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  1. Thats actually a great deal! if I didn’t take advantage of GameStop’s ridiculous game trade in deal that happened a few months ago plus the extra money I got for trading in my OG xb1, I would have jumped on this but I only paid $150(with a extended one year warranty) for my X.
  2. Well deserved. Fucking amazing game!
  3. Digital Foundry unboxes the Xbox One X

    Upgrading from my OG Xbox one to this is gonna be so nice. I never upgraded to an S or a PRO and my OG xbone is basically a launch system so this is going to be like a nice upgrade.
  4. Another Chance to Win Mario Odyssey

    I already have the game preordered and paid off but just wanted to come in here and say as a new member here this is really cool to see in a forum community. Y’all are so kind to each other!
  5. I am from GAF and here to stay. I asked to be deleted after we being there since 2013. I won’t support a community who’s owner is a sick fuck like Evilore. GAF was getting toxic anyways over the years and just way too many immature posters there.
  6. Also from NeoGaf! Hello everyone !! Just created a account and am excited to converse with y’all. This place seems super chill! Question, how do I add my own profile pick?