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  1. The PC Gamer Top 100   Top 10  
  2. Steam Controller is awesome

    I like the Steam Controller more and more as I use it. I still haven't messed with customization much.   As for Tie Fighter, it deserves a full remaster with dynamic music similar to iMUSE. I am not holding my breath, but I really wish it would happen.
  3. I just hope synthetic meat's texture feels like the real thing. If it is equivalent to real meat, I will have no problem switching to it 100%.
  4. Hunting overpopulated animals, such as deer, is morally acceptable, particularly if one plans to use the meat. Hunting should always be done in a way to minimize the suffering of an animal. The most ethical way to kill an animal is with a high powered bow or crossbow, hitting it in the right spot, or utilizing a high powered rifle that does not use lead to minimize lead contamination of the meat. If someone is just killing animals for fun, especially in a way that makes the animal suffer for a long length of time and they are celebrating it, I think it's morally wrong. So overall, fuck those people in the original post.
  5. In wild game, lead is often present.   I still eat venison in limited quantities, but it would be nice if everyone switched away from lead bullets for hunting or used bows.
  6. Very Conservative! I rarely use FB, but I must use it enough for it go know my political views (which I don't consider to be very conservative). 
  7. AMD Zen Architecture and Performance Preview

    I hope Zen lives up to the potential. I really want an 8 core Zen!!
  8. We Need To Stop Criminalizing Personal Choice

    So you want the Libertarian Party to carry the banner to repeal the Civil Rights Act and allow businesses to refuse services to anyone they please. 
  9. New Rogue One trailer

    You aren't ever going to top the trailer for The Force Awakens. I agree, this doesn't have me as hyped, yet I have a feeling it is going to be a really good movie.
  10. I would consider it a success if they can match Haswell's IPC. I don't expect AMD to reach parity with Intel.
  11.,2.html   This doesn't make it sound as good.
  12. New Rogue One trailer

    How is that Star Destroyer floating within an atmosphere? Well, it is Star Wars.   I look forward to this!
  13. 10,000 refuges seems fine. When you start talking about settling hundreds of thousands of refuges in the U.S., it is perfectly reasonable to be cautious.