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  1. After tomorrow, Fallout 3 is probably going to be a reality a lot sooner than we think.
  2. Just Breath of the Wild. Seriously. Couldn't preorder the system.
  3. Let me know when we can start throwing Kindles into the fire?
  4. Word is that Mario is practically finished.
  5. I like Nintendo's attempts to be different, because honestly, I DON'T want them to make just a carbon copy of the XBox One or PS4, because both systems are nearly identical outside of a few exclusives and their online.
  6. I'm not even going to go through the effort of quoting everyone who quoted me. I'm seriously embarrassed that I'm just realizing that my PS3 cord is a universal USB... I was mostly basing it off that ridiculous wire charger that came with that one XBox 360 controller I had. In short; D'OH!
  7. Any time someone types in ALL CAPS, especially someone like Trump, when it comes to denying something, odds are what they're trying to deny is actually true.
  8. You must have terrible eyesight then because those cords are like a foot long and you'd need to sit right in front of the television in order to play.
  9. Mario looking different compared to everyone else is just like the Pirates of the Caribbean stage in Kingdom Hearts 2.
  10. Obama jokingly played "a birth video" which was just the opening of the Lion King during the height of the brother nonsense. Trump is probably trying ways to sue everyone about this right now.
  11. So he won't release his tax returns, won't blind trust his businesses, and is probably literally in debt up to his ears with Russia since no American banks would touch him. How is this not a bigger problem and how is anyone on either side of the aisle not thinking, "you're done, you're not president anymore"? He hasn't been inaugurated yet, is there some other way of ousting him besides impeachment?
  12. Yeah, there was a different type of shower for people who accused Hitler of enjoying golden showers.
  13. I mean, it's not like we had some type of dick waving war with Russia for decades after World War II. You could almost say it was "cold".