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  1. X1X Enhanced Games

    Fired up FH3 after the patch and OMG this game looks and runs amazing. Seriously blown away at the graphics a $500 console can pump out. I am also replaying through Witcher 3 GOTY edition as I never purchased the dlc and I am also blown away by how amazing that game looks.
  2. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    Dragons Dogma: dark arisen (XBX) PUBG(XBX) Splatoon 2 (Switch)
  3. Job offer accepted! Just pay my kids college tuition and I will be whatever you want me to be.
  4. I am still here! I lurk a lot because I don’t have much to say . I also post on ResetEra sporadically but these last a few months have been really busy for me as my wife and I had our second child plus my job requires me to put in a lot of OT during holidays(I am a Meat Department manager at Costco) After New Years though I will be a lot more active because I will be taking my 6 week baby leave as my wife will have finished hers so she could go back to work.
  5. Would be a dream come true for this to happen. Obviously I would want Ewan back because he just fits the role so well. I think this would make MUCH more sense then the upcoming Han Solo movie.
  6. What’s your Black Friday hauls ?

    Nothing snobbish about it @best3444. If you work hard then nothing wrong with buying the things you want if your budget and time allows you to. Work hard, play hard right ?
  7. Technically sales aren’t over and cyber Monday is coming but what’s everyone’s Black Friday haul so far? I didn’t go too crazy this year but I am also someone who doesn’t buy games at launch much anymore as I wait for those sweet sales. I traded my OG xb1 for an X earlier in the month. Xbox Live: GTA 5 $30 Forza Horizon 3 $19.99(had a $5 credit) Microsoft Store: Nba 2k18 $27 Shadow of War $27 Watch Dogs 2 $12 Best Buy: 3 Xbox Live 3 month cards and 1 digital Xbox Live digital 3 month code $39.99 Preordered PUBG $23.99 with GCU Redbox: Dark Souls 3 $5 Still thinkng about picking up the new South Park game as I never played the first one and since it comes with first one, I might bite at $29.99.
  8. For me they are because I don’t own nor do I care to own a gaming PC. i enioy third party games games more then exclusives so having the best place to play those third party exclusives is big to me also.
  9. Sure MS first party isisnt as strong as Sony’s but they have some really good first party games too.
  10. I have had my X for afew weeks now and I am super impressed with it. I never upgraded my launch PS4 to a Pro because i didn’t see enough reason to as my launch PS4 is still going strong and I more invested in The xb1 with all my buddies being there plus Xbox Live/controller. Traded in my launch OG xb1 for the X and it’s a huge difference imo. The system is faster, all games look sharper and run better, and the thing is so quiet. Not that my OG wasn’t but the power this thing as with it being so quiet amazes me. The guys at MS built an amazing system. I have a buddy who owns a Pro and I have heard that thing while playing BF1 and it is a loud system. I was shocked at how loud it could get. I might get get a Pro down the line for all those amazing Pro enhanced Sony exclusives but as of now, my launch PS4 plays those just fine.
  11. Thats actually a great deal! if I didn’t take advantage of GameStop’s ridiculous game trade in deal that happened a few months ago plus the extra money I got for trading in my OG xb1, I would have jumped on this but I only paid $150(with a extended one year warranty) for my X.
  12. Digital Foundry unboxes the Xbox One X

    Upgrading from my OG Xbox one to this is gonna be so nice. I never upgraded to an S or a PRO and my OG xbone is basically a launch system so this is going to be like a nice upgrade.
  13. Another Chance to Win Mario Odyssey

    I already have the game preordered and paid off but just wanted to come in here and say as a new member here this is really cool to see in a forum community. Y’all are so kind to each other!