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  1. I hate this PC bullshit safe places made by precious snowflakes. Don't these libtards know that if you say "radical Islamic terrorism" three times in a row while looking in a mirror and touching yourself, that all Muslims in the world will die and Jesus will come back? The lame-stream media doesn't want to report on facts.
  2. The correction they added was hilarious:
  3. Access journalism is a cancer.
  4. If he had yelled "Allahu Akbar" and shot 3 white dudes, Trump would already be re-invading Iraq.
  5. 25% of living GOP Speakers are child molesters. I'm just saying, better safe than sorry.
  6. A child is far more likely to be molested by a Republican Speaker of the House than by a transgender.
  7. I hope this, along with their bathroom crusades, puts to rest the lie that Republicans care at all about individual liberty.
  8. Priebus doesn't want that whiskey stank on him.
  9. EXCLUSIVE look at the new leader's animation:
  10. How is the co-op campaign? Sorry, I'm sure this has been addressed but I didn't want to read the whole thread.
  11. Add the prison planet guy now!
  12. Couldn't @legend just write a script that mashes together Dinish D'Souza tweets with Ben Shapiro tweets, and post the results? That wouldn't be any different from the bilge dvd usually posts. Maybe add in a dash of that info wars guy for a little extra spice.
  13. Trump admits he gets "facts" from Infowars. I wonder if Trump thinks Sandy Hook was real.