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  1. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

      I mean I do want it, badly. But it should be given the same treatment as a console launch IMO.   And now i've heard reports of a PS5 as soon as 2018, so what then. A better, or perhaps bundled/integrated VR system in 2 years? 
  2. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

    It concerns me that the launch for this is imminent but i've seen absolutely no press coverage or advertising for it.
  3. Definitely a small minority
  4. I'm jealous of you guys. Don't have the space for it atm
  5. July PS+: Furi and Saints Row Gat Out of Hell

    Few months now with full retail games. I was starting to doubt my ps+ sub for awhile there
  6. PS4 OverWatch players

  7. Horizon Zero Dawn: E3 gameplay trailer

    This doesn't have enough hype. Easily the coolest looking Sony exclusive
  8. Anubis is my 2nd favorite map
  9. I think the fetus was a reference to the dead sink baby in P.T.
  10. I think this has potential to be really cool
  11. Sony E3 Press Event Stream Thread

    Incredible show. So much more than I expected. Also, horizon has not been on my radar at all but damn it looks good
  12. Will it matter that I haven't played the others