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  1. Just to refresh my memory, Cohen is the lawyer that said that rape doesn’t exist in a marriage in regards to Ivana right?
  2. Too ugly to be Ben Shapiro fans.
  3. There's a song by Aerosmith, it's two words, but I can't remember them at the moment.
  4. Holy shit, BREEDING? Racist dogwhistle much? If Trump were anymore racist he’d be reading Mein Kampf in the Anne Frank Annex.
  5. Former first lady Barbara Bush passes away at 92

    Let's remember when Trump mocked Jeb for bringing his mom on the campaign trail... But also, let's remember what Barbara REALLY thought about Trump:
  6. So why were there changes to the sanctions plan? Did Trump get a video text from Putin showing some yellow stream?
  7. Well, that was an even dumber reply than I could have imagined.