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  1. I mean, I tried reading that transcript. HOLY SHIT. What is wrong with this man? He's a lunatic. Anyone reading that should be terrified. I don't care if you are a republican or a democrat or anywhere in between, these are not the words of a sane person. This is not how this is supposed to work. They've got to get this guy out ASAP. This isn't funny anymore. I can't stand Mike Pence or his politics, but it's time for him to take over. This shit needs to stop. We can't accept this as the new normal. This is not normal.
  2. One factoid is not evidence. Are unions all fucked up? Sure they are. Would we be better off without them? Hell no.
  3. He's similar to DeVos in that way.
  4. Hey, she's woefully unqualified and used her money to get the position. TREATING HER LIKE SHIT IS OUR DUTY.
  5. In a lot of ways, the way the media covers the Trump administration is a lot like the Holocaust. It's pretty much exactly the same I think. Let's have a conversation.
  6. Why isn't anyone looking out for the poor beleaguered billionaires of the world? Oh wait, the Trump administration to the rescue!
  7. Here, look at this, let's have a conversation. Okay, this cartoon is 100% FUCKED UP and you're a bad person. Rethink everything you think you know about the world. Uh, but... No, conversation over. This cartoon is bad, if you made this cartoon, you're a SHITTY PERSON. If you like this cartoon, you're way of looking at the world is FUCKED UP.
  8. It's an insulting comparison to make. Yes, this billionaire daughter of a billionaire... her struggle is just like Ruby Bridges. I mean, seriously, get the fuck out of here with that shit. Is that supposed to be ironic or is it supposed to be taken at face value? UPDATE: It's not ironic. This cartoon is just awful. And if anyone sees this cartoon and aren't instantly revulsed by what it's saying, you need to revaluate how you look at the world.
  9. The full text because... WHAT THE FUCK
  10. Trumps little billionaire super buddies government fun club isn't going so well.
  11. Maybe it was a bad idea for Trump to declare all out war on both the media and the intelligence community.
  12. I like how she called her a champion for women in the workplace. Young girls of America... dare to dream! Someday, maybe you too can be born the daughter of a billionaire celebrity and follow your dreams as well! You can lift yourself up by the bootstraps, use millions of your daddies money to start a clothing line and the sky the limit. You could also work for your billionaire daddy. YOU CAN DO IT!
  13. Until you've been a parent, your opinions on parenting are 100% meaningless. I know things like that can be annoying to hear, but it's 100% true. You just have no idea. Are there jobs out there harder than parenting? Sure. But most aren't. It's all too conditional. There are some kids that are pretty easy to raise and some kids that are incredibly challenging. Staying home with young children will drive you insane. It really will. You will lose your shit. It's not something you fully understand until you've had to deal with being a parent, every single day, day after day, week after week, moth after month, year after year. It grinds you down in ways you've never before experienced. It really does.
  14. But I'm scared of brown people.