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  1. Dragon Quest Builders trailer

    This has been on my radar but I'll be waiting on a price drop
  2. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

    I wonder if there's a way to restore its default settings?
  3. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

    Sorry If you've answered this already but where is your camera? On top of tv? Mines at about waist level, pointed very slightly up. Check the camera view on the quick menu settings and move your hands all over to ensure you're in the cams fov. Also I assume you did the calibration where you hold the unit about 2 ft from the cam and rotate it on all sides lining up the light sensors?
  4. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

    I've heard anecdotally that it needs to be very precise. Make sure you're at the right distance and looking at the right place.
  5. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

    The demo was pretty cool. I've heard nothing but praise
  6. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

    Just a tip because this helped me, you can quickly re-center the screen, and access other vr settings via the quick menu
  7. Gravity Rush 2 delayed until January 20, 2017

    That's ok. Too much to play
  8. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

    Got mine last night. Holy shit I can't even describe how great it is. Job Simulator is so stupid yet fucking incredible all at once. Also like superhypercube a lot, dry addictive and cool
  9. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

      I mean I do want it, badly. But it should be given the same treatment as a console launch IMO.   And now i've heard reports of a PS5 as soon as 2018, so what then. A better, or perhaps bundled/integrated VR system in 2 years? 
  10. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

    It concerns me that the launch for this is imminent but i've seen absolutely no press coverage or advertising for it.
  11. Definitely a small minority
  12. I'm jealous of you guys. Don't have the space for it atm
  13. July PS+: Furi and Saints Row Gat Out of Hell

    Few months now with full retail games. I was starting to doubt my ps+ sub for awhile there
  14. PS4 OverWatch players

  15. Horizon Zero Dawn: E3 gameplay trailer

    This doesn't have enough hype. Easily the coolest looking Sony exclusive