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  1. No it doesn't. That only happens when government offers protection. But when there's real competition, collusion can't exist because someone is always going to lower the price a little to try to beat everyone else.
  2. Just like how companies charge you $10,000 for a pair of shoes and $100,000 for a computer? That doesn't happen because of competition. If one company charges too much, another will swoop in, charge less, and take all their customers. Supply of goods and supply of labour work in the exact same way. If one company pays "next to nothing for slave labor", another company will offer better wages and better working conditions, they'd attract better workers, and they'd have a more successful business as a result. That's the nature of competition. That's the beauty of capitalism. Supply and demand auto-adjust until they reach the proper equilibrium. It's only when you try to artificially manipulate that equilibrium via external force that you end up with insufficient supply or demand, which results in high prices or low wages.
  3. You guys truly are pathetic. This cult you're in is scary.
  4. Super Mario Odyssey looks amazing. Nintendo really hasn't made a proper Mario game since Galaxy 2 in 2010. It's about time they made something. And this trailer looks excellent. The city tech is about 2 generations behind what Rockstar is doing, but it's still great to finally see Mario in that setting. And the other environments look excellent. Seeing him run through the stream at :59 is beautiful. Nintendo has always been great with water.
  5. Love, not just like. Apple doesn't release shitty products, so it's very rare that I'd dislike something, but some are better than others. For example, take the Apple Watch. I didn't love it initially. The hardware was very impressive and it had a ton of promise, but the software felt unfinished. The UI needed a lot of work. It wasn't until watchOS 3 was released just a few months ago that I would label the Apple Watch a product that I love. Then there's the Apple TV. To this day, I still wouldn't call it a product that I love. It's got the worst tv interface besides all the other ones that exist. In other words, the whole tv landscape is terrible and all the streaming boxes are 'meh'. The Apple TV is probably the best of the bunch, but it still needs a lot of work and I'm hoping for a drastic redesign of the remote with the next version. So I don't love the Apple TV. I merely "like" it. I love the AirPods, though. They're the best version 1 product that Apple has released in years.
  6. I haven't tried hooking them up to play any real games (i.e. console/PC) but for iOS games, I haven't noticed any latency. I really do love these things. I didn't expect to be so excited by Bluetooth headphones, but something about their design, in terms of just how portable and dead-simple they are to use - is really impressive and addictive. I do have one criticism though, and I believe this can be fixed via a software update. The standby battery life isn't great. The battery when in usage is as advertised - very good. But when the AirPods are in their case, the case drains at about 1-1.5% per hour, meaning I typically have to charge the case every 2-3 days. It seems to work out to that whether I use them heavily or not at all. There's this weird drain going on, and from what I've been reading, it sounds like there's a software bug, where the AirPods don't fully power down when inside the case, which results in them draining, and the case topping them up, which results in the case draining. I'm still getting 2-3 days between charges, but would have liked for more. It sounds like this is a bug and not expected behaviour, meaning it'll likely be fixed via a software update.
  7. I agree, When I say best product, I mean the product that consumers want. If it fills a market desire, it's a good product. Whether that's a hamburger, an iPad, or health care, the overall point is the same - competition results in better products and a wealthier society. If you want to call that a product, sure, but I'd argue that it provides nothing to society. It's a way to artificially raise the cost of labour without improving output/productivity. But even if we do call it a product, the key point is that there's no competition. If you don't like one union, you can't just go to another one. Everyone else would have to come with you, or else that would defeat the purpose. And when there's no competition, there's no external pressure, and that creates an atmosphere that is ripe for corruption.
  8. CNN and Buzzfeed really shit the bed here. There are real concerns surrounding Trump's behaviour towards Russia, but by pushing insane, baseless nonsense like this, all it does is it allows Trump to legitimately brand these organizations "fake news" and dismiss them. The MSM does this every time. They take a real concern surrounding Trump, they make up all sorts of fake, histrionic garbage without a shred of evidence, and when Trump rightfully hits back, the real concerns are buried. We saw the same thing with Steve Bannon. The MSM wasn't happy simply pointing out that he's self-serving jackass. They had to label him a Nazi fascist anti-Semite bigot - which is completely baseless - and that allowed the Trump team to hit back hard, resulting in all criticism of Bannon falling by the wayside.
  9. And to add to my above post, another distinct difference between unions and corporations is that corruption can much more easily go unpunished in the former. If union bosses get greedy and hoard cash for themselves, they can get away with it pretty easily. But if corporate execs get greedy and start hoarding cash, that affects their cost structure and allows competitors to swoop in with a cheaper product. It's all about competition. In a capitalist society, if you don't offer the best product at the cheapest price, someone else will and you'll be out of business. But that premise doesn't apply to unions (unless the cost of employment gets high enough to the point that the employer decides to fire the entire union).
  10. Employers make money by providing a product. Unions don't. The whole point of a company - whether it's a big corporation or a small business - is to generate profit by providing the world with something people want (goods or services). Unions don't do that.
  11. I disagree with the notion that unions aren't external. Chris brought that up earlier in this thread and here was my response: Just because the employee is a member of a union doesn't mean his interests and the union's interests are the same or even similar. A union is its own separate entity.
  12. It's like you're not even trying to be intellectually honest.