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  1. Misleading headline.   What it's doing is disabling phones where the Touch ID sensor has been tampered with.   You know that fingerprint sensor that controls Apple Pay, is used for billions of dollars in commerce, and is of the utmost importance when it comes to user privacy and mobile payments? If you try tampering with it or swapping it out, the system detects a mismatch and disables the device. This is an excellent move for user privacy.
  2. Bernie Sanders is a scrub

    Reading Bernie's Tweets always makes me laugh at his stupidity.        
  3.   Can you support this? Where are the poor and middle class gifting money to the rich? I see people make this claim all the time but I have yet to see any evidence.
  4.     You have no idea what you're talking about. We're talking about a man who has proposed $19.6 trillion in tax hikes over the next decade. Do you have any idea how extreme that is?   We're not talking about some minor shift to the left. Obama is not exactly a right wing guy, to put it mildly, but what Sanders is proposing positively makes Obama look like a Tea Partier.       And that's from Vox, so it wouldn't surprise me if the reality was even worse.
  5.   Only to his allies. To his enemies, he's black Chamberlain.   I've said this before but if Obama were an underhanded, conniving, manipulative man like Nixon all around, I wouldn't have a problem with the guy, because it would mean he could get things done, even he has to act like an SOB in the process. The problem is that Obama only behaves that way to his friends. He only acts like that to allies, Republicans, and American government officials with whom he has a disagreement.   Those who are on his side but disagree with a policy of his have to face the wrath of black Nixon. Those who are genuine American enemies get to deal with black Chamberlain.
  6.     Not at all. The Beer Test is about personality; I'm talking about conviction to one's ideals. In other words, The Beer Test is about your personality and how appealing it is to voters in terms of how much they can relate to you. Being principled and a good debater means you have a set of ideals, you stick to those ideals, and you're able to strongly defend your position. 
  7.     I'd place Fiorina and Christie a tier below the other three, but they're still far stronger candidates than what the Democrats are offering this year.   And yes, Cruz is a great candidate. He may be too right wing for your tastes (he's certainly more right wing than I would like), but you can't deny that he's both an excellent debater and a highly principled guy. When he promotes his conservative ideals, he's not doing so to pander to voters. He believes exactly what he says and he has the voting record to prove it.   He's just like Sanders in that sense. Sanders has kooky ideas that would do immense harm to country, but I still respect him because he's genuine. He's not some phony panderer.   Same deal with Cruz. The difference is that Cruz's views are actually less extreme than Sanders' views are. As right wing as he his, Cruz sits closer to centrist American policy than Sanders does.
  8.   First you have to bribe me with $675,000.
  9.   Trump aside, this is a pretty solid Republican field. Between Rubio, Cruz, Bush, and even Fiorina and Christie, this is the best Republican field in a long time. This selection easily takes a crap on the two horrific choices the Democrats have this year.
  10. I almost feel bad for the Democrats. This has got to be the worst field of candidates they've had in decades. A lying felon and a crazy old man with no grip on reality. That's it. Is that really best the party could do? There have got to be better options.
  11. Microsoft is buying SwiftKey for $250 million

    I've been using SwiftKey since last night and I don't see a huge difference between it and the stock keyboard. The predictive text is a little better and the autocorrect seems to act a little differently (I can't quite explain how, but something about its behaviour is different), but I don't see any super drastic difference between this and Apple's keyboard. I mean, it's not worse, but I wouldn't yet say that it's drastically better, either.   One thing I will say is that it's inconsistent. I don't know if this is due to bugs, but about 20% of the time, it doesn't even pop up and the standard keyboard shows up instead. Also, there have been a bunch of occasions where autocorrect just seemed to stop working and it would type exactly the keys I hit - errors and all.
  12. Microsoft is buying SwiftKey for $250 million

    Is it still buggy? I heard there were a lot of problems on iOS 8 when Extensions were first opened up, but I thought things were mostly fixed by now.
  13. Microsoft is buying SwiftKey for $250 million

    I've always been afraid to use SwiftKey because it demands that I give it full access to upload everything I type. Are people not terrified by that?   Maybe now that it's owned by a bigger, more reputable company like Microsoft, I'll finally take the plunge.