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  1. TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan

    I agree, my feeling while playing it also, was this game was so half assed.  I do disagree with you that the game is so short you don't have time to get sick of it, because alot of the reviews say just that, they got sick of the bland back grounds, the shimmering visuals which did not seem to take advantage of the consoles, boring boss battles, repetitive play.  Me as a gamer, I don't need to play games for hours to know whether I like it.  I know right off the bat if it is something I don't like when it comes to my games, and this feeling I got with this game as soon as the cut scene ended, and I started playing it, and with great games like U4, Doom, and others, I just can't see wasting time or money on like you said a half assed game like this.  My favorite turtles games to this day are Turtles IV on the Supernes, and the arcade game which I play on PC in MAME arcade, if they don't make another great Turtles games games I am fine with that..
  2. TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan

    After watching the videos and looking at the reviews , I did not like what I saw.  I received the game from gamefly, played a bit and knew it was not for me, sent it back.  Dissapointed with the overall quality of the game, game play got boring, and there were some visual issues that should not be there. It is a movie game so I had low expectations anyways.
  3. Awesome news.  2017 is going to be amazing for Nintendo, Xbox, and Sony console only gamers
  4. Awesome news.  I would not buy an Xbox slim just to get a smaller X1 as I am fine with the size of the current model, but I am interested in what MS and Sony are bringing to the table as far as hardware upgrades.What a great time to be a multi console gamer
  5. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End |OT| 2.7 Million Served!

    Nice numbers
  6. Uncharted 4 First Week Sales Surpass 2.7 Million

    Nice.  Good to see a great game doing well.
  7. Simple answer is, no options. You want to play your PS4 exclusives, well, use the controller and love it like the rest of us.  
  8. Overwatch platform

    X1 version shipped from Gamefly.  Eurogamer says all versions run well, so no matter the platform should be a good experience.  
  9. After all this time, since 1999, Dreamcast4life, and they still can't make a good basketball game or anything even remotely that can compete with 2K, it may be time to shut the Live series down for consoles, or search for new developers, as there is no excuse for EA to make a worst bball game than  2K every year given EA's success and they probably work which a much larger budget than 2K.
  10. Trying to hook my old NES to my HDTV, need help

    The picture is going to look terrible on a newer tv especially on an HDTV, which is why I play all my classic consoles on a Phillips SD TV, which has the standard, svid, and red blue green connections, but these aren't made anymore.  All you really need to do is Google a converter connector, as that is the only way unless you want to use emulation via your pc, which I also use, and just search for game roms to add to it.
  11. Well, to be fair, we gamers don't encourage devs to make bad games. I really don't think anyone is encouraging anyone to have low or no standards.  We are talking games here, I don't make the games, I just play them, and honestly what some stranger says on a message board really doesn't change or encourage my view and I would think this is the case for most gamers.  I just don't agree with that.     As far as performance in games, my gaming tastes are simple.  I want the best games devs can make based on the hardware and since I game on consoles, well, that is what I expect, so 60 FPS/1080 is probably not a realistic expectation to have for most console games, and I am fine with that.  These are my views, I don't expect or care if anyone agrees, but I do respect others views, and not bash if someone doesn't agree with me.
  12. All gamers see the game almost pauses for no reason, freezes, and choppy in sections which is what I saw while playing it, console gamer or not. 
  13. I played 2 hours of the game.  Just did not like it, especially the dips. Looked okay. Boring, clunky interface, unimspired, unoptimised came to mind while playing this. Characters looked the same.   This game will not sell well against the other great titles like U4, and Doom that were just released.
  14. Doom Impressions Thread (PC/X1/PS4)

    U got Doom over Uncharted 4 as GOTY