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  1. Fuck trophy hunting in Africa. I'll narrow that down to I hate the sight of trophy hunting. It seems wrong. I was unaware of where the licensing money went which definitely makes the moral case against all trophy hunting a bit more complicated.
  2. Firefox Quantum Released

    I am using Vivaldi, but this looks interesting.
  3. I have exceeded my WaPo limit on this computer! What is their reasoning?
  4. I'm really liking Persona 5. Let's talk about it!

    I get it Yeah it isn't really a spoiler. You'll see what I mean when you finish it. It's just sad to leave the game behind. However, I'm enjoying Witcher 3 Blood and Wine a lot, so no real complaints! More importantly, I still haven't played Persona 3, but I bought it on the PS3. I intend to jump in at some point, but I would really like Persona to come to PC or even the Switch so it's more portable (I don't have a PS Portable).
  5. I'm really liking Persona 5. Let's talk about it!

    You feel clicking the spoiler was a mistake or me marking it as a spoiler was a mistake? It's not much of a spoiler, but I am always cautious when talking about the ending of a game, TV show, or movie.
  6. I'm really liking Persona 5. Let's talk about it!

    I loved Persona 5, but it isn't for everyone. I've beaten Persona 4 Golden and now Persona 5 and
  7. This is seriously great news and something I have wanted to see for a long time.
  8. They should have one of these special investigations going all the time on top public officials as far as I'm concerned. I hope this is a trend.
  9. I don't have a problem with this. Let's purge the corruption wherever it may be!
  10. I don't know. I was pretty tired with a migraine when I posted that. Overall it's just an intuitive judgment that based on what I've read over the years, I put WaPo, NYT, Wall Street Journal, and a few others a little bit above Reuters, AP, and NPR.
  11. I mostly agree with this, but Reuters belongs with the AP and NPR in tier 1.5.
  12. Hey Ridley, go and work on The Forever War and Brave New World like you said you would!