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  1. I don't really get what New Game+ mode does, it's poorly explained in the menu. You just get to select a mission that you have a save for? Weird if I understood that correctly. Also, I got the machine gun and rocket launcher additional weapons. Are they now available somewhere in the game as I do another play through or right from the get-go? Thinking of doing another run on the easiest setting just for the glorious combat and gore. Survival was definitely pretty hard already. I think I spent most of the game with only about half my health.
  2. Rate my haul for the day

    Out of nowhere. Cackling like a fool at my computer screen right now.
  3. Damn, that's unfortunate. Will have to check if it may be cheaper to just rebuy the complete edition by now than the separate DLCs even. On another note, my recent dislike of a TEW2 redbox rental actually made me try the first one again. Now in turn, I feel like I should give part 2 another chance.
  4. I have to say I think the gameplay (minus the OHKO shit) is phenomenal. The gunplay and weapons in general feel brutal and hard-hitting, the hit feedback and gore is outrageous in a good way and I really dig the simple-yet-fun stealth. I found it stiff and weird at first, even disliking it a lot during my first attempt at the game, but once I took it on its own terms, I couldn't get enough of it. Those headshots, jesus. Oh okay, I wasn't even aware it had DLCs...shit do I have to buy those at full price now despite getting the full used game for next to nothing at GameStop by now?
  5. So I initially played The Evil Within around when it came out and didn't like it at all, never finished it and handed it back to my friend. Fast forward to some weeks ago, I bought it on the cheap (PS4) and managed to get completely hooked despite its many flaws. The core gameplay without the obnoxious OHKO set pieces is phenomenal it turns out. All in all, I ended up really loving this game and actually can't wait to play through it again. Anyway, I beat it on Survival and expected some sort of big revelation at the end, some sort of "a-ha!" moment that would tie all these bizarro bits and pieces of lore together and at least give me a hint of what was going on...and well, the end is a gigantic fucking nothing. Are there any crazy fans of this wacko game out there that can set the record straight for me and connect the dots if there are any to connect? Let's talk about The Evil Within.
  6. Actually I'm a permanent resident green card holder since 2002 and have never applied for citizenship but that's due to various economical reasons and due to the fact I never emigrated to the States on my own accord so my feelings were very conflicted. I'm married here by now and currently exploring dual citizenship with my home country and the US instead. I was curious to read the actual legal reasons for these deportations because the most common and valid reason would be felony charges. The article omits this very crucial information and my cynical side tells me it may be due to some unpleasant circumstance or other valid legal reason causing their deportation.
  7. What were the actual cited legal reasons for deportation? The article states that many had permanent resident status, aka green card, but isn't clear as to why then they were deported.
  8. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    Mother! I really enjoyed the first...I don't know...maybe half of the film but felt that ultimately it descended into overly self-indulgent drivel the more it went along. I had completely lost interest by the end and just frankly didn't care "what it all meant". The whole thing just left me vaguely irritated but mostly indifferent when I walked out. 6/10 -------------------------------------- IT (2017) A very competent film that still feels very rushed even at its ample running time, at least for someone who knows the book. I was disappointed by the fact that Skarsgard was never given more dialogue and time to shine after his initial Georgie encounter, which was the highlight of the entire movie for me, and was instead relegated to mostly boo moments. As a big fan of King's writing, especially his earlier novels, I truly wish something like IT could be given the currently common 8-episode or so mini-series treatment, possibly with multiple seasons. There are entire worlds of character development, back stories and memorable visuals in King's novels that never made it to the screen before and I was really hoping that against all odds this would possibly be closer this time around. I know Stranger Things knocked off IT first, but I couldn't help but constantly think of it in reverse especially with that kid being cast. 7/10
  9. It makes things extra pathetic to know most of these guys would regularly grandstand against these types of issues on top of it.
  10. Being locked in a room and forced to watch someone masturbate is traumatizing enough without it being pasty, sweaty, jowl-y, bald, chubby and generally depressed-looking Louis C.K., jesus lord. Seriously though, I am (was possibly?) a huge fan of his show Louie and this certainly rotates many of his sexual encounter based jokes and scenarios into an uncomfortable and creepy light. I mean I can watch Kramer on Seinfeld and think he's hilarious still but at least his character isn't constantly making in-hindsight-uncomfortable jokes about racism or some shit. I'm honestly baffled by some of this shit these guys like Louis C.K., Cosby and the rest of the laundry list are into. With that huge of a fan base and fame behind you, how hard can it be to get an actual girlfriend that wants to do this stuff with you. I guess the gratification comes from the power trip aspect and not the actual sexual act then?
  11. I honestly wasn't even aware of a different cut, have to check this out. I saw Alien 3 quite early and it left a big impression on me, flawed as hell as it might be. The decrepit look and weird religious cult undertones etc. made it feel very dark and imposing to me back then. I have a hard time watching it now, but it definitely has a place in my heart as one of those "ah what could've been..." films. Way too ambitious for its own good.
  12. It was a joke, much like Rachel Dolezal's absurd antics.
  13. I mean the fact Rachel Dolezal was able to black-face her way into being a leading figure in the fucking NAACP should really exempt any and all future respectful cosplay endeavors just on principle.
  14. Still waiting for that magical and mystical Alien 3 Fincher Director's Cut, that'd be nice.
  15. I would believe you had I not seen Covenant already. I thought the fan service drivel was off the charts. Even Prometheus was better, at least it had vague glimpses of a diamond here and there. Even if I were convinced that indeed he was finally freed from the awful studio shackles that forced him to make restrictive popcorn fare such as Alien and Blade Runner, then option B is that he has completely forgotten how to make an engaging and good film in general much like Francis Ford Coppola before him. Both Option A and B are awful coming from a giant like Ridley Scott. I love, love, love his early output.