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  1. What are you guys playing this weekend?

    BF1 after a few episodes of Miami Vice blu-rays
  2. I thought they changed releases to Fridays like music and movies.  Anyone know why the made the change?
  3. Bought digital copy of BF, will rent COD, and TF2 with option to buy.
  4. Any way you look at the Switch, this to me is a safe smart move for Nintendo.  Many speculate that N will no longer have separate teams to make console and portable games, and it looks like it won't cost them much to mass produce the unit, so this to me looks like a win for Nintendo, but anyone expecting 20-30 games from Nintendo a year is expecting too much.  It is clear they are continuing the trend of doing their own thing and really not looking to out pixel MS or Sony.  I am not into portable gaming at all although I own a Vita, but this should do well for Nintendo.  This is exciting for the console market.
  5. Deals With Gold - Week of 10/18

    Where is it $12.50.  I have been waiting for the X1 price to go down.
  6. To be fair, if it was going to be portable it could not be disc based.  Rumors are the cards are 32Gbs.  
  7. I think there are many 3DS, and DS fans who will jump on the Switch.  Me personally, are not into the Nintedo games anymore, but the system has to do better than the Wiiu.  It just has to, and those expecting 1080/60 from the games might be expecting too much.
  8. That is a fantastic way to describe the Switch.  Those are my thoughts 100%.
  9. BF1 - Call to Arms!

    Are the visuals as good as they say?  How is the SP? I just received notice, from Best Buy that the Complete Miami Vice blu-ray collection was just delivered so trying to decide on that tonight or BF1
  10. I am wondering also, as the Wiiu is still $300
  11. But isn't the game owned by Square Enix?  If so, they can get any dev of their choosing to continue the series.
  12. Any mention of the NX version?
  13. 42 years old, and fine with the consoles, and I own every console since the Nes, so I don't see console gaming being obsolete, atleast as my tastes go anytime soon.
  14. First playthrough on hard time:  13h 28m.