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  1. New PS4 OS images

    Its so damn cluttered, now we know why it requires so much RAM!
  2. Which D1Pshits are on your list?

    I did say "go out of your way to spend time with" people who you are "forced" to be with are exempt.
  3. Which D1Pshits are on your list?

    I disagree, because of the fact that there are stupid and cowardly people its time to ignore them. Unless if you go out of your way to spend time with all the people that annoy or upset you in real life?
  4. ... ... Sony Japan is still completely incompetent when it comes to coding OS. They should have hired Microsoft employees to make the PS4 OS.
  5. I have Demon's Soul as a freebie from PS+ that I will get around to after Sleeping Dogs, so I'll give it a fair shake.
  6. I know that it appears to you that I am apart of the "SDF", but this isn't true. It looked that way to you because Microsoft fumbled for 3 months straight, and I only called it like I saw it. Every time MS does something great, I also give them credit for it. I am currently less interested in the way they view the future of console gaming than I am with Sony's view. That being said, this is a huge fumble for Sony, with an unnecessarily bloated and unoptimized OS and I am once again calling it like I see it.
  7. I never played Demon's Soul or Dark Souls, so how could I say I didn't like them? Perhaps you have me confused with someone else.
  8. Am I in the fucking twilight zone? Here I am pissed at Sony, and here you are happy with a Sony decision (for once!)?! No I disagree Moonies (betcha saw that coming?), Sony is getting too OS-obsessed and not gaming-obsessed. Let MS obsess over multiple-apps-at-once OS, I want Sony to be more game-focused. I get future-proofing and all that jazz, but Sony is using MORE RAM than MS is! That's just flat-out poor OS optimization. I think of myself as a guy who 'calls it like he sees it', when MS did nothing but fumble for 3 months, it looked like I was happy, though I wasn't. As for gloating, I'm just teasing the Xboner fans because they were basically asking for it!
  9. The Final Bosman: Days of Future Past

    Didn't I just fucking say that? Apparently you're not bothering to read, only knee-jerk react in some manner without putting any thought into your post. This subject is done with, I'm moving on from it.
  10. I've been fucked? EVERYONE GOT FUCKED! 3.5 just seems overkill, I'd rather sacrifice instant-game-switching in the background in order to free up some space. I don't need to play two games at once, damn it!
  11. The guy claimed "NOTHING SERIOUS!" well this is fucking serious! I can only think of one reason. Sony is STILL SHIT at creating an OS. While MS corp has more experience with creating OSes than any other company on the planet. Sony just can't keep up with their know-how and resourcefulness, so they require more memory. Doesn't this mean Xboner has 5 GBs + 32MB of ESRAM dedicated to games while PS4 has 4.5 GBs (of faster RAM) dedicated to games? This is bad, since I was flat-out expecting (hoping ) that I only needed a single console to experience the best version of all multiplatform games. Seems like that won't be the case.
  12. ................................................... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY SONY?! WHYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your god damn OS doesn't need fucking 3.5 GBs of RAM! FUCK YOU! Well this confirms multiplatform games being almost trivial now. *Waits for PS5 and Xbox4*