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  1. COD: IW worth $37?

    For me, yes.
  2. Well, yes, the SP is the main reason I bought it.  MP is just the icing on the cake for me.  The game is pretty awesome.  The game was $29 this past Black Friday sale, this should have been a no brainer, especially if you like MP.
  3. I don't know about scrubs but I am really enjoying my PRO.  The screen image is impressive compared to the base model.
  4. Opinions on soundbars and surround sound units

    I just bought my mother a Vizio soundbar for her 50" HDTV on Black friday, and I hooked it up watched a few movies, it sounds great to me.  has a subwoofer.  $158 Walmart, model#SB3821-21-C6.
  5. I am a few levels in TF2 on the Pro and I am totally blown away.
  6. What was your first console?

    Atari 2600 then Coleco vision
  7. Is FTL the best game ever?

    Never heard of it
  8. 1 controller for the Pro 3 controllers for the X1S
  9. Yes, the disc is installed.  I guess the point of buying physical is some gamers want the physical copy.  There is a technical reason why discs are installed instead of streamed from the disc.
  10. I like Alien also, as I just watched it for the hundredth time, but I like Aliens for different reasons.  I don't compare the two as they were different directors, and the movies clearly are going in a different direction.   I am fine with what he said, but way too much thinking went into that.  I keep it simple, I like the action  scenes, guns, bravado  setting, the  strong woman against all odds, lead character, backdrop, the character chatter, and that was that.  To each his own.     Aliens is my favorite movie.  Why would it bother me if someone had a different view? Simple answer, it doesn't.
  11. PSN US Black Friday Sale is Live

    Rainbow 6 Seige is [email protected] Buy
  12. Xbox Store - Black Friday Thread

    You surely don't expect MS or Sony to match their digital prices with Walmart or retail Black Friday deals on games do you? Buy physical if cheaper. Many of us did, as I got TF2 for $24 at Best Buy for PS4.  I would have preferred the digital copy, but I am fine with digital or physical.
  13. Not for me.  Bought my usual games, X1S, and PS Pro.  Haven't decided on the 4K tv yet, not even remotely interested in VR so not buying that.