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  1. Little do they know Trump has definitely gotten women abortions because you know he don't wear condoms.
  2. I remember Fox News giving Obama a lot of shit for Fox News getting the “News” removed from their table card for some event.
  3. Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast were all the rage in 2003.
  4. You know what sites wouldn't have crashed? Every site he considers fake news.
  5. Guys, I don't think the Fake News Awards are happening today either.
  6. So Bannon is making sure all the heads roll.
  7. If Donald Trump is 230 pounds then I've had sex with both of his daughters.
  8. Bannon knows where the bodies are buried and he has nothing to lose.
  9. Trust the pro-Aryan Superman Daily Planet? Perry White is a closet white supremacist!
  10. The Wall Street Journal is such a liberal dirt rag. I don't know how anyone can read that liberal dirt rag The WALL STREET Journal. Liberal commie pinko dirt rag. You know, I nearly spit my drink out watching the latest season of Mr. Robot when Tyrell Wellick says that to Elliot when Elliot calls him a puppet. He quotes Trump verbatim despite the show taking place in 2015.