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  1. You do realize that End of Season 6 spoilers: right? I guess it's possible, but that's still weird.
  2. That's exactly it. Animating a fake wolf is expensive. The intention was to have Ghost play a major role alongside Jon in the Battle of the Bastards but they had to nix the idea because it was too expensive.
  3. Turns out it's not actually a movie. It's a 4 minute ad. Not bad.
  4. Also Ghost. 2 out of the 6 remain.
  5. tl;dr - This thread was posted to attack Trump over a comment he made, but it turns out his comment was correct and the CEB users expressing scorn were wrong. Go figure.
  6. That trailer was much better than I expected. I fully expected Stranger Things to be a one trick pony, with season 2 just being more of the same. But that actually got me hyped.
  7. If he needs a backup:
  8. Caling something "factual" is a misnomer if you're using technicalities to defend something that was deliberately deceptive. It's very easy to create a false story via omission and deception. Saying "Trump technically did meet with Putin and he technically didn't publicize it, therefore calling it a secret meeting by with Putin is correct" - doesn't fly. If a story exists to deliberately mislead its readers about an event, that's fake news. Like this?