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  1. Ok, thanks. I was hoping with it being bluetooth, the Pro would read it as an accessory remote. I wanted to see how the blu ray player in the Pro compared to the PS3 for movie playback and really did not not want to buy another remote.
  2. Project Cars was too technical a racer when it was released for my tastes to buy, as I prefer arcade or open world racers to sims, but I am certainly giving it another try as the free game of the month. Seems they adjusted the steering a bit, and is more friendly for the controller than when originally launched.
  3. Good to see the site back. I thought it was gone for good.
  4. I am using a 2TB internal SSHD in my Pro, but have 5 TB of portable storage, not being used. It is great external storage for gaming is coming to the PS4.
  5. Since buying 90% of my games digital, no need to even walk into retail for games
  6. Finally, official. I expect the Switch to do better. It just has to.
  7. I like it very much. Keep up the great work, MS.
  8. I agree. So far it feels like a horror movie, a slow horror movie. I never got that feeling with the others as I am also playing the remasters of 4 5 6, as well as 7. I love the action in the other RE games but nothing like 7, in my opinion. Capcom has crafted a complete rebirth, classic here.
  9. RE7 is blowing my mind on the Pro. It is so good. It is unlike any RE game I have played in the past. Just got to the part where she had the chainsaw. Great mood, creepy, great visuals, sound. Wow, Capcom, this is great. Oh my, just made it to the garage. Awesome boss.
  10. Yeah, that is how I connect but most HDTVS have optical support now a days so it is not so bad if a console doesn't support it.
  11. After the demo, I am sold. Getting this one for the Pro.
  12. I agree, most people are working harder yet getting poorer, while the few get richer, and this is just not happening to lazy or left leaning or democrats, many of those repubs who voted for Trump are dirt poor, and someone said work harder. Most are already working 40-50 hours or two and three jobs just to get by. No one is hating on the rich but I agree economies work better when most workers wealth are increasing not just the few like what we see now.
  13. I tend to agree, I mean the Wiiu has damn near all the big Nintendo franchises and that wasn't enough. I don't plan on buying the Switch but I hope it does well for Nintendo. That is good for all gamers.