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  1. I put them on equal footing (both films are great for different reasons) but I appreciate people that like T1 better.
  2. Really stupid move Trump.
  3. He seems moderate and he's the best pick we are going to get from Trump. As you pointed out, he much less likely to support starting a war than Bolton.
  4. Tillerson has the backing of Rice and Gates, does he not?
  5. I would support eliminating the corporate income tax, or if we restructure it, allow immediate write offs to all capital expenditures. I strongly support eliminating the mortgage interest deduction since it could offset some of the revenue decline while also being a smart policy move. Ideally, we wouldn't have a personal or corporate income tax and would have a progressive consumption tax (such as a VAT accompanied by targeted cash transfers to lower income to lower middle class individuals/families) coupled with a payroll tax to generate all Federal revenue. This would be more efficient and would give America a huge competitive advantage over other nations,which would attract a lot of capital and jobs.
  6. Many economists believe that the corporate income tax hits workers more than shareholders. Decreasing or eliminating the corporate income tax would help workers and make America more competitive. Throwing up trade barriers would be bad policy for consumers.
  7. His speech had too much nationalism. I did like the comment about space though.
  8. I can understand and potentially support leaking unpunished war crimes, but not an indiscriminate dump of info that has a lot of other negative consequences.
  9. Did leaking this information actually help us in any way? Is this the best way to try to make a positive impact? As for bombing civilian villages, I am open to correction, but I don't seem to recall any major bombing that were intentionally designed to only kill civilians. Mistakes happen and collateral damage is part of combat. I am open to hearing more specifics from you regarding who should be in jail over what illegal actions. I admit I am not fully familiar with all the leaked information.
  10. How exactly did her leaks help? I don't think I approve of Obama's move unless a really good reason why can be provided. We should have a strong deterrent in place to anyone thinking of doing that again. Maybe there is a case for reducing her sentence slightly, but not this much. I was under the impression that the Snowden leaks revealed more about domestic surveillance than her's.
  11. Are there any recent scientific polls on what each European country's public believes with respect to the EU? I have to wonder if the EU would have a better chance of surviving without the freedom of movement provisions.
  12. https://philpapers.org/surveys/public_respondents.html You can view individual responses here, and many of them wrote short notes to the side.
  13. This suggests that there is such thing as specialist opinion in philosophy, whether or not a specialist is more likely to be correct.
  14. haha yep