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  1. I wonder what’s Hello Games will price this at since you can find it $20-30 new. Hopefully not more then $30.
  2. https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2018/3/29/17157434/no-mans-sky-next-hello-games-expansion-update-xbox-one-launch Never purchased the PS4 version because of all the backlash the game received at launch and Sean Murray going into hiding after lying about certain things. Seems like they have been updating regularly and next patch is supposed to be even bigger. If the game is priced right, I will definitely give it a shot on my X1X. Especially if they X enhance it which seems like it will be.
  3. I will take Fortnites “shit” gunplay over how janky PUBG runs on my Xbox one X any day of the week. I enjoy PUBG but how it’s optimized on the X right now, even with all the updates, it’s just frustrating and annoying to play because of how it runs. Fortnite runs amazing in 60fps on the X.
  4. Fortnite requires no skill now? Rubbish. The building alone puts it on a higher learning curve then PUBG imo. Also I have taken out plenty of shotgun users in Fortnite with assault rifles, Smgs and snipers. I mean have have you seen some of the top players like Ninja, Gingerpop and Dakotaz? Watch them and tell me Fortnite requires no skill.
  5. I went ahead and bought the Deluxe Founders edition for $30. Was reading it’s a great way to earn Vbucks plus I read the PvE horde mode is pretty good since Epic knows how to do horde mode with their Gears background. Cant wait to jump in tonight after work.
  6. Damn Epic is really killing it with the support for this game. Very impressive !! I might have to support them and buy the battle pack.
  7. The matchmaking on the Xbox side is completely broken in MHW. There is a Capcom dev posting in the MHW OT over at ResetEra that there is a “Overwhelming number of Matchmaking sessions to the point of destabilizing matchmaking service.” He said said they got their engineers working OT this weekend to figure it out but no ETA yet but it will get fixed. Only work around right now is playing with friends. Again this is why there should have been atleast one beta on Xbox too but Sony had marketing rights so they got three betas.
  8. Switch Sells 1.5m in December in US, 3DS Sells 750K

    I definitely can see the Switch keeping this momentum up depending on how 2018 turns out for them in terms of Software. They got an awesome lineup the first quarter of year and If they announce a new bunch of exclusives coming later in year, I could see it keep going. Year one will be hard to beat because imo it’s one of the, if not the best year one lineup of any console. Announce Pokemon and Smash Switch for 2018/2019 and they will sell more year 2.
  9. Already preordered at Best Buy for the sweet GCU discount plus that Steelbook. Will be my first Monster Hunter game ever so I am definitely excited. Watched afew videos like the one above to understand the type of hame but it seems right down my alley. Need a good grinding game like this after the disappointment that is Destiny 2. Edit: getting it for the X. GT: Lunatikhigh
  10. X1X Enhanced Games

    Fired up FH3 after the patch and OMG this game looks and runs amazing. Seriously blown away at the graphics a $500 console can pump out. I am also replaying through Witcher 3 GOTY edition as I never purchased the dlc and I am also blown away by how amazing that game looks.
  11. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    Dragons Dogma: dark arisen (XBX) PUBG(XBX) Splatoon 2 (Switch)
  12. Job offer accepted! Just pay my kids college tuition and I will be whatever you want me to be.
  13. I am still here! I lurk a lot because I don’t have much to say . I also post on ResetEra sporadically but these last a few months have been really busy for me as my wife and I had our second child plus my job requires me to put in a lot of OT during holidays(I am a Meat Department manager at Costco) After New Years though I will be a lot more active because I will be taking my 6 week baby leave as my wife will have finished hers so she could go back to work.