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  1. They should have just focused on making the best multiplayer space combat simulation ever instead of trying to build in a fps etc.
  2. No one saves any more
  3. No one saves any more

    I have Ally bank for my "emergency fund" savings account that yields .9 to 1%. Most of my savings are in index funds. I accumulated a chunk of change by aggressively saving and being extremely frugal while being single for a while. My hobbies are also cheap.
  4. AMD Zen+, Vega 20 & Navi GPUs To Be Built On 7nm FinFET – Globalfoundries Announces Risk Production For 2018
  5. Two days of battery life. That's how long LG says its X Power phone, which it officially announced earlier this summer, is expected to last between charges.   Not a very well reviewed phone from anandtech:
  6. Nvidia GTX 1080Ti specs allegedly leak

    Probably so if Volta is released in 2h of 2017, but I think there will be a few months where AMD is on top.
  7.   No, it's not crazy to think that a few remaining "anti-diversity dems" are going to Johnson, it's just pure speculation without any evidence to suggest it's a number large enough to make any difference at all. I don't even know why you would bring it up. Perhaps you wanted to bait people into your world where libertarians are racists, or rather, anyone who isn't a Democrat is a racist bigot. 
  8. Nvidia GTX 1080Ti specs allegedly leak

    Vega is looking as if it will be a late June released so Nvidia will continue to dominate the high end until then. 
  9. Trump Has 5-Point Lead in Bloomberg Poll of Battleground Ohio  
  10. I've probably logged over 2500 hours into LoL but quit a couple of years ago. You should not play it if you value your life.
  11. I'm now willing to go to a 5.5 in. screen. That should open my options up some more, including the iPhone 7 Plus.
  12. Gary Johnson is a Social Justice Warrior

    Yes, it is part of libertarianism, but it doesn't have to be a priority, nor does it have to be talked about. A lot of libertarians do not make this an issue because they recognize it would be very unpopular with the public. The public is more likely to enact religious freedom laws or repeal the civil rights act out of bigotry than they are out of a desire to make government smaller and less involved in the private sector. The Libertarian Party has run plenty of pure Libertarian candidates in the past and they have all failed. I wonder what the future of the libertarian movement looks like if cake baking and allowing businesses to not serve blacks is at the top of their priority list.   I personally would like the Libertarian Party to drop its rigid non interventionism on foreign policy and become more flexible on a variety of domestic issues. Your "strategy" has been tried for decades. I would prefer a larger Libertarian Party that offers Americans a rational third option.   Edit: And once again, none of this makes Gary Johnson an angry Democrat with a bad attitude. You remain incorrect about that.
  13. Gary Johnson is a Social Justice Warrior

    You are so caught up in the fact that he will force a business to bake a fucking cake that you can't see the rest of his positions which do not add up to a Democrat. You seem to keep coming back to the cake and can't get over it. The principle you advocate for would also allow businesses to refuse to serve someone because of their race or ethnicity. I hope the Libertarian Party sheds these ridiculous, nutty positions that the non aggression principle leads to. They need to if they are ever going to become competitive in the future.
  14. Gary Johnson is a Social Justice Warrior

    I thought we were debating whether "Gary Johnson is just an angry Democrat with a highly dislikable personality." That is what I responded to. You continue to dodge it. You posted that, not me.   Edit: I also bothered to watch your stupid video and replied point by point even though I generally avoid doing that if you can't type out your argument. That's the last time I ever put any time or effort into an honest dialogue with you.