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  1. Apple Special Event - September 12‎ at 1 pm EDT

    Dark UIs really do make a huge difference to battery life on OLED. I switched to the dark theme on two apps I frequently use (Tweetbot and Apollo for Reddit), and I've noticed a massive improvement in battery life. Previously, I was leaving work at 6pm with around 55-60% battery remaining. Now I'm leaving with 75-80% left.
  2. Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9

    That episode was amazing.
  3. Apple Special Event - September 12‎ at 1 pm EDT

    That was my initial assumption as well when I first saw the unveiling, but once you use the device, you see that the current way makes sense. If the phone just brought you to the home screen, you'd have no lock screen anymore. You wouldn't have the 'cover sheet' with the big clock and background, the music player, notifications, and so on. The important thing to consider is that the Face ID unlock and the swipe are not two separate steps. You don't wait for the unlock and then swipe; those happen simultaneously. The end result is you just feel like you have an unlocked phone. It's as though Face ID has taken you back to the pre-Touch ID days, where most people didn't have pass codes. You just turn on the screen (either via raise-to-wake or tap) and you swipe up. That's it. That gives you the option to view your lock screen if you wish, or to just swipe and get in, as if your phone isn't even locked. It's also worth pointing out that on the lock screen, notifications only display when Face ID authenticates you. So, for example, if you leave your phone on the table and your friend sends you a text, someone nearby can't read that text on the lock screen. It just shows up as a generic template on the lock screen. It's only once Face ID authenticates you that that the actual text is visible. Additionally, if you get an actionable notification, you can tap it and it will take you right there. With Touch ID, if you wanted to do something with a notification on your lock screen, you'd tap it (or slide right/left) and then you'd be prompted to place your thumb on the fingerprint scanner. With Face ID, that's eliminated. If you're authenticated, then you can take any action on the lock screen without the additional step. That's the beauty of passive authentication (Face ID) as opposed to active authentication (Touch ID). The whole system was well thought out and makes a ton of sense. Face ID still isn't perfect, but I can absolutely say that it's a huge step forward from Touch ID.
  4. Apple Special Event - September 12‎ at 1 pm EDT

    I hate to say it but I wish this phone was a little bit lighter. We always joke about Jony’s obsession with thinner and lighter. For the first time, a new generation is thicker and heavier, and I think that’s detrimental. The battery improvements over my iPhone 7 are very much welcome, but I’m finding that I can’t use the phone one-handed for lengthy sessions because after a while, the weight tires out my ‘pinky shelf’. That’s the one real disappointment I have in an otherwise phenomenal product. The screen is absolutely beautiful. Face ID is amazing and often makes me forget that my phone is even locked. The speakers are a huge upgrade over the iPhone 7’s in loudness, clarity, and especially balance (the 7 didn’t sound balanced because the earpiece speaker was quieter than the bottom speaker. Not so with the X). The camera is excellent, but we already knew that. The new UI paradigm is amazing. The fact that it took me less than 24 hours to throw away 6 years in Home button muscle memory speaks to how well-designed and downright intuitive the new new app switching mechanic is. The notch is a total non-issue. Much ado about nothing. Apple Pay via Face ID is easily my favorite Apple Pay method. I prefer it over Touch ID and I prefer it over using my Apple Watch to Pay. Something about double clicking the large side button, undergoing the quick scan, and placing your phone to the terminal just feels so much more natural than using the fingerprint scanner or your wrist. Animoji are awesome. I feared they’d be a forgotten gimmick like those creepy 3D emoji introduced with the Apple Watch, but nope. They’re great - especially with all the karaoke and movie quotes. All in all, the iPhone X is a fantastic device. The one drawback is that it’s a bit more of a two-handed affair than the 7 was, particularly because of the weight. I hope it’s a bit lighter next year.
  5. Apple Special Event - September 12‎ at 1 pm EDT

    It’s been a little over 24 hours now and this might be my favorite Apple product ever.
  6. Apple Special Event - September 12‎ at 1 pm EDT

    I wouldn't call it crazy good, but 11.1 is definitely getting better battery life than 11.0 did. Since around beta 3, 11.1 has been a very solid and reliable OS. It should restore people's confidence after all the early frustrations of iOS 11.
  7. Apple has taste

  8. Apple has taste

    Speaking of other companies having no taste when designing emojis, what is this monstrosity from Google? Cheese goes on top. Everyone knows that.
  9. Apple Special Event - September 12‎ at 1 pm EDT

    I’ve got an iPhone X slated to arrive on launch day (Friday).
  10. Apple Special Event - September 12‎ at 1 pm EDT

    I still maintain that iOS 8 was buggier than iOS 7. 7 was a mess visually because the UI was brand new, which resulted in a boatload of UI glitches, design inconsistencies, and other visual problems. 8 was a mess because that was the first time iOS really opened up its walled garden (Extensiblity/Continuity/Health/HomeKit/iCloud Drive) and that led to a crapload of under-the-hood problems. While the aesthetics were a lot better on iOS 8 than iOS 7, 8 felt downright broken. It had so many syncing and connectivity issues, that it was beyond frustrating. For example, it took until iOS 8.2 six months later before Health data syncing was no longer a clusterfuck. Anyways, historically speaking, I don't think 11 is that bad. I mean, it's clearly buggier than 10 or 9, but it's nowhere near as bad as 7 or 8, and from what I recall, even 6 and 5 were pretty rough at first. We tend to exaggerate 11's bugginess because the last two years have been so rock solid. But 11 isn't uniquely buggy by any means. And so far, 11.1 seems quite a bit better.
  11. Looks like we have the first miss of the season. That episode was kind of crappy. I liked the barbershop quartet's 'classics' and the nursing home/prison idea, but that's pretty much all I got out of this episode.
  12. Stranger Things 2 trailer

    Is it just me or do Will and Mike look way too similar? I think it was a casting mistake to choose two actors who look so much alike. It wasn't too bad in Season 1 because Will was gone most of the time, but it could pose a problem in Season 2. Anyways, that new trailer was awesome. I'm looking forward to the new season. Great score and visuals.