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  1. If her version of the story is 100% accurate, then yeah, it's creepy as hell. As for the photo, we don't know what kind of relationship these two had. I have many friends with whom I could take that pic and it wouldn't be deemed offensive. It would be funny. I also have many friends with whom I would never in a million zillion years ever dream of taking a photo like that. I know the difference and I have a good filter. I would hope and think that Al Franken does too. I don't know. We don't know. If I had to make an educated guess... here is what has transpired... In this USO show, Franken did kiss her and maybe she didn't like it. She is probably exaggerating her accounting of this part of the story for dramatic effect. The two of them, along with many other entertainers and comedians and sexy playmates, etc spent a month or two or whatever it was in tight proximity in a pretty wacky and intense environment and they probably all bonded and doing stuff like taking dumb raunchy pics was considered normal for setting and the time. Did this really offend her to the core? I somehow doubt it. I'm not saying it's okay to do this sort of thing to a playmate because she's a playmate... but a playmate would be used to it. The fact that infowars, etc... seemed to know a day ahead of time leads me to believe that this was a timed and calculated thing. Or maybe he's just a total shithead creep. I don't know. We don't know.
  2. It comes from one of her appearances on Hannity. I just skimmed it, and she doesn't sound like a hardcore birther. She said Obama should show his certificate and shut everyone up.
  3. Rampage Trailer

    Yeah, I did some light research after my post and found these games. I still maintain that no one has cared about this for 25 years. These look like shovelware crapola that was farted out in an attempt to cash in on nostalgia. These games mad such little impact on the gaming scene that I didn't even know they existed, and I'm a big gaming nerd who loved Rampage as a kid.
  4. If the one person accusing him of the act doesn't think he should step down, then that should really be the end of that conversation. I agree that it was creepy and weird and wrong, and that photo looks bad... really really bad... but my friends are all about as "woke" and "PC" as possible, and we all take dumb photos like that all the time. It's all about context. If this was a bunch of comedians and entertainers, who have been putting on a raunchy show for months in close proximity to one another, then you know, it could change the context of the pic. The fact that she's a birther and a regular on Hannity... and the timing of all of this... immediately makes me look at her side of the kiss story with a lot of skepticism. It really shouldn't, and I know this... but it does. This woman is a playboy playmate who has built her entire career on being a sex object. I bet if you asked her to list out the top 100 creepy things men have done to her over the years, that this Franken incident wouldn't even make the list.
  5. Rampage Trailer

    At least emojis are current. Rampage was a pretty popular arcade game in the 80s, but it's been completely out of pop culture for at least 25 years. It's just such a bizarre and random game to make a movie out of 30 years after the fact.
  6. Rampage Trailer

    You know, I think at one point I knew they were making a Rampage movie, but then I forgot... but man, what the hell... RAMPAGE? Really?
  7. Coco reviews are coming in (Disney-Pixar)

    Inside Out didn't really do it for me. I recognize it as a quality flick and I understand why so many people love it... but it's just not one of my favs. I mean, I liked it well enough, I just didn't go gaga for it like so many others. Cars 3 is a steaming pile of rancid shitty garbage. Fuck that movie. The Good Dinosaur was just a flat out bad movie. Not bad by Pixar standards, but a total swing and a miss. Bad by any standard. A bizarre mess of a movie. I hated this movie. Monsters University and Finding Dory were both cute fun kids movies, but weren't special and were both pretty forgettable and safe. Cars 2 was safe and boring and meh. I don't even remember enough about it to have an opinion. Brave is also a hot mess. There are good moments, but overall it's another weird sloppy story that never really comes together. Up and Toy Story 3? Both great. That's how far back you have to go in my mind to get to the good classic pixar magic. Even giving them Inside Out as a good one, but I feel like the studio is in a major slump.
  8. Coco reviews are coming in (Disney-Pixar)

    The trailers have left me a little cold, but we'll be seeing this for sure.
  9. I've enjoyed this season. It's not knocking it out of the park or anything, but overall it's been better than the last few and a good 30 minutes of TV.
  10. The way they are doing it now is better for most people most of the time, but they should give users the ability to change them.
  11. Your reminder that The Incredibles 2 releases next year

    As someone with kids now, it's a little crazy how much of a gap there is between animated movie sequels. Like, I took my son to go see Wreck It Ralph when he was 3... and he loved it... and he'll get to watch the sequel to it when he's 9. That's a 6 year gap, or two more entire 3-year old lifespans. I don't know what my point is, but it's a little funny how it works out.
  12. Apple Special Event - September 12‎ at 1 pm EDT

    It's crazy. I've been conditioned over the last decade or so to always having to keep en eye on my battery, but I don't even need to anymore. It feels like I've doubled my battery life. I don't think that's the case, but that's what it feels like.
  13. Apple Special Event - September 12‎ at 1 pm EDT

    I made the same choice and I'm also happy with it.
  14. Why isn't there a PERSONAL HOTSPOT toggle button in Control Center? I mean, seriously.