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  1. Apple Special Event - September 12‎ at 1 pm EDT

    I know, but I think the problem I have is with the hand stretching. It's not a normal position to have your thumb that low, so what I noticed is that every time I stretch my thumb down, my 'pink shelf' automatically raises to make it easier. When swiping an app closed, this doesn't pose any problem because it's so quick, but horizontal swipes require the stretch to last a split second longer, meaning I keep my pinky raised a split second longer. And because this is a fairly heavy phone, I start to feel a bit of strain in my pink after a while. Also, by reaching to the very bottom, it creates a balance issue, given the phone's weight and given the fact that I've moved my hand to the bottom. I think that creates a torque on the phone, which increases strain on my hand. That's my analysis from using the phone from 2.5 months. I still love it and it's still my favourite iPhone ever (and I've had the 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6S, and 7), but for the first time ever, I'm actually hoping that the next iPhone weighs less. I think shaving off some weight would actually improve gesture navigation for the reasons I mentioned.
  2. Apple Special Event - September 12‎ at 1 pm EDT

    I noticed that, too. It’s not just from the Home screen. It takes you back to the last app you were in, so it effectively replaces the “Back to” button on the top left of the screen that appears whenever one app sends you into another app. Functionally, the Home bar is brillIant in how much it can do with such a simple user interaction method, but I’m still finding it to be a bit of a stretch. It’s great for swiping to close and to get to the app switcher, but I find that horizontal swipes are still a bit uncomfortable for my hand and the downward swipe for reachability is a bit awkward. Because of that, I often find myself using two hands to invoke those things.
  3. I think one of the big disconnects in how people view the Leia scene is how they perceive what she did. Some people saw that sequence and thought "Why is she flying like Superman?" and dismissed the idea as absurd, as it breaks the believability of the scene. But that's not what happened. She wasn't flying like Superman. She was applying a simple force pull. We're talking about being in space, away from any significant source of gravity. Her pull didn't lift her up or make her fly. It was a simple application of Newton's Third Law. Maybe's it's the geek in me, but that's how I read the scene from the moment I first saw it. Because of that, I didn't see anything breaking believability. There was nothing outlandish about that sequence. It was just a force-sensitive person keeping herself alive for a few minutes and then using a force pull to bring herself to safety.
  4. It’s amazing how quickly things have gone from parody to reality.
  5. It’s not often that I say this, but I’m with apoc over sb here. The idea that the mere act of asking for sex is wrong - is patently absurd. Aziz can ask and she can say no. Simple as that. As long as he’s not forcing himself on her (which he didn’t do) and as long as he’s not preventing her from leaving (which he didn’t do), then he did nothing wrong here. The woman is a big girl. She can make her own decisions in life. She doesn’t need a man to read her mind and hold her hand like a child.
  6. She doesn't have the right to not be propositioned for sex. That's not someone's right. If she doesn't like it, she can leave. If she doesn't leave, she doesn't get to claim she was being harassed. He didn't force anything upon her and he didn't prevent her from leaving, so the ball is in her court.
  7. It's amazing how sexist the modern feminist movement is. And I don't mean sexist against men; I mean sexist against women. Women are just a bunch of innocent snowflakes who have no willpower of their own, no moral agency, and no brainpower. They require men to come in and treat them like children, cater to their every need, read their minds, and treat them all like a bunch of innocent princesses. After all, we can't possibly treat women like intelligent, capable human beings. That would be unthinkable! The best term I've heard to describe this is fainting couch feminism. That about sums it up. The modern feminist movement has completely abandoned its goal of female empowerment. Instead, it has turned women into these brittle creatures who can't function without a man serving as their caretaker.
  8. Now that I've seen the movie twice, the rankings are roughly: 1. A New Hope 2. The Empire Strikes Back 3. Revenge of the Sith 4. The Last Jedi 4. Return of the Jedi 6. Attack of the Clones 7. The Phantom Menace 8. Rogue One 9. The Force Awakens I'm still torn on Rogue One. The second half of that movie is excellent, but the first half drags it down. Also, while I recognize that it's a much more impressive film than AOTC or TPM in terms of the filmmaking quality (acting, dialogue, directing), it's nowhere near as creative or as inventive as those movies are, so I can't place it above them. Regarding the tie between TLJ and RotJ, that's tough. RotJ completed the saga and it had the best scene in all of Star Wars mythology but the Endor stuff wasn't as strong. I'll probably have to wait several years to see how The Last Jedi ages.
  9. I'm pretty sure the saber thing is just another one of JJ's trademark mystery boxes. - Who are Rey's parents? - Why did Luke go into hiding? - Who is Kylo Ren and what's up with the helmet? - What's Snoke's background? - Who is Maz and why does she have Luke's light saber? - What's the First Order and how did they come to be? The list goes on. The Force Awakens opened up a series of intriguing mysteries, most of which had no answers. They were just mysteries for the sake of being mysteries. They were Lost-style teases Then Rian Johnson came in and said "Fuck that". He sheared most of these threads right off, and just delivered a good story instead. That's why I don't buy the notion that there was some broad trilogy planned out under Kathleen Kennedy. I think JJ and Johnson are just fighting back and forth, doing these one-off movies in the way they each want to do them. I dread to see what JJ is going to do now that he has the last word
  10. After seeing it a second time, I agree with whomever said that you notice a lot more connecting tissue in the movie. One big thing I missed the first time around is that Kylo used the same line right before he was going to strike down Rey as he used when he killed Han ("I know what I have to do"). That created a cool parallel between the two movies, where TLJ implies that it's going the same way as TFA and then swerves in a different direction. There are also small things I noticed that made a big impact. Earlier in this thread, I even commented on how Rey's departure from the throne room and her arrival on Crait seemed a bit disjointed. We could assume how she got there, but because it wasn't explicitly said, it felt 'off' to me. Well, upon my second viewing, I noticed that it WAS explicitly said. Right as Chewie was dropping her off to meet Kylo, she specifically told him that she'll send a signal when she's ready for him to pick her up. I completely missed that line the first time, but the simple inclusion of that throwaway line makes the transition from Snoke's ship to Crait feel much more natural. Anyways, I liked the movie the first time, but I loved it the second time. It's easily the best of the three Disney films and I'd place it about on par with Jedi (the other one) as the 4th best in the saga.
  11. Ginuwine in hot water?

    1. Why would he want to kiss another guy? The fact that the guy is dressed like a woman doesn't change the fact that straight guys don't like to kiss other guys. 2. Even if we ignore all that, what happened to personal consent? He's not allowed to say no just because dudes who think they're women have become a popular social issue?
  12. Oprah Is Gonna Run For President Isn't She?

    Even at her peak, Mira Sorvino was never 10% of an Oprah or a Meryl Streep. The point is that those two names could have made a difference. They are some of the most outspoken champions of women's rights in Hollywood, yet we didn't hear a peep from them. We could have heard from them or from 20 Sorvino-size names. The fact is that this was an open secret. Everyone in Hollywood knew. This wasn't some unknown crime. The entire industry knew about people like Weinstein and Spacey. And they chose to do nothing. It's funny how these actors and actresses like to pat themselves on the back and proclaim how "brave" they are AFTER it has become a public issue and the abusers have fallen from their perch. But never before. Want to be brave? Say something when it actually matters. Speak up - and get a whole bunch of your Hollywood friends to speak up - when you can actually make a difference and prevent more women from being abused. But none of these people did that. They're enablers. They allowed Weinstein to go on his rampage for decades and they said nothing. And now that he's gone and Hollywood has been exposed for the abusive, lecherous, hellhole that it is, these same people who COULD have said something but didn't - are all getting up on their podiums, basking in their own smugness, and lecturing the rest of society. These people can go to hell. This is why no one takes Hollywood seriously. They're a bunch of hypocritical, condescending assholes who try to cover their disgusting ways with endless virtue signaling.
  13. Oprah Is Gonna Run For President Isn't She?

    I’m not talking about no-name actresses whose careers would get destroyed while they accomplished nothing for going after Weinstein. I’m talking about big names who absolutely could have had an impact and saved countless women. I’m talking about the Oprahs and Meryl Streeps of the world. They could have opened their mouths at any time and had a real impact. But they chose not too. Instead, Oprah protected Weinstein, and Streep continually showered him with lavish praise, even referring to him as “God”. Meryl Streep is one the most beloved, respected, and impactful people in Hollywood while Oprah is a literal billionaire who is adored by countless millions. And they both ran point for Weinstein. That’s why this speech was bullshit. It’s not that what Oprah was saying was incorrect. Most of what she said was true. But it was meaningless self-congratulations and opportunism. The biggest names in Hollywood were complicit in the crime, they did nothing for decades, and now they have the nerve to position themselves in a moral high ground and lecture the rest of society? They can fuck right off. Also, there’s this: Same old Hollywood. Same shitty town as ever; now they’re just using their shittiness as an excuse to be even more smug and self-righteous than normal.
  14. I’m just waiting for The CW to cancel Supernatural so that I can stop watching this shitty show already.
  15. BO Report: It's as if $220 million voices suddenly cried out in joy

    On a side note, Jumanji has now surpassed Justice League domestically. Who saw that coming?