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  1. I think the third time is the charm. Clinton versus whoever is running the show in 2020 will clearly be a main event for the ages.
  2. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    You wrote in the review: And for the life of me I have no idea what scene this is referencing...
  3. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    Can we talk about how Joss Whedon pretty much retconned all the characters from Snyder's versions?
  4. How about we stop talking about Joe Biden and talk about the fact that Trump IMMEDIATELY jumped on Franken, including using an unoriginal insult, just to score some political points with his base? That cool with everyone? Because that more anything has almost turned Franken into a martyr. Trump basically said sexual misconduct is okay as long as you're a Republican. Here's Jake Tapper for more: I hope this leads to more of these women stepping up to Trump.
  5. And yet Trump is mysteriously quiet about everything involving Moore... gee I wonder why?
  6. Oh don’t worry, I’m sure Woody Roy is going to find a way to keep fucking up.
  7. I’ll give him credit, he’s doing the right thing in regards to these allegations.
  8. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    I saw it Tuesday. The problem is you can tell what stuff was shot by Snyder and what stuff was shot by Whedon. And they should have delayed the movie and just let Whedon shoot the entire thing, because he gets the characters.
  9. Fiji? Even that elitist smug prick Obama only drank Dasani.
  10. Bernie Bernstein and Jewseph McCoffeeBagelstein are going to be out of job.
  11. He is what I would imagine a human version of Launchpad McQuack would look like.
  12. You just know he hopes they don’t thank him so he can dive into the “not racist” tirade that will rule up his base.
  13. The only way the needle will move is if the shooter is a woman. Guaranteed.