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  1. He probably has like 10 minutes of screen time in the actual movie and they just stuck him in the trailer as much as possible. And yeah, to repeat what others have said, this is one of those, ENTIRE PLOT IN 2 MINUTES kind of trailers, so yeah. I don't really care about that so much for a movie like this, but its a really annoying trend.
  2. He just doesn't want to be booed. It would look pretty bad, because the crowd would probably really let him have it.
  3. DVD, if you really can't see the difference then I don't know why it's worth even bothering to have a discussion with you. If you also don't think the right puts out similarly slanted news stories then I also don't think it's worth having further discussions on this topic with you. The bottom line is that Trump's "FAKE NEWS" line of attack on CNN and other news outlets is dangerous, juvenile, lacking in all nuance and is just plain dangerous. If you can't see that, I don't know what to say. I don't even like CNN. I think it's a shitty news source. They suck. But what Donald Trump is doing is dangerous. And when his followers, like you, parrot his little FAKE NEWS talking point doublespeak bullshit, it's also dangerous. If you want to have a conversation about media bias, go for it. But just shouting FAKE NEWS over and over is unbelievably dishonest and dangerous.
  4. The term "fake news" was being thrown around in response to actually 100% fabricated stories that were circulating on Facebook and elsewhere. Actual, real fake news... as in, some teenagers in New Zealand (or somewhere like that, I forget) decided to make click-baity false stories to make money off of ads. These stories were 100% false and made up and were actual "FAKE NEWS". Then, your hero, Donald Trump took that term and started applying it to news stories he didn't like or news stories with a liberal slant or news stories that reported on things that turned out to be false. There is a clear and distinct difference here.
  5. I would consider myself pretty Amy Schemer neutral... I've never been a huge fan, but I also don't have any sort of dislike for her in general... I've seen some of her standup in the past, and it was pretty decent. I've watched a few episodes of her show and found it mildly amusing... We tried to watch her leather special or whatever, and blech... It was really pretty bad. I made it about 15 minutes and turned it off.
  6. Poutine sales are about to spike big time.
  7. You're so high you forgot how to internet.
  8. Rumor has it the dude has some serious drug problems.
  9. At some point this superhero bubble is going to pop though. I mean, I know it's still going strong, but it can't last forever. It's going to be like cowboy movies in the 50s and 60s. We'll look back at this as the superhero era, but people will tire of it eventually.
  10. I like some trailers, but they've gone too far. Movies have like 7 or 8 trailers now. It's ridiculous. Especially when you have young kids and it adds like 20 minutes to the overall time.
  11. Didn't Trump repeatedly say he had a plan in place and that it would be cheaper and better in every way? Where is this plan?
  12. Piracy Rising cost The Internet Video Games The woeful state of movie theater etiquette You have to sit through 30 minutes of trailers and commercials before your movie even fucking begins
  13. muh muh muh mask!!! My circle of friends was obsessed with MASK. MASK toys were fantastic. We always wanted Boulder Hill, but no one ever got it. I'm pretty sure that it was $50, and my friends and I used that as a monatary comparison for everything. Like, if someone said something was $300 bucks, we would be like... "Damn! That's 6 Boulder Hills!" We started doing it when we were like 10 and kept doing it until we were teens and beyond... it became a decade long running gag. It's been a while now, but the next time I see those guys I'm totally gonna pull that out of my ass now that I'm thinking of it...
  14. That's because the press are such mean meanies.