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  1. It

    This seems much more book based than the miniseries that I wouldn't be shocked if they don't have the scene
  2. They were poorly edited videos. Come on, do you believe 9/11 was an inside job because some 7-11 store clerk made a video saying so? Do you believe that Hillary Clinton had a child sex ring operating out of a pizza shop? Dont ever breed.
  3. To think, the majority of the people running in the Republican primary, including our President, believed these videos.
  4. I'm still laughing at Spicer implying that Trump would EVER eat a salad yesterday.
  5. Considering Trump thinks Alex Jones is legitimate news, he shouldn't be calling ANYONE fake news.
  6. The Human Torch inadvertently convince Peter Parker to not give up on being Spider-Man after he suffers a humiliating defeat at the hands of Doc Ock.
  7. Before anyone complains about too much Stark, remember that the Fantastic Four played a huge part in early Spider-Man comics. Hell, he fights them in the first issue. The point being, Reed Richards took Spider-Man under his wing in the same way that Tony Stark does in this movie.
  8. Again, how were the stories fake? How in any way were any of those stories a lie? Were they a lie like "Obama went to his home state to meet with a judge to get the travel ban repealed" lie that you were fed on Twitter?
  9. How were those stories fake?
  10. I think everyone here knew the bill was fake. Regardless, doing that is a complete dick move. I bet you he wouldn't hand Putin a fake bill for anything.
  11. This is worse than the repealing of Prohibition! Damn liberals!
  12. That's just it. Trump and Republicans spent all this time criticizing Obama for golfing and vacation, when so far, Trump has gone golfing every weekend, and thus far is on track to spend more taxpayer money in a year vacationing than Obama did his entire eight years.
  13. How does the Flash suit look better on television?