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  1. Hornets beat Raptors by 35
  2. my copy arrived right now, cant wait to play this later
  3. I wish Battlefield 1 sold more than COD IW, its clearly the better game, but IW is not bad I guess..just feels too fast paced in multiplayer, havent tried out the campaign. The maps in BF1 are way better
  4. not all titles are showing for Switch yet, as there are other games announced, but mainly shows First Party Releases
  5. http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2017/01/20/versus-nintendo-switch-vs-ps-vita-reveal-face-off/#/slide/1
  6. My copy scheduled to Arrive this Afternoon, looking to put some time in late night tonight
  7. Battlefield 1 PS4 NBA 2K17 PS4 Also my copy of dq8 for 3DS is supposed to arrive today so that could get some play around midnight or later tonight
  8. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/18518607/johnny-manziel-says-sober-needs-only-one-team-believe-order-return-nfl
  9. https://mynintendonews.com/2017/01/20/japan-fire-emblem-echoes-limited-editions-come-with-lots-of-goodies/
  10. https://www.amazon.com/Madden-NFL-17-Standard-PlayStation-4/dp/B01F84ZHMI/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1484928246&sr=8-1&keywords=Madden%2BNFL%2B17&linkCode=sl1&tag=pastapadrecom-20&linkId=a0beb055308f8f058b6d119f73d17a9b&th=1
  11. http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2017-01-20-nintendo-switch-to-sell-40m-units-by-2020-dfc While some have been skeptical of Nintendo's chances with the Switch console, DFC Intelligence is a believer. Today, the research firm issued its forecast for the Switch through 2020, which predicts that Nintendo will manage to shift 40 million units, which would represent almost three times as many units as the Wii U sold in its first four years. DFC acknowledges that initial hardware allocations and a slim launch lineup will limit the system in the beginning but "demand is expected to be strong and the major issue will be whether the system can attract a broad audience starting in the holiday sales season of 2017."
  12. the red and blue are nice looking
  13. https://mynintendonews.com/2017/01/19/pokemon-sun-and-pokemon-moon-surpass-4-million-copies-sold-worldwide/ Great news for Pokémon fans – Nintendo released a statement today pointing out that Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon has passed the 4 million sales milestone. Put together, 4,500,000 copies have so far left retailers shelves making the 3DS titles come in at number 2 and number 3 on the NPD Groups list of best-selling games for December 2016. In the last 3 months of 2016, Nintendo enjoyed a healthy period of sales with 7.3 million copies of first party games being sold resulting in making it the “best-selling quarter for software in Nintendo 3DS history”.