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  1. Castro dead

  2. Trump's trade policy is idiotic.   I'm still shocked at how now, both major parties are trade protectionists. I mean, what the hell? Free trade is the staple of a good economy. That's how you lower costs, increase competition, improve quality, and make the entire country richer and more prosperous. This idea that that the government should step in and introduce tariffs or worse - threaten companies into manufacturing at home - is insane. You don't save jobs by bribing companies to stay and you CERTAINLY don't save jobs by threatening companies who wish to leave. You know how you save jobs? By creating a fertile economic structure that motivates companies to WANT to do business in the US and to WANT to innovate. That doesn't mean you can save manufacturing jobs any more than you can save horse-drawn carriage jobs or musket manufacturer jobs. What it means is that you create circumstances to motivate companies to want to create the jobs of the future in the US. And a big part of that is done via decreased regulation, lower taxation, and free market principles. I'm glad Trump wants to reduce regulations, but the fact that he doesn't understand other free market principles is insane. The fact that he wants to coerce companies into staying - is tinpot dictatorship stuff. It's beyond dumb. For that to be the new Republican position is insane.   /rant 
  3. The Last of Us: Part II Announced!!!

    Looks cool but I never played the first one because I didn't have a PS3.   Is the PS4 backwards compatible? I've been thinking about getting one for a while, seeing as how my gaming PC is long in the tooth, I want to get back into gaming, and I've always wanted to play The Last of Us and the Uncharted games.   Thoughts?
  4.     When you legitimize someone, you empower them. For example:   Obama’s Cuba policy makes bad situation worse and US general sees 'uptick' in bad behavior by Iran since nuke deal     Over the past 8 years, the administration's foreign policy has been centered on this idea that if you treat adversaries in a friendly, more giving manner, that will motivate them to reciprocate. The idea is that if you're nice to your enemies, they'll be a little nicer to you, and then slowly over time, relationships will improve and everyone will be better off for it.   The problem is that that entire worldview is wrong. Things simply don't work like that, and we've seen it in everything from Iran to Cuba to Russia to China and so on. Obama keeps reaching out with an outstretched hand and every time, the response is to have his hand slapped down while these foreign nations get more powerful, more repressive, and more antagonistic. And every time someone points this out, someone else will inevitably throw in a straw man argument saying "launching wars around the world and engaging in cowboy diplomacy doesn't lead to peace!" That's a straw man because being reckless and being a doormat for the world to step on are not the only two ways to conduct foreign policy. You can be tough and get things done without being a cowboy. And thankfully, that's what it sounds like James Mattis is.   So to get back to my point, what we've seen with Iran and Cuba has had real consequences. The way the administration has treated them has led to more repression and more antagonism. It has had the exact opposite effect of what it was supposed to do. And Raul Castro and Ayatollah Khamenei are more powerful than ever.   By contrast, what's the harm here? So China's pissed off. Who cares? What are they going to do besides write some angry letters? This won't affect trade and it certainly won't empower China in the way that Obama's retreat from the South China Sea has. All this does is demonstrate that the US has taken the moral position of standing with Taiwan. That's a good thing, not a bad thing. Even if it was Trump's stupidity rather than a deliberate policy change on his part, the end result is a net positive.
  5.   Who said anything was wrong with the tweet? It's just easier to post a tweet from mobile than it is to extract the image and post a direct link to the image or quote.
  6. I can't wait for CNN to tell me how he's a racist sexist bigot homophobe!
  7. The end of an era.   Apparently they're acquiring them for a pretty small (but undisclosed) amount, and they're going to phase the company out. Fitbit's acquiring Pebble just to gut the company for their intellectual property.     https://techcrunch.com/2016/11/30/fitbit-pebble/   I cant say I'm surprised. Pebble was the first real smartwatch company, but the second the big boys got involved, it was clear that their days were numbered.     Fun fact: I know some high level employees there and I've even met their founder and CEO, Eric Migicovsky. Some of my closest friends are Waterloo engineers who went to school with him. And I drank with him at Oktoberfest in Kitchener-Waterloo (the world's largest Oktoberfest outside of Germany) a few years ago.
  8.   Step 1: Attack Republican politician for something that is equally applicable to Democrats. Step 2: Wait for pushback from a conservative for this partisan behavior. Stel 3: Label the conservative a partisan.   Interesting tactic there. It's win/win. You get to demonize your ideological opponents and when they point out the hypocrisy or double standards, you feign outrage over them 'making it into a political issue'.
  9.   Because Trump.   This is a perfect example of how the left keeps crying wolf. They portray every dumb non-story like this as some catastrophic event, and eventually, people just get sick and tired of it, and start to dismiss even the very legitimate criticisms and scandals with Trump.   You can only yank around voters so much before they tell you to screw off. That's why the DNC is in disarray and that's why the phrase "mainstream media" is used as the butt of jokes. Even the legitimate stories and positions and criticisms of Trump are dismissed out of hand now because they've lost all credibility thanks to a million stories like this one.
  10.   You really are something else.   Cayce completely changed the argument to something unrelated to my point, apoc blatantly lied about my position, and then you come in here to jerk the two of them off.   It's pathetic.   Start debating like an honest, rational person and then maybe I'll start treating you like one.