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  1. There were at least a few states that legalized gay marriage through the legislature. So far marijuana legalization has zero support from legislative bodies. Decriminalization isn't even close to legalization because it doesn't address the black market. 
  2. Does anyone else find this pathetic? A majority of Americans have been for marijuana legalization for several years now. Voters are willing to take the risk. State lawmakers are being way too cautious on this. We are talking about a drug that is less harmful than alcohol or tobacco. WTF And look, we have had commercial marijuana in Colorado for a couple years now. The sky is not falling. How many years do politicians want to play wait and see and continue to allow organized crime to make money off of marijuana instead of law abiding citizens?
  3. Vermont House delays marijuana vote
  4. Official Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread (ver 2.0)

    I really enjoyed the flash back. I want more of that!   Overall this was a huge improvement from the season premier. A lot of stuff was set in motion.   @TwinIon  If Jon had not come back, ask yourself where the story would be on the wall and overall. Also, ask yourself what the point would have been to emphasize Ned's sister several times in the show (and even more so in the books). One of the leaders of The Others gave Jon a look like 'until next time' last season. All of these things combined would have been just pointless ways of jerking the audience around if Jon stayed dead. People do die in Game of Thrones, but there has to be some sort of centralized characters that live in each area of the world. I think it would have felt better if they didn't throw Jon's death at the end of the last season and instead began with it so we would know his fate within an episode or two instead of having months (or years for book readers) to speculate.   I think there is a good chance he will be changed to some degree, but since it's only his first death, it shouldn't be too dramatic. 
  5. CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR - Tomatometer Watch

    It isn't much of one. I am watching Daredevil season 2 right now and loving it. Overall they're doing a good job.
  6. CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR - Tomatometer Watch

    I agree that a few simple pieces dialogue would fix the issue.
  7. CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR - Tomatometer Watch

    Ahh I haven't seen Ironman 3. It's one of the few I haven't watched and need to get around to it while I'm catching up on all the TV shows.
  8. CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR - Tomatometer Watch

    I'm pretty sure Stark Tower is in NYC in the films.
  9. Cruz confronts Trump supporter face-to-face

    Cruz did great there. The best thing for the GOP long-term at this point is for Trump to get the nomination and lose badly. 
  10. Good. The movie looks awful. They are making the trailer seem like it will be pure slapstick crap that didn't even make me crack a smile. The original Ghostbusters had a good blend of seriousness and comedy and they worked well together. The CGI blue/green ghosts look like shit on top of the terrible jokes.    And I don't have a problem with the female cast. This is going to fail because of the producers.
  11. I hate weak speakers that don't bring a bill to a vote because it may fall short. Let the votes be recorded so voters can see who is responsible. It applies to committee chairs too.
  12. They're a lot better than reality TV.
  13. I read in a separate article on Friday that they will be voting on Monday on the Senate version of commercial legalization. The Senate attached it to an unrelated bill to force the issue. They are also voting on a house version that just legalizes possession of an ounce and a plant.
  14.   They already know how voters in Vermont feel. This is a way for the Vermont House to avoid the issue. They need to pass it now while they have a governor in that is willing to sign it. Hopefully there is a surprise on Monday if they end up voting on it.   @SmartestGuyEver , I bet there are a couple of others that support legalizing all or most drugs in some for or other. But harder drug legalization has a very long way to go. The public support reflects where marijuana legalization was 50 years ago.
  15. Wheel of Time

    I have read books 1-6 twice (I think I read book 1-2 3 times). I don't plan on reading them again, but hmm, who knows maybe I will. There is far too much stuff out there that I want to consume. Maybe I could get them on audible and listen to them on the way to work every morning.   I read books 7-10, and I do remember them getting needlessly drawn out. I don't intend to read them again, but I hate to miss vital stuff. The series is so good but so long. You have to wonder how they are going to pull off a TV show that requires so much magic and so much content.