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  1. San Antonio didn't even try.
  2. http://www.pcgamer.com/its-a-terrible-time-to-buy-a-graphics-card/ All of this craziness makes me feel better about my irrational Vega 64 liquid purchase. I could sell it for double what I paid for it!
  3. Jeff Bezos donates $33 Million

    I don't like how Bezos has handled philanthropy. He seems to only donate to organizations after he faces pressure to do so. For example, on his wiki it indicates he did not start giving back to Seattle until the local media called him out. It would be nice if Bezos put billions of dollars into developing nations that are desperate for help and putting it into innovative medical research. Hopefully he comes through later in his career.
  4. But they lost control of the news cycle. Now the dominate story of the day isn't the wage increases, maternity leave, or bonuses, but that they closed a bunch of stores. It was a terrible idea.
  5. I recall seeing headlines that Walmart's online sales picked up quite a bit last year as they try to compete more with Amazon. These are from a couple of articles today about these closures that contain information relating to ecommerce and Sam's Club stores declining: Sam's club was on its way down while ecommerce is on its way up, but I fully agree with everyone here that the timing of this could not have been any worse.
  6. No we do not know that. You are making an assumption. You could be correct, but I would not be surprised if I dug up some of their quarterly calls that this was planned or at least alluded to last year.
  7. I haven't looked at Walmart specifically, but it is pretty well accepted in the economic literature that a range from ~15-40% of a corporate tax cut goes to the workers. It was probably a little of both. It certainly makes corporations more likely to increase bonuses. The Sams Clubs were probably going to be closed anyway. I don't follow Walmart very closely though.
  8. To be fair, Walmart increased their starting wage to $11/hr which is an improvement.
  9. Really stupid in every sense of the word.
  10. I think that's certainly a factor, but there is a sincere concern that there are right and wrong ways to distribute cannabis legally. For instance, I could imagine Vermont eventually going down the path of allowing commercial sales through state run cannabis shops rather than the typical commercial model we have seen so far in other states. This would have the advantage of being able to completely black out advertising. However, the Feds would have to completely back off for that to happen since state-run shops would have state employees running them. The point is, there are a lot of ways to legalize marijuana, and some states just aren't comfortable with the way it has been legalized in other states with some of the negative headlines surrounding edibles etc.
  11. Great news! It appears to be a non commercial model where possession and personal cultivation are legal, but not sales. This could be a model that spreads since some states are uncomfortable with regulating shops.
  12. Mandatory IRA/401k deductions for workers. Mandate a certain percentage has to go into index funds that track U.S. and world equities. Look into a sovereign wealth fund with conditions. Its goal is to distribute gains to middle and lower income individuals/families. Its strategy is passive, low cost indexing. It is to be audited twice a year with rotating auditors with the results published publically. It is prohibited from investing in individual stocks/companies/REITS or being used for counter-cyclical economic policy during downturns. Implement a land value tax on the Federal level (and replace less efficient taxes where possible) Education reform, including emphasis on vocational tracks starting in 10th grade Edit: Also reforming school finance so that pools of funding are formed and redistributed from the state level down rather than at the school district level Wage subsides, EITC increases Edit: NIT/UBI Prohibit zoning or pass Federal guidelines similar to Japan Abolish or severely limit occupational licensing
  13. That's what fictional TV and film is for! I know some people that made similar statements as they voted for Trump.