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  1. Dragon Quest Builders or Minecraft?

    I agree with you 100%. Now I have played both, I enjoy DQB far more. Minecraft feels sterile to me. I enjoy the interactions with the NPCs, and having a clear goal in mind.
  2. Football Manager Touch 2018 out on Switch!

    To start with you need to find a formation that suits the players you have. Once you start signing your own players, you can switch to a style you prefer. For an example, I like to play a direct, counter attacking style, but until I have fast players in my squad, it won't be effective.
  3. Rolling Gaming Trivia Quiz

    Wow, tough one. No idea!
  4. Rolling Gaming Trivia Quiz

    You are right. Well done!
  5. Rolling Gaming Trivia Quiz

    Thought this might be fun, I will post a question, if you get the right answer, you set the next question. Try not to use Google, as it is meant to be just a bit of fun. My question to get us started... Which famous developer once went by the name 'Ashby Computers and Graphics'?
  6. Shenmue 1+2 coming to Xbox/PS4/PC this year

    Remember getting the first one on Dreamcast when it came out and enjoying it. I agree with those who think it won't have aged well though. I didn't really like the QTEs even then, doubt I could be bothered with them now.
  7. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    Dragon Quest Builders is excellent. Even though I picked up Football Manager as well this weekend, DQB has dominated my playing time. I can see myself playing through this quickly.
  8. Football Manager Touch 2018 out on Switch!

    I think once I get to grips with everything I will try the fantasy mode where you start a club from scratch. For now I am messing around with Everton.
  9. Football Manager Touch 2018 out on Switch!

    I had a quick go. Early impressions are a bit mixed. Touch controls are definitely the way to go, which rules out playing on the TV. My middle aged eyes would benefit from a bigger screen though as at times the text is a little small. I was using a mix of touch and joycons to navigate, and with practice it is going to work well. Game seems deep and complex so far. Spent 30 minutes picking my team for a match. Not bad, need to play more to get a better feel for it.
  10. Football Manager Touch 2018 out on Switch!

    Just woke up, will have a spot of Breakfast then give this a go. Will report back...
  11. Football Manager Touch 2018 out on Switch!

    Here in Poland it was 140zl. I think it is 39 euro? I just bought it, downloading it now.
  12. Football Manager Touch 2018 out on Switch!

    They only went and stealth released it today! It's up on the Eshop in Europe. It was added minutes after I spent my money on Dragon Quest. Will have to be nice to the wife now if I want it this weekend...
  13. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    I just bought Dragon Quest Builders, so I guess I will be playing a lot of that. I really enjoyed the demo, so I am looking forward to it. I need to stop buying games for a while though. My Switch is full of games that I am about 3 hours into, and Stardew Valley that I have put 300 hours in!
  14. Steep on Switch, vaporware?

    Steep was one of the first games announced as coming to Switch. It has not been officially canceled as far as I know, but there has been no mention of it in aaaaaages. With summer around the corner, the next few months are probably not the best time to release a winter sports game... Safe to say this is like Aliens - Colonial Marines on Wii U? A mythical title that will never see the light of day?
  15. Super Mario Odyssey red color Joy-Cons

    I bought a neon Switch at launch, but my left joycon died a couple of months ago and my local store only had grey ones in stock, so I currently have a grey and a neon red. I want to pick up a new pair, but will wait and see if any new colors are announced at E3.