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  1. Not sure if I'll be getting this or not. I am mainly interested in replaying kh1 but im not sure how it holds up mechanically these days
  2. Not Sony but you've got the Switch to look forward also
  3. Prime is the best deal ever if you buy day 1 releases.
  4. Just not much that appealed to me personally. Though I can't remember much about the beginning of the year
  5. That's probably for the best. If these were all 2017 it would be overload
  6. Gravity Rush 2 Persona 5 Horizon Zero Dawn Spider-Man God of War Red Dead 2 Death Stranding The Last of Us 2 Ni No Kuni 2 Detroit This year felt a little slow to me, but damn there's a LOT to look forward to
  7. Any word on PSN+ for December?

  8. Any word on PSN+ for December?

    Seems just a little odd that we haven't heard yet. Maybe waiting for PS Experience?
  9. Take this for what you will. I live in a very rural, VERY conservative part of Wisconsin. My kids school sent home a letter about 10 days ago reporting that incidents/reports of bullying had increased dramatically recently, especially reports regarding "race, gender, and politics".
  10. Yeah I thought he already made a similar statement right after the election
  11. Dragon Quest Builders trailer

    This has been on my radar but I'll be waiting on a price drop
  12. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

    I wonder if there's a way to restore its default settings?
  13. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

    Sorry If you've answered this already but where is your camera? On top of tv? Mines at about waist level, pointed very slightly up. Check the camera view on the "confirm your position" setting (quick menu) and move your hands all over to ensure you're in the cams fov. Also I assume you did the calibration where you hold the unit about 2 ft from the cam and rotate it on all sides lining up the light sensors?