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  1. XB1 vs XB1 S vs Scorpio

    Xbox 1 orig just dropped to $249.  I have been wanting to get a white one, and may bite at that that price as my daughter wants one,  and MS is clearly discontinuing the fat model and going forward the S model will be it's replacement until the Scorpio comes in November 2017.  
  2. I am still debating this one.  I started Limbo got bored with it which is why I have not pulled the trigger on Inside yet
  3. Post your newest game

    Call of Duty 3(Xbox 360)
  4. 23 games you may have missed on the PS4

    I don't generally miss any as I buy day one if they appeal to me, other than Indie stuff, not into those that much.
  5. Gears of War 4: new campaign gameplay video

    Can't wait, as I am still playing all 4 of last gens Gears games on Xbox One, and the Gears remaster was fantastic.     Gears was my favorite series last gen, and Gears 1 2 3 are among my alltime favorite games, especially when you add online, horde, co op multiplayer components in.  G4 looks really good, and seems to follow the story of Marcus Fenix son.
  6. Doom3 SSX Condemned Sonic 4 Capcom Arcade Final Fight HD on Xbox 1  
  7. Sonic version 1 & 2 were also added
  8. Xbox One S August 2

    A year is a long way off.  Seems they are giving gamers more options like Sony, and the Neo is coming out sooner than the Scorpio, could come this year but you really don't see many saying why buy a PS4.    The S replaces the original, with Uhd drive, 4K support, smaller, brick inside as many wanted these features, so those who want to play X1 games now, and may or may not have Win10, why not get the X1 now?     If many are fine with that, good, continue enjoying the X1, going forward the Scorpio will offer more options, so I plan to continue enjoying my X1 like I have been since day one, and upgrading to the Scorpio when it comes, all games will carry over.     For many, the Scorpio may not be for them.  Seems to be good move for MS, in my view.   Given the fact that you can plug whatever size external hdd into the X1, the internal drive size is really not that big of deal, imo.  I am currently using a 5TB drive for my 500 GB Day One model.
  9. Xbox One S August 2

    Looks cool, but fine with the original at this point.
  10. Rumor has it the next bc titles are all 3 Bioshock games
  11. Will 360's be impossible to get, say after 2017

    Yes, and it now looks like the only new ones are the latest model, and to me the best model is the S model, which is why a few months back I bought a White S model on Gamestop.Com w/warranty as a backup.
  12. Does this used 360 sound OK?

     I would pay extra and get an S model instead.     I bought a White S model on Gamestop.Com a few months ago, with warranty, $90 as a backup, as the price immediately went up on Amazon when MS announced they were ending manufacturing, and I did not want the last model that looked like the X1, where they removed stuff.
  13. Crazy to get ND Collection before owning a PS4?

    Do u need to ask?  Please, get it..
  14. Me too, I still play them on the OG Xbox, and many of mine also are playable on the 360 through BC.
  15. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End |OT| Patch 1.08 and DLC drops 6/29

    Simple answer for me, is, no.