoff films are keeping things close to the familiar, but I think they show a willingness to deviate from the standard Star Wars story in ways the prequels never did. I'm rather happy with Disney's stewardship of Star Wars, and while I think we all anticipate some occasional struggles, I look forward to what else they have in store.