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  1. SNK Releasing a Mini-Console

    Actually I'd be totally into this one. Granted, that is if it isn't like $600 in true SNK tradition.
  2. Cool beans! I've avoided basically every review, video and general info after having the SkillUp video review sell me on it. Nioh was/is one of my favorite games in years and that took some serious time investment to start becoming enjoyable. Probably for different reasons but hey.
  3. That's a long damn time for a game to start picking up. I just want to viciously murder things while looking at beautiful forests as soon as the shit boots up.
  4. Pittsburgh Detectives Told to Bring Riot Gear...

    I'll be busy trying to find a GoW PS4 Pro bundle. Ironically he's the only 'American' public figure I've ever known to share my name.
  5. Best PS4 Console exclusive?

    This is going to come as a massive shock, but I'll have to go with:
  6. That might be one of the lowest criminal activities I've ever heard of to be honest. I mean, who the fuck steals that!? Sorry that happened to you, that's ugly.
  7. I've done a pretty huge 180 on this one since I checked some of the reviews, especially Skill Up's. The fact that the combat system appears to be actually meaty and deep and the exploration is actually there started getting me really interested as an old fan of the series. My Base PS4's drive is pretty much full with the bare minimum I want on there and it seems like the right time so I'm considering actually upgrading to the Pro for this. GameStop is currently saying unavailable for the GoW Pro bundle, anyone know if it's sold out for good there or what?
  8. Really like the visuals in this, looks cool. I wasn't able to watch the video with sound so I can't wrap my brain around what all this means, but it looks cool.
  9. I couldn't resist and was mainly just being a dick about seeing too much 'dramatic talking to son', slow-walk and other cinematic game cliches for my liking in some preview footage. Don't know if this is actually true at all in the final game ehhh...
  10. I think you'll only be actually playing like 50% of the time anyway based on the previews, so at least the chances of you hating it based on the new gameplay are lowered severely.
  11. I've been holding off buying Kingdom Come: Deliverance simply because I know these types of games, and this one specifically probably due to the team size, will be riddled with bugs at launch. So my question to those playing: what's it looking like right now on PS4? Any major messes still remaining?
  12. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    My wife and I, mainly her though, played through most of Donkey Kong Country (SNES) yesterday. She very rarely plays videogames but when the mood strikes her, it's always Mario 3, basically any Zelda, DKC 1 or 2 or Bart vs. Space Mutants.
  13. Dark Souls Demastered Impressions from PAX

    No... But I did want to throw up when I first saw a TV with that "Ultra Smooth" soap opera effect. It made me deeply uncomfortable to see Seinfeld looking like they were acting that shit out in my living room.
  14. Dark Souls Demastered Impressions from PAX

    Let me really assault your understanding of decency: I played Nioh exclusively in the 30FPS mode because I thought the available 60FPS one looked weird...voluntarily.