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  1. Yeah, me too, will use my X1S in my living room and use the X in my gameroom.
  2. I doubt that. They will phase out the X1S when Sony phases out the PS4 Slim. Phil has stated they are going for 2 options like Sony, I don't see that changing.
  3. me too, a long with the other benefits the system will Allow, so I am looking to preorder as soon as they get FCC clearance.
  4. yep, I was using a 3 TB and 2TB Passport for this reason until I switched to (2) 2TB and 1 TB Seagate SSHD Firecudas. I see they now make a 4TB Passport.
  5. Well, yeah, it is not on BC, yet, but I still play my X360, so that is fine until it does go BC. If it doesn't, I am ok with that also. There are licensing hurdles is the reason many games have not shown up on BC. I am sure if it was just up to MS all the games would be on BC.
  6. I got the digital X360 MGS HD Collection for $11, which includes MGS 2, 3, and the PSP game.
  7. I still have my original Super Nes with all my favorite games, connected to my sd tv along with my other classic consoles. The 21 built in games for $80, doesn't seem worth it to me as many of my favorites are not even part of that, but not bad for the newer generation of gamers who may have never had a SNes.
  8. Yes, it is worth it. Had mine since launch and love the benefits over the base model.
  9. Yes, the OG games will work on the X1, and X1S. I want the Splinter Cell games, NG, Conker, Rainbow 6, all the games that work on the 360. I bought all multiplats on the orig Xbox compared to the PS2 versions, so I have a huge collection of OG games which I still play on the original console so to be able to play many of these on one console is going to be awesome to me especially using the X1 video capture apps.
  10. I meant I have always wanted a Mario game more like Mario 64 then say Mario Sunshine as I did not like that one as much. I do agree with you on Nintendo listening to core fans because their presentation to me seemed geared to the core fans.
  11. I was thinking the same. Metroid was not even shown which tells me it is not coming until latter 2018, 2019, and I agree with you on Mario, as I was looking for a true M64 sequel. Best of the show, I was wondering how many arrived at that, then I thought if what they showed are what you want then it is easy they did win.
  12. Everything MS showed is about what I expected to see. Really no dissapointment as what got me excited was the Xbox One X, I figured given the specs there was no way the console was to be $399 at launch, so, fine with the $499 price, back compat, and OG xbox games, Forza 7, and Metro. That alone gives me many many games to play, and continue playing enhanced, plus all the 3rd party games. I assume we are only talking MS.
  13. Buy: Xbox One X Assassin Creed Metro Need For Speed Forza 7 Wolfenstein Uncharted NBA 2K18 Madden 18 Everything else is rent with option to buy.