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  1. NFL Week 3 - Is It Time for a London Game Already?

    Hoping the Rams win tonight
  2. NBA 2K18 Cavs vs Celtics Handheld mode

    I've got the timing down on the Switch NBA 2K18, feels good man
  3. PS Vita - Community Thread!!

    lol @chakoo sorry about that...I will stop, I wouldnt even buy one as im happy with my Switch
  4. 2017 MLB Season Thread

    It's almost here
  5. Spawn Wave Discusses the Possibility https://m.youtube.com/watch?a=&v=kN8qxFHLWY0&feature=youtu.be
  6. PS Vita - Community Thread!!

    So, um...the people who leaked NX are saying that PS Vita 2 will be announced at TGS..
  7. http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2017/09/guide_what_time_is_sonys_tgs_2017_playstation_press_conference
  8. PSN Down

    I haven't been able to get on PSN for Several months
  9. Sunday night game should be good, Falcons in their new building
  10. Who pre-ordered NBA 2K18?

    I'll keep you updated, just needs a patch, I think I need to turn off HD rumble if possible too because when you press to shoot it vibrates after, and I hate that
  11. Kasen would have caught some of those balls Mcevoy couldn't bring in today..
  12. Who pre-ordered NBA 2K18?

    Also @ohioguy24 has it on PS4, he is a 2K veteran can probably answer everything with PS4 version
  13. Who pre-ordered NBA 2K18?

    no but that's because im on Switch and there is some bad input lag with both the joycons and pro controller and my shots are way off, the cpu is destroying me loll, I hope 2K can patch this. You should browse the 2K forums over at OS, they have lots of threads about game issues
  14. I like the Rams new helmets they look good to me
  15. Yeah it's fucked,goes on system memory too..which we don't have much to begin with