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  1. Seriously. Its good. Its really fun. Its got this shooting/puzzle/platformer hybrid thing going for it. We all know multiplayer is fun, but take a break and try the single player levels! You won't regret it!
  2. Zombie Army Trilogy - Who's got it?

    hold on! I am waiting for a sale. It looks awesome.
  3. You mean bringing "synergy" to the new employees by "re-organizing" the departments for the bright future of the company and its endeavors ahead.
  4. Is there a messenger keyboard attachment yet?

    Use the smart glass app for messaging. Works great.
  5. MCC anyone able to get online?

    Evil With is great! Its the successor to RE4 we've all been waiting for.
  6. I picked up The Evil Within, Project Spark Starter Pack, Shadow of Mordor, Titanfall, and a 4 month Xbox Live Card. After a gift card I only spent $66 bucks. Very happy with this year.
  7. Great deal. I have it on PC, but at that price I'll double dip to play with my friends on the XBone.
  8. Which console maker said...

    It was PS4
  9. Shadow of Mordor and Evil Within will be mine. Gamers Club Unlocked still apply on BF? If so, its that much better.
  10. Downloaded CE and H2 videos. Then used X1 media player to stream to TV. Can't wait for this collection.
  11. Destiny Vs. Phantasy Star Online...

    Speaking of PSO where the hell is PSO2 that thing came out in Japan years ago.<br/> This x1000.
  12. Horizon 2 Reviews + Day One Patch Car Club

    Thinking of quitting my car club and joining your guys. No one be joining mine. Been looking for a group to play with.
  13. WOW: Downloading Driveclub Vs. Forza Horizon 2 . .

    36 gig for Horizon 2 here.
  14. What are you playing this weekend?

    Destiny, Forza Horizon 2, Hyrule Warriors