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  1. Aside from some books on mindfulness meditation and reading about Buddhism on the internet, I have no exposure to Buddhism such as ancient texts. Do you have any that you would recommend?
  2. I've never thought about that. Maybe it is beautiful in Arabic, but I can't force myself, at least yet, to read it. To be fair, I hit the snooze on most ancient literature.
  3. On my book shelf amidst a bunch philosophy and some history, I have a Quran sitting there. Sometimes I open it up and read a bit and remind myself how much it has shaped history and today. If only it wasn't boring! It isn't that impressive when you just start reading it. Or maybe it is that much more impressive that it is such a big deal and I find it so blah.
  4. Garfield's Peter Parker was awful. I admit that his Spider-Man was better in some ways and I did enjoy some of the cheese that was almost unique in Amazing 2, but overall I find Raimi far more rewatchable and better films overall.
  5. I was waiting for you to post that. You can't resist holding a contrarian view about the existing Spider-Man movies! Here is the truth: 2>1>>3>>>Amazing Spider-Man Some of the impressions rank it the highest of all the movies. We'll see.
  6. Stolen from Neogaf: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1396608 I was worried that it was going to suck, but this seems pretty positive so far! William Bibbiani | CRAVE Jeff D. Lowe | Good Morning America Brandon Davis | ComicBook Erik Davis | Fandango Kate Erbland | IndieWire Mike Ryan | Uproxx Matt Singer | ScreenCrush Eric Walkuski | JoBlo Steven Weintraub | Collider Molly Freeman | Screen Rant Angie J. Han | Mashable Devan Coggan | Entertainment Weekly Joshua Yehl | IGN Comics Mike Avila | Syfy #SpiderManHomecoming mixes the growing pains vibe of Bendis' Ultimate Spidey & the awkward charm of the classic Ditko-Lee Spidey run. And despite the trailers & stuff, This is a Spider-Man movie. Iron Man is strictly in support mode here. Scott Mantz | Access Hollywood Jim Vejvoda | IGN Movies Peter Sciretta | Slash Film David Onda | XFINITY Rachel Simon | Bustle Jen Yamato | Los Angeles Times Abraham Riesman | NY Mag/Vulture
  7. I think the other study you referred to is talked about in the original article. This study estimated that monthly earnings went down rather than workers making the same. This study also focused on small businesses rather than taking into account large companies too. It might be expected that small companies would have a harder time making huge wage increases work without the economies of scale of a large company.
  8. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2017/06/26/new-study-casts-doubt-on-whether-a-15-minimum-wage-really-helps-workers/?utm_term=.85f37cfa556d#comments
  9. There is a difference between technology increasing in general and human augmentation/AI. Imagine a future 300 years from now where it is completely affordable for everyone in the world to enhance their intelligence and physical abilities in ways we haven't even dreamed while spending long periods of time in a computer simulation. Every job would be automated. It is far from clear what kind of ideologies societies with this sort of technology will embrace. It isn't clear that it will be Western at all. I agree that in the medium term, Western influence is on the decline.
  10. It will become stronger before it gets weaker, but it will lose in the long run. As technology continues to advance, it will seem less and less appealing to more and more people. They will gain in raw numbers but will lose potential followers by the billions. In the end, it is an ideology doomed to fail.
  11. At some point, both parties need to lay down their arms and start working on moderate bills that neither side likes.
  12. I trust Kennedy's judgment.
  13. Full Press release: http://ir.amd.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=74093&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=2282036 Slides: https://www.computerbase.de/bildstrecke/78759/1/ In response, Intel said through a spokesperson: http://www.barrons.com/articles/amd-reveals-epyc-details-intel-vows-to-top-it-1497997334
  14. Hopefully we will know more when they release their list of demands. I am still confused as to what's going on.