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  1. So you're totally fine with Trump telling his supporters that the FAKE MEDIA is the enemy? So what happens when one of his looney supporters tries to shoot up a news station? Remember that nut job that shot up a Planned Parenthood when every idiot on stage at the Republican Primary debates kept saying PP was selling baby parts?
  2. Crowd: "TRICKLE DOWN THEORY HAS BEEN GOOD FOR US! WE'RE SO... hey, where's our money?" Trump: "BUILD THE WALL!" Crowd: "YAY!"
  3. White people aren't terrorists in Trump's eyes, which is why the mosque shooting went completely ignored once it was revealed that the shooter was a white guy who was a Trump fan.
  4. The outrage from Republicans when Chelsea Clinton would have needed SS detail would have been glorious.
  5. Why is a Canadian telling everyone what America used to be? Isn't he sitting up there with his gun laws and free healthcare?
  6. You're right, this a totally normal thing for a President to tweet out to people. Especially a President who has such deranged followers. Hey, wasn't one of your fellow Canadians that shot up that mosque a Trump fan?
  7. We're paying for them to make money since Trump didn't divest his ownership in his businesses. Yeah, even his adult sons and Ivanka are getting Secret Service details while they CONDUCT BUSINESS.
  8. Then don't bitch about the previous administration when you're doing the EXACT same thing, if not more. Remember all the times Trump bitched about Obama golfing? Trump is spending every weekend golfing.
  9. People from the Navy usually know a sinking ship when they see one. Low hanging fruit, but I picked it anyway.
  10. But that implies Republicans are counting on the Trump people to actually come out next year to vote midterm.
  11. So Wikileaks was okay but this isn't? And if Flynn isn't guilty of anything, why was he fired? HHHHMMMMMMMmmmmmm.....
  13. Even better, they're using it to send the leaks.
  14. Forget Easy D, Justin Trudeau is "Easy T".