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  1. Hail, Caesar!

    I LOVE that movie
  2. The Purge: Election Year Trailer/Thread

    Yeah, that's what my wife and I were just saying. I say give it 10 years and someone will reboot this idea and make it good.
  3. Fuller House trailer

    This looks like cookie cutter Disney Channel shlock
  4. Very interesting concept you have here 
  5. Firewatch   I want Xcom 2 but i'm not upgrading my PC just to play it. I'm hopeful they'll still announce a console port
  6. Fast and The Furious 8, 9, and 10 release dates lol

    Never liked this series, even the first one.
  7. lol, I was wondering what happened to "vote to play"
  8. How successful do you think VR will be?

    It may take on a life of its own and be independent of what we consider traditional gaming.
  9. The Witness -- Reviews are coming in

    Is it horrible that I'm gonna try to wait for this to hit ps plus?
  10. The Witness -- Reviews are coming in

    This game was completely not in my radar until I saw the reviews.
  11. Crazy good indie flash sale going on now

    It's a fun game. But keep in mind this was developed as a flash game, then made for smartphones. Before finally being ported to ps4/vita.
  12. I think it just goes back to the idea that people hate what they don't understand.    Personally I have no issues with it or people who enjoy it