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  1. Best Dungeon/Cave music

    No D2 music so far. Wow.    
  2. Can only say the one game I've played that came out this year.   Street Fighter V
  3. Wow. That's seriously all I have to say about this.   Wow.
  4. What music player do you guys use?

    Subsonic mainly because I host all my music on a different machine.
  5. Learn somethin new every day.
  6. Can't even begin to imagine what it's like having schizophrenia . Hope he gets the help he needs.
  7. How close are you with your sibling(s)

    Older brother. Talk to him maybe once or twice a year.   Sorry to hear about your sis with the Jehova's Witness thing, @Triage . It's nearly impossible to reason with people who are devout and hyper-religious. Especially when it comes to that sect/denomination(?).
  8.   You don't have to creep on her from outside, y'know. You could totally join us.
  9. Because they're seen as snitches, traitors to the badge.
  10. Depends on the language. 
  11. I'm in Beaverton, OR. How close are you to Seattle?
  12. Speaking of Garm: A New Ulver Album Came Out!

    Whoa. Haven't listened to them in a long time. Awesome still see them pumpin shit out.
  13.   When I saw @Triage mentioned my name there was a tingle in my balls so they're still attached.   I'm up here in the PNW now and fuckin' LOVIN it.   How's the life, bros and bras?