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  1. Remember a time when this would have probably been the lead news story for 2 weeks?
  2. Don't forget too that Trump's comb-over probably adds at least 1/2 an inch to the appearance of his height. These men are roughly the exact same height.
  3. He's clearly the same height as Obama. Look at the photos. If I had to bet, I would say he's 6'1" and about 260.
  4. Frivolous lawsuits are dumb, but companies shouldn't be pulling shenanigans like this. They do purposefully make the boxes bigger to project the illusion of getting more than you do. I don't really feel strongly about this either way, but left to their own devices, companies will keep pushing and pushing. We need safeguards in place, no matter how silly it sounds.
  5. This really is perfect. They should keep on this weight thing because Trump is a total body-shaming piece of shit. Right back in your face you garbage monster. His weight should be all anyone talks about for weeks and weeks, because fuck him.
  6. I didn't have a problem with what she did, but I thought they built up too much false suspense and the actual visual image of her flying in space looked a little cheesy. The scene came off as a little corny.
  7. LTTP: I REALLY liked Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

    I have this game but it's still in the wrapper. I used to LOVE the Resident Evil games, but I hated the co-op aspect and even more actiony focus of 5, and I never played 6. I don't play a lot of console games anymore, but I need to make time to play this.
  8. Anyone watching Punisher?

    Took me a long time, but I finally finished this show. Overall, I really liked it. Some complaints I have for every single one of these shows though... a little too long, a little too much filler / recycled story beats and themes... and still way too gory. I can handle some gore, and it makes more sense with this character, but I still feel like they take it too far. There just isn't a good reason to make all of these shows as gross as they are. I'm tired of ranking everything, but I think this is easily one of the best Netflix Marvel shows.
  9. The Fox News headline is... SLOPPY STEVE TO SQUEAL? I mean, they aren't even trying to hide that they are basically a state run media outlet now? What the fuck is this shit?
  10. I heard there really was a missile threat, and the government is covering it up. I didn't actually hear that, but I'm surprised more people don't believe it.
  11. I figured "Junior Mints" was a nickname for someone in the Trump Administration and was trying to piece together what this thread was even about...
  12. Yeah, but Reagan would never go into the oval office as a black democrat without a jacket on.
  13. Many did the same thing with the pussy tape. Focusing on the word pussy and not the context.