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  1. Join and tell me how bad I am!    
  2. EVO 2016 Line Up

    Still so surprised they just dropped USF4 like that. Never even heard of Pokken tournament. Let's see how this goes...
  3. MAD CATZ V CUP Featuring Street Fighter V

        Should I ask to have this moved to General Gaming?
  4. MAD CATZ V CUP Featuring Street Fighter V

    Well, this thread's already dead.
  5. Streaming hosted by MadCatz on Twitch can be found here.   Just heard Spooky say that there is an exhibition today and a tournament tomorrow for SFV.   If you're curious about SFV, but not sure how it's going to look this is a good time to see what it's like considering some of the biggest names are going to be in the exhibition and at the tournament.   YOU'RE WELCOME   [Edit] Exhibition is starting in about 10-15 minutes. Not sure about the tournament tomorrow.
  6. Thanks for the tag, @SFLUFAN . 
  7. D1Pcast Episode 13 - Scope and Size (Ft. Comet)

    Awesome to hear @Comet 's voice again in my ears. Great podcast, guys. Keep it up!
  8. Finished that like 10 years ago because I know how to sew.
  9. What weird music do you like?

    That's a lot better than some of the other folk metal I've listened to. Thanks for the mention.
  10. I had a special reply for this. She does know how to sew. BECAUSE I FUCKIN TAUGHT HER