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  1. I tend to agree, I mean the Wiiu has damn near all the big Nintendo franchises and that wasn't enough. I don't plan on buying the Switch but I hope it does well for Nintendo. That is good for all gamers.
  2. I have no interest in portable gaming that docks, but the Switch has to do better than the Wiiu, so I say it will be a success. Nintendo fans are buying no matter what.
  3. More like a $400 portable that docks.
  4. I think we are in agreement, and I agree, it deserves criticism. I certainly don't want to pay MS or Sony for online. I just figured Nintendo would adopt a similar practice. At this stage I don't plan on buying the Switch, so it will not affect me on Nintendo's side. Will be interesting to see how early adopters respond to the pay model.The reveal said it will not be implemented at launch, so looks like gamers may have a few months no charge, before they have to pay.
  5. This is what we have. If you don't like it as a console owner, don't pay it.
  6. Well, yeah, I would like to know a little about the specs cause so far we have nothing but rumors, so, yes, some of us were looking for the reveal to reveal that. If you were not then carry on.
  7. Seems odd no mention on the specs
  8. Please, just leave me alone.
  9. There is no way I would pay that for a home theater system or sound bar. $699 each, wow, glad I am not a purist.
  10. MS is not going to catch Sony but given how they started this gen and the continued hateraid they receive from fans, MS has turned the Xbox ship around from my stand point. It is not just based on numbers and how many consoles they sell compared to Sony for me, so I am happy for both MS and Sony. I don't look at who beats who as wins or losses. MS just needs to continue what they have been doing. I am fine with that.
  11. This is a surprise to no one. Good numbers for both companies, especially MS for turning around the platform.
  12. To be fair back in 2013, I really don't think the Pro was possible, especially at the orice point Sony was targeting.
  13. For me, yes.
  14. Well, yes, the SP is the main reason I bought it. MP is just the icing on the cake for me. The game is pretty awesome. The game was $29 this past Black Friday sale, this should have been a no brainer, especially if you like MP.