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  1. Tiger Woods Arrested For DUI

  2. I mainly played USF2...I have a new game arriving this week..Xenoblade Chronicles 2
  3. Splatoon 2(Switch) Ultra Street Fighter 2(Switch) maybe some NBA 2K18 as well, but mostly Splatoon and Street Fighter
  4. what happened to apoc?

    Kinda feel bad for the guy, the lies finally caught up to him
  5. Final Round this weekend...

    Me too, some of these pro Street Fighter Players make millions
  6. Season has Started! Discuss all things Major League Soccer!!
  7. @apoc81 is the comic out soon?
  8. Ultra Street Fighter 2 NBA 2K18 FIFA 18
  9. https://mynintendonews.com/2018/03/16/third-party-nintendo-switch-docks-could-be-bricking-consoles-with-latest-switch-system-update/
  10. Celts/Cavs Rockets/Warriors TOMORROW!
  11. 2017-18 NBA Regular Season Discussion

    cavs have a lot of injuries...Thompson, love, hood, Osman were all out last night, but even when healthy I don't think they are a championship team
  12. I'll probably play some 2K/FIFA too...that's my rotation currently, SF and NBA on the digital and FIFA in the cart slot
  13. The fastest Grand Mac Meal

    That's crazy! I don't think anyone will beat his best time
  14. It Is My Birthday Today and I Now Have a Switch

    Yeah it's great playing in handheld mode
  15. 2017-18 Premier League Thread

    Arsenal and Leicester City are Tied 2-2 at Halftime
  16. NFL Off Season Thread

    Still hard to believe he went to the enemy
  17. Fuck a Cessna get a G5 Jet
  18. It Is My Birthday Today and I Now Have a Switch

    About time! Happy birthday!
  19. Canadian Deals - Community Thread!!

    NBA 2K18 is $39.99 @ Best Buy Canada, nice deal! Switch version is that price too! @chakoo
  20. Currently Playing USF2
  21. Ultra Street Fighter FIFA 18 and may play some NBA 2K
  22. Nintendo Direct announced March 8th

    Mario Tennis Aces and Smash Bros will be great, Nintendo going for the kill this holiday season with that Smash 2018 reveal