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  1. Anyone pre order nba 2k17?

    I hope they fix the face scan camera issues with 2k17
  2. Xbox One S (1TB) and Madden 17

    It is so good
  3. Madden 17 Discussion Thread

    I am sorry but, Madden 17 is utterly fantastic, not perfect.  Very happy with the improvements.  It not only looks like real life football but plays very well and presentation, stat overlays,  values are impressive, and damn, I thought NBA 2K had the best commentators, but this new crew are pretty good and fluid.
  4. Maybe my expectations were too high but I thought with this gens consoles and the pc, the character models would be photo realistic, show realistic skin, muscle tones.  I am baffled by the character models as they just look off.  Has 2K said anything on why they changed them?
  5. PlayStation Plus soon to be $60

    You get no argument from me, which is why I said don't pay it, if you think it is not worth it.  Could it be salaries have increased, lol...
  6. PlayStation Plus soon to be $60

    Well, to be fair there was a technical reason the PS3 didn't have some of those voice/chat features.
  7. PlayStation Plus soon to be $60

    One could argue that they don't owe you a reason for the price hike.  Could it be that their costs have gone up, or they have employees who want raises, increases in operations and maintenance, or fees, and the hike pays for some of that.  At the end of the day they are in business to do one thing, make money.   You can make a choice to not pay it.  My subscription doesn't expire until 2017, by that time I am sure those cheaper codes will be available.  They always are.
  8. Madden 17 Discussion Thread

    Thanks, I finally found it under the feedback tab.
  9. Madden 17 Discussion Thread

    I am playing franchise.  Anyone know how to change the camera.  It is zoomed to close to the field for tastes.
  10. Madden 17 Discussion Thread

    Well, I am liking the new commentators, the games feels better, plays well, the screen overlays and stats are improved,  game looks good, the presentation I am also liking.
  11. Madden 17 Discussion Thread

    Can't believe I am saying this, but, hot damn, I am liking this
  12. Has the Neo's price been confirmed yet?
  13. PlayStation Plus soon to be $60

    I don't use mine, I should let it expire, but that exclusive might come out that I may want to play online.  Maybe I can find one off those $37 codes somewhere.