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  1. I was under the impression that it did work in the short-term, but was actually working against you in the long term. So you blow on it, and the moisture in your breath helps the contacts make an electrical connection, but then it also makes them more dirty, which makes it slightly worse the next time, causing a spiral of doom. You can clean the cartridges with rubbing alcohol and a Q-Tip, but good luck getting to the contacts inside the NES. That's the problem.
  2. Where's the badge for inheriting a billion dollar business empire from your parents?
  3. Yeah, the only series that was worse was Voyager. TNG and DS9 were both quality entertainment. I'm open to anyone liking one more than another, but there was no big step down.
  4. I don't have the energy to read up on this right now... what did this vote even do? They voted to move forward on figuring out what they want do? What does that even mean?
  5. Someone should ask him why, if he loves scouts so much, none of his children were boy scouts? I went to the national jamboree when I was a kid. I got to see Steven Spielberg speak. He spent most of the time talking about how much money his movies made and how much Martin Scorsese is a hack. No, wait, he didn't actually do that, because he's not a fucking monster.
  6. Even his idea of inspirational story is a total joke. So you were at this billionaire party and you talked to this one other billionaire (who also inherited a real estate empire from his wealthy parents) who was sad? So listen boy scouts, when your parents give you a billion dollar company, be sure to maintain your momentum and don't go on a sex yacht, because that would be bad. Cool fucking story, you clown. Go fuck yourself you complete worthless waste of a human.
  7. You know, I thought maybe this was just cherry picked for maximum impact... but man, read the full transcript. In context, it sounds worse. When you read the whole thing, it becomes more of a farce. This man knows nothing but campaigning. He has no other message. http://time.com/4872118/trump-boy-scout-jamboree-speech-transcript/
  8. Yeah, fuck this and fuck Donald Trump. http://www.cnn.com/2017/07/25/politics/donald-trump-boy-scouts-speech/index.html How is any of this appropriate? This man is a classless, clueless fuck face. He's a god damned clown. I can only imagine the right wing media outrage would be if a Democratic president did the exact same thing. It would be a multi-year scandal. It really would. They would eat this shit up like flies on a turd. For Donald Trump's presidency? It's like the 4th most interesting news tidbit on a Tuesday.
  9. I wonder if he'll film with a piece of green tape over his mustache. That would be pretty funny.
  10. Anyone dumb enough to work for Trump deserves whatever happens to them.
  11. So is Sam Jackson ever coming back to this franchise?
  12. Why do they keep going back to this era? We've had three things in a row now. Enterprise, the new movies and now this... all roughly set in the same time period. Why? I usually hate reboots, but they just need to hard reboot Trek. None of this alternate dimension stuff either. Just start fresh. Put some interesting characters on a ship called the enterprise and start a whole new show in a whole new universe with no baggage. Or fast forward to the far future. I don't know. This trailer isn't a dumpster fire or anything, but it's also not getting me excited.
  13. Reminds me of Flash Gordon or something. Going full on gonzo with this one... and I love it.
  14. Amazing trailer.
  15. Both Fargo and Legion are extraordinary, so I'm super excited about this. If there is one thing that Noah Hawley is great at, it's creating memorable and fantastic bad guys.