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  1. Google Pixel Reviews

    I just ordered the i7+ last week. I think I'll stick with my decision, but these reviews did make me pause.
  2. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Official Trailer #2

    It looks like more than just some X-wings and ties in the space battle. I see some Nebulon-B Frigates in the background and there are Y-wings.
  3. I enjoyed PoE. I will take a closer look at this down the road if the reviews are good.
  4. I wish it would just be legalized too, but SCOTUS isn't going to help this along. It will probably be debated the rest of our lives!
  5. It's going to be difficult to tell which allegations have merit by the time they are all out there.
  7. This will affect the numbers. There are plenty of people I know that were going to vote for Trump while holding their nose, but this tape is going to bother them more than any previous comments did because Trump is joking and boasting in a vulgar way about cheating on his spouse and degrading women in the process. The vast majority of Americans strongly disapprove of cheating on one's spouse. I would imagine Republicans disapprove of it even stronger. It's one of the few moral issues that polls 80%+. The other factor is this isn't something that can be misinterpreted. It is crystal clear what he is saying. Everyone understands it. It may not result in more votes for Clinton, but it will result in more people casting protest votes or staying home.
  8. Yes!!! This is incredible! I knew he was a piece of shit, but now everyone can see it.    This truly is different than his other mistakes. He's done. 
  9. SpaceX also has NASA funding. Boeing/Lockheed and SpaceX won the money if I remember correctly. Let's all keep in mind that Boeing has done jack shit to innovate rockets in a long time.
  10.   I am hoping for a clean sweep! This is surprising considering that earlier polls showed the Massachusetts and Arizona initiatives failing by a good margin. 
  11. I enjoyed it. I really hope that they take some risks with with Episode 8.
  12. So who should Americans vote for this election if they strongly favor economic liberalism?