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  1. I read on over at OS that for some reason the server is not turned on to give people patches and game updates, so those who recent bought on switch will still have Carmelo on the Knicks SMH
  2. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    I might pick up a 2ds xl soon
  3. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    Card boards not my thing
  4. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    Honestly It's either there will be a successor to 3DS/2DS or the successor will be a portable mini switch or something that will play all switch games
  5. https://mynintendonews.com/2018/01/18/canada-nintendo-switch-is-the-fastest-selling-console-of-all-time/ nintendo Switch is the fastest selling console of all time in Canada,,previously held by wii
  6. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    3DS sold 750K in the US in December...it's not going anywhere
  7. Nintendo's December US sales: Switch: 1.5 million 3DS: 750,000 Super NES Classic: 350,000 http://nintendoeverything.com/december-2017-npd-switch-tops-december-us-sales-as-3ds-posts-its-best-sales-month-since-december-2014/
  8. The game(NBA 2K) is actually not bad on Switch and I never bought wwe
  9. Nintendo Labo - coming 4/20

    I'm with you guys too
  10. For nba 2k18 the Rosters out of date, no uniform updates(city uniforms) and we are two patches behind, what's going on?
  11. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    Marcus Sellars a guy who posts rumors says he's heard that Nintendo plans to release a 3DS successor in 2019