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  1. The experience to me about Apple music is about how to convert Apple music from M4P to MP3. As all iTunes audios are DRM protected, there is no right for you to play these audios on Apple unauthorized devices. So I prefer to use a iTunes music converter for windows to convert all these audios to compatible formats. With using such a DRM removal software, you can remove DRM from iTunes and convert audios to common format at faster speed without hampering the quality. After conversion, you will be able to enjoy all iTunes audios on any devices without limitation. Learn more: Play iTunes movies on Amazon Firestick
  2. To be honest, I have no idea how to import CDs to iTunes. I'm used to convert iTunes videos from M4V to MP4 with DRM removal for Mac. If you have purchased iTunes movies/TV shows, you may have known there is no right for you to play all these videos on non-Apple devices. Media Converter for Windows is the program for me to remove DRM protection and convert videos from M4V to MP4 at faster speed with zero loss quality. You can learn its detail functions on here. Hope this point is useful to you.
  3. The easy method that I have tried to convert iTunes drm protected m4v video to unprotected mp4 is to use third party software. We all know that iTunes movies and TV shows are encrypted with drm protection. So these iTunes m4v files can be played on Apple devices only. Before you play iTunes m4v files on VLC media player, you need to remove drm protection. Before you follow any way to convert these video, you need to know more about how to convert iTunes video quality lossless. That will ensure the conversion iTunes m4v videos is the same with original videos. You can click here to check more details. Good luck to you.
  4. Should I buy Destiny 2?

    It's all depend on your own needs. The same thing for different person have different requirement.