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  1. When I was a 1st grader I scoured our kitchen looking for candy. I found what I thought was a chocolate bar on top of the fridge and ate the whole thing. It wasn't chocolate...it was Exlax.
  2. Danny Boyle to direct next Bond

    https://www.metro.us/entertainment/movies/danny-boyle-confirms-that-he-is-directing-james-bond-25 Woah
  3. Just came to post this lol. So they don't steal cause they need the money, they just steal for the hell of it?
  4. What I mean is, Moon is good at letting Trump feelin control of these talks when it is really Moon running the show. Trump gets to brag about his statesmanship while Moon does the real work. If a summit really does happen, it's going to be Moon and Kim talking while Trump is eating crayons in the corner.
  5. New Oklahoma execution method

    Oklahoma has failing schools and a budget crisis yet is wasting time, effort, and money trying to kill its own citizens. Truly a microcosm of where America is in 2018.
  6. No, cause then the South would have to spend more on their military. Trust in Moon Jae-In. He is far smarter than Trump and knows what he is doing.
  7. Yeesh. Looking like that and thinking they are the master race?
  8. Dropping a bowling ball on something? Does Trump stay up all night watching mattress commercials?
  9. At this stage in his career Depp is more a sentient collection of hats and fake mustaches than an actor.
  10. Bolton? Get ready for war. If you thought the Iraq war was bad, just wait til we are fighting in Iran and Korea at the same time. Bolton is despicable.