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  1. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-california-doctor-murder-idUSKCN0VE2E2   Second degree murder for over-prescribing.
  2. Lunar New Year sale on Steam

    Similar, but not the same. Homeworld 1 & 2 were cheaper during the Winter Sale.
  3. Vic, Dell has your new monitor ready

    I'm waiting for a 27-33 inch 1440/1600p 144hz freesync OLED panel that is priced $1200 or below.
  4. Unjust Deserts

    Nice article. After reading the first three paragraphs, I smirked when I saw the title of the next section, "Determinism".
  5. Vic, Dell has your new monitor ready

    This is exciting because this is the beginning of OLED. The fast response times, good color accuracy, nice viewing angles, no backglow, and true blacks are going to be a huge step forward for monitor technology. OLED gaming monitors need to hurry up!
  6. 30inch 4k 120hz Contrast ratio:  400,000:1 Response time: 0.1 ms   It's too expensive and there isn't any freesync or gsync support, but I'm excited that OLED is finally arriving. I can't wait for freesync 144hz. http://www.dell.com/learn/us/en/uscorp1/press-releases/2016-01-06-dell-updates-latitude-and-industry-leading-monitor http://www.techradar.com/us/reviews/pc-mac/monitors-and-projectors/monitors/dell-up3017q-oled-4k-monitor-1311504/review   Edit: Nevermind, this was talked about here already.   Mod can lock thread.  
  7. New Hampshire Democratic Debate - MANO A WOMANO

    What Sanders said about North Korea was cringeworthy. I also don't like how he ignored the question about keeping 10k troops in Afghanistan. 
  8. The more optimal policy is to slash or eliminate corporate taxes.
  9. Fast and The Furious 8, 9, and 10 release dates lol

    You should watch Tokoyo Drift if you want a preview of what's to come!
  10.   ITT I was pretty clear that that there needs to be stiffer anti trust regulations and enforcement. You should reread my posts.   Edited
  11.   Maybe regulations aren't part of the problem in Australia, but they are ridiculous in the U.S. Ask yourself what kind of effect regulations have on a small business start up? Does adding more CFR pages make it easier or harder to start a business to compete in the marketplace? It all makes it harder, especially when the regulations can only be understood by experts which a business has to hire consultents to interpret and apply to their company. I mean give me a break. Large corporations can do this with ease. Companies with 5-200 employees cannot.     Regulation is part of the problem. This is a left wing blind spot. Otherwise I agree with you that anti trust hasn't been enforced appropriately.
  12. I agree with you there. I find it frustrating because neither party gets it right in America, although the GOP is closer. Democrats can't be trusted to attack this problem since they both write more regulations and enforce them more. Republicans get into power and more and more regulations are written but they enforce them less. We need some bold action to enforce anti trust and simplify everything else.   Edit: I can't ever recall hearing Clinton or Bernie talking about cutting or simplifying regulations as part of their small business growth strategy to enhance competition in the market. Maybe I don't listen to them enough.
  13. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-02-03/goldman-sachs-says-it-may-be-forced-to-fundamentally-question-how-capitalism-is-working   Some people don't want to hear it, but the regulatory environment has gotten so bad that it is a lot harder for new competitors to come on the scene. Barriers to entry are simply too high and new firms aren't being created to compete with mega corporations that can comply with all the paperwork. Capitalism would do just fine if we streamlined regulations so smaller businesses could compete. 
  14. Whys anyone looking forward to the X Files show?

    I agree that it didn't top those two episodes, but it was up there and very enjoyable. It shows that the writers and actors can still do it. Now I just hope they can keep the conspiracy storyline somewhat focused and decent while they order a 15 episode season!