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  1. The problem with ceramic is that it's brittle. Same deal as with sapphire - it's very highly resistant to scratches and blemishes, but it doesn't stand up well to impacts. So unless Apple has made some sort of material science breakthrough, it's unlikely.   Also, I'm hearing the ceramic Apple Watch has a ridge between the screen and the casing. Apparently it's hardly to make ceramic with the same kind of precision as a metal, so that might limit production on an iPhone, as well.
  2. Honestly, the feel of this thing is amazing.   Maybe it will get scratched at some point, but I just know that it feels so much better in hand than the standard models do. And it's actually grippy. It's not a bar of soap like every other color 7 and all the 6S and 6 models are.    It feels like some hybrid alien material.  While it's smooth like plastic, it's cooler (temperature-wise), it feels a lot more precisely crafted, and it has this amazing glassy texture that allows it to stick to your hand without feeling gross.   It's honestly like nothing I've ever felt before. It has characteristics of glass, plastic, and anodized aluminum, all thrown into one crazy material.   I wonder if this is a sort of preview into what the 'metallic glass' that Apple is working on is going to feel like.
  3. National Guard activated in Charlotte.

      Falsely attributing negative characteristics to something, and then demonizing that entity based on those false characteristics - is hatred. You're creating a false distinction here because if we go by your argument, very few people or groups hate anything. After all, they all have their reasons. For example:   - The KKK isn't racist. They don't hate black people, they just believe a false narrative that black people naturally commit more crimes and are destructive to society. And the KKK wants what's best for society. - Medieval Europe wasn't anti-Semitic. They didn't hate Jews, they just believed the false narrative that Jews were poisoning the wells. And people want clean water for their families to drink.
  4. National Guard activated in Charlotte.

      Protesting a policy isn't anti-American in the slightest. Protesting the very symbol for America - is anti-American.   If you tell your kid "You did poorly on that math test. You need to study harder", you're a good parent. If you tell your kid "You're stupid", you're a bad parent.   It's a pretty simple distinction. One is a constructive criticism aimed and improving policy; the other is an attack. When you protest the national anthem, demonize police officers, and falsely portray the US as a deeply racist society, that is not constructive criticism; it's demonization. 
  5. National Guard activated in Charlotte.

      This comment is funny, given that I'm the only one here whose views actually align with MLK. You guys, just like the current Democratic Party, have chosen to take Malcolm X's view instead.
  6. National Guard activated in Charlotte.

      He's protesting a fantasy that he has in his mind. He's protesting the myth that there exists a widespread affliction in the US, where blacks are shot by police officers due to racism. He falsely believes that police forces are deeply racist and that America is a deeply racist society. This view is objectively false, yet he's spreading it far and wide, using it to demonize the United States, and is helping to incite a race war and to further anti-police viewpoints, which only leads to more crime and more violence and death.   The fact that he is falsely spreading the notion that the US is a deeply racist society - is anti-Americanism. He is demonizing the country with baseless accusations and then he is deliberately disrespecting the symbols that represent the country (and encouraging others to do the same) to promote this horrible agenda.  
  7. National Guard activated in Charlotte.

      I'm not sure why people keep bringing up the 1st Amendment. No one is denying that Kaepernick has the right to express his opinions; the point is that his opinions are idiotic, so he's being called out for them.   And I fully agree with your above points about the incompetence of elected officials. That's precisely why I support limited government. Elected officials will always be greedy and incompetent. It's human nature. That's what happens when you grant people power. That's why I believe government should be far smaller than it is. The idea that you can just cycle out the 'bad' politicians and replace them with 'good' ones is a fantasy. Politics, by its very nature, brings about corruption and incompetence. The only solution is to downsize government functions and only grant it the powers that it absolutely requires.
  8. National Guard activated in Charlotte.

    Both.   My point is that there's a difference between attacking particular policies and particular politicians vs attacking symbols that represent the country, itself. The former can be constructive, the latter cannot.
  9. National Guard activated in Charlotte.

        This whole post is dumb because we're not talking about specific politicians, specific dysfunctions, or specific failures; we're talking about the American flag here...
  10. National Guard activated in Charlotte.

      What's sad is how much leftists hate America.   They try to spin it to act as though they're simply fighting to make things better, but when you deliberately choose to disrespect the flag, you don't get to use the "it's constructive criticism" argument. No, it's anti-American.   The left hates America. That's why they came out in droves to elect and re-elect an anti-American President and that's why in the primaries, they almost chose an extremist loonbag who is ideologically opposed to the fundamental principles upon which America was founded.
  11. National Guard activated in Charlotte.

        You say that sarcastically, but it's correct. If you're at a funeral and you just stand around being irrelevant, that's fine. But if you decide to deliver a eulogy berating and attacking the deceased, yes, you are a bad person.   Colin Kaepernick made a deliberate decision to attack the symbol representing America. That makes him anti-American.
  12. National Guard activated in Charlotte.

        The fact that a Canadian knows more about the United States and cares more about it than a group of Americans do is pretty pathetic.
  13. National Guard activated in Charlotte.

    God, leftism is so stupid.   Do you people not understand the difference between an attack and constructive criticism?   Refusing to stand for the national anthem is not constructive criticism; it is anti-Americanism.   Next you'll be telling me that burning American flags is a great, pro-American deed because it symbolizes a desire to want to see America improve!
  14. National Guard activated in Charlotte.

      You're confusing the right to promote a view with the actual quality or intelligence of that view.   The fact that Kaepernick was promoting his view in a peaceful, legal manner does not make the view any less idiotic and it does not make the view any less anti-American. I don't know how you can possibly rationalize protesting the national anthem as being anything less than anti-American. It's not like he went on strike or wore a button or wrote a newspaper article or went on a televised rant. The guy protested the national friggin' anthem...
  15. National Guard activated in Charlotte.

      I've been seeing this statement a lot and it doesn't make any sense. We're talking about two different things here:   1. Colin Kaepernick is an idiot. No one denies that he has the right to express whatever views he likes, but that doesn't make his views any less idiotic. And just as he has the right to hate America, others have the right to call him an idiot.   2. These rioters are violent. They DON'T have the right to do what they're doing. They're committing crimes and should be thrown in jail. If they want to protest peacefully, then great. They have every right to do so. And when they do, they'll fall into Category #1 like Kaepernick - they'll have the right to do what they're doing, but their views will still be idiotic.