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  1. They do have a website, where you can speak directly to the devs with issues.  I did that a lot with the previous games, and they respond back quickly.
  2. Interesting article.  I am 42, college graduate, have a nice 20 year career, own a home, a few cars, have a 19 year old daughter enrolled at college while completing courses at a Technical Institute, and studying nursing.  I have been playing games since the early 80s.  People, simply need to take responsibility for their lives.   As a parent, I think I have done well.  I have loved videogames since my early days on this planet.  I suspect that will continue.  What would I be doing if I did not play games?  Who knows.  I already work 45-55 hours a week.  I think people should be free to live their lives as they see fit.     As a parent of a now adult, I think it is up to parents to instill values in their children so that they become good productive members of society, who are ready to move out of our homes when they become adults, and not lounge around playing videogames.  If that doesn't happen, don't blame videogames, or anyone but those who are responsible, and that may require a look in the mirror.
  3. Forza Horizon 3 Official Discussion

    Mine was Major Nelson
  4. Forza Horizon 3 Official Discussion

    I only do it for this series, lol...
  5. I get what you are saying.  I did not like the Wii or Wiiu, but loved the Gamecube, and Super Nes, so I have an open mind about the Nx.  I am not into portable gaming, and if the rumors are correct those expecting the console to even be on par with the Pro or Scorpio in terms of power might be dissapointed. Can't wait to find out more info, though.   Rumors are the NX falls in between the X1 PS4 original consoles in terms of power.
  6. Well, to be fair, Ubi was a big supporter of both the Wii and Wiiu before they bailed.
  7. I went to the Play Now option scrolled through all the teams, I think I hit the y button as as that brings up roster update downloads on the X1 downloaded one of the files that had the most downloads from one of the 2k guys, then scrolled through the teams again and I found and played with the 92 Dream team against the 2016 team. I don't know what happened to Pointguard.
  8. Forza Horizon 3 Official Discussion

    Preorderd Ultimate Edition.  Just take my money...
  9. Yes, I played the 92 team vs the 2016 team.  All the players have their signature moves and the animations are sick.     My review is simple.  The game has been the best bball game since 9 9 1999, and 2K17 is even better with the new animations, more varied commentators, stat overlays and overall presentation is great.     My only minor gripe is in the player models which to me they don't match their real life selves as far as accurately showing definition and muscles, other than that it is fantastic.
  10. NBA 2K17 MyTeam Help

    It is awesome!!!!