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  1. Drawing is awesome on the iPad pro

    Yeah they're a little jagged from how far I was zoomed in, but if you draw in the natural aspect ratio it looks better. I I'm still learning because I've never drawn "digitally" before now
  2. And yes, I bought an iPad Pro because I'm a sucker,lol The pencil is quite nice though.
  3. I'd be all over this if they really remaster the old MW maps
  4. Any suggestions for someone new to comics?

    Saga has been on my list for awhile, I'll definitely start on it soon Thanks for some of the help!
  5. It is a solid 7/10 show on a regular basis It just feels worse because of what we have to compare it to. I've come to terms with this and have quite enjoyed the last few seasons
  6. They're making a sequel to Edge of Tomorrow?

    Amazing scifi movie but I'm not sure it needs a sequel Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Any suggestions for someone new to comics?

    Right now I have no allegiances. Though, I'm not too keen on "traditional" heroes like superman and the like.
  8. I am just starting to get into comics/Manga series. I really like Attack on Titan (I bought these huge collections which are awesome. I've also read watchmen (meh), a collections of the first 7 TMNT comics (awesome), Scott Pilgrim (loved), Nimona, Seconds, and Uzumaki. A few things: I find monthly comic issues a bit daunting. I prefer to have more to read than just a few pages a month. Anyone else this way? Collected volumes just make more sense to me. Also, do you all read physical copies? If I were to read single issue comics, an iPad seems like the way to go.
  9. The Mythbusters are coming back

    I was under the impression that they left of their own accord
  10. I find a good amount in regular {3v3} ranked
  11. Walking dead, sometime last year