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  1. ~*Official Hillary Clinton Obsession Thread*~

    Your Democrat worship and personal attacks won't change American history. They won't change the fact that there was no party switch.   If this switch really did exist, then it should be easy for you to name the Dixiecrats who moved over to the Republican Party. Besides the one lone example of Strom Thurmond, name some. It shouldn't be a very hard task. Go ahead, name a few of the switchers.   The fact is that this switch is a myth. It didn't exist. After the Dixiecrat movement failed, the Dixiecrats simply rejoined the Democrats, they did NOT move over to the Republican Party.
  2. ~*Official Hillary Clinton Obsession Thread*~

      Complete and utter nonsense.   This idea that there was some 'big switch' involving Democrats moving to the Republican Party - is a complete lie concocted by Democrats to try to save face.   How many Dixiecrat types can you name that moved over to the GOP? Strom Thurmond is the one and only example. He's the only name anyone can ever seem to name because he's the only one. If there had been some big switch, it would be easy to point to those who transitioned. But you only have one single name to repeat over and over again because there wasn't any such switch. It's a lie.   This last bit that I deleted is such complete and utter nonsense that it's taking everything in my power not to ban you from this site forever and delete your account in the process - D1P Supreme High Chancellor
  3. ~*Official Hillary Clinton Obsession Thread*~

    What's even funnier than watching the lefties twist and turn in denial is watching them try to portray the GOP as the racist party when by any objective measure, the Democrats have always been the racist party while the GOP was always the anti-racist party.   Who supported slavery? Who founded and supported the KKK? Who is responsible for the Jim Crow laws? Who opposed civil rights? In every case, it was the Democrats promoting racism and trampling on black Americans while the Republicans fought racism and promoted equality.
  4. ~*Official Hillary Clinton Obsession Thread*~

    Haha. It's pathetic how much the left will twist and turn to try to deny their undeniable double standards and hypocrisy.
  5. iOS 10, WatchOS 3, MacOS beta 2s released yesterday

    It turns out the reason a new iOS 10 beta came out so quickly was to patch a MAJOR security hole.   If you're on iOS 9, make sure to get 9.3.5 ASAP. It also has the patch.   This sounds like one of the worst security holes ever discovered in iOS. Apparently, a security company found a way to remotely jailbreak your iPhone by simply having you click a link. Yes, just clicking a link could make your phone vulnerable. There were 3 zero-day exploits involved. The second Apple found it about this, it got a fix out the door within days. It was that serious.
  6. Chicago University taking away safe spaces

        That's true, but Trump is acting purely out of his own desire for self aggrandizement, so while he often crosses into the realm of fascism in that pursuit, fascism isn't part of his ideological makeup.   Contrast that with someone like Bernie Sanders, who is ideologically fascist. While Trump crosses into fascism out of convenience, Sanders is a fascist through and through. He wants to control people's lives and force his will upon them in pursuit of this utopian idealized state he has in his mind.
  7. Chicago University taking away safe spaces

        The biggest threat of fascism today is coming from the left. Look at this recent story with Aetna and Obamacare. You push an unsustainable policy that harms the economy, people and organizations act in their best interest to mitigate the damage done, and then when they do so, you accuse them of being disloyal and greedy.   That's how fascism begins. That's how it operates. You enact terrible policies, and when they inevitably fail, instead of rethinking those policies, you start creating scapegoats and singling out individuals and organizations that are 'not acting in the state's best interests'. That's how the fascist regimes of the 20th century operated, that's how fascists like Chavez and Maduro operate(d), and that mentality is now making its way into the US.
  8. Chicago University taking away safe spaces

        Good ol' Trigglypuff.
  9. So Trump has officially abandoned his signature position.     Is that not the same position that Trump and his minions utterly bashed Rubio for? Now we get to see all the Trumpkins try to rationalize this complete flip-flop.
  10.   Came here to say this.   And Popeyes has the biscuits.
  11. BBC Top 100 Films of the 21st Century

      As a huge Coen Bros fan, I wasn't impressed by Inside Llewyn Davis. It wasn't bad, but I thought it was one of the weakest films they've ever made. It just wasn't particularly memorable.