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  1. I haven't used an Echo/Alexa, but from what I've been reading about it, it's extremely reliable but also far less technologically impressive than Siri/Google/Cortana.   From my understanding, Alexa is more like a command prompt. You learn certain syntax, you familiarize yourself with what you can say to Alexa and how you can say it, and then it works every time. By contrast, Siri is a much more ambitious voice assistant with far more advanced natural language capabilities, but because of that, it doesn't work nearly as reliably. Conversational AI is just nowhere near good enough at this point to be reliable in the way that a command prompt is.
  2.   People can view themselves as they like. That's not the issue. The issue is when you force your delusions on society around you. When you start forcing people around you to abide by your delusions, that's when this ceases to be an issue of free thought / free speech.   If a man wants to view himself as a woman, as a 70 story skyscraper, or as an alien from outer space, he can think and say what he likes. But when you start demanding that others recognize him as a woman/skyscraper/space alien, that's when the problem arises.   And in addition to that, there's the echo chamber factor that I mentioned above. Being transgender isn't merely about personal preference. It's a condition that leads to immense depression and suicidal thoughts. When society functions as an echo chamber, these individuals are never given the help they need (because it's labeled "normal", and thus, no research is conducted into solving the problem), plus, they often end up taking drastic measures that they later regret (reassignment surgery).
  3.   I identify as a 70 story skyscraper. Who the fuck are you to tell me that I'm not a 70 story skyscraper?
  4.   Comparing sexual reassignment surgery to circumcision is so profoundly stupid, that I don't even know where to begin.
  5. The study I linked to shows that the entire process of sexual reassignment - not just surgery, but hormone therapy as well - does not decrease the suicide rate. If you become more like the sex you wish to be and it still doesn't improve your suicidal behaviour, then that shows that it's not about societal acceptance. If it was, then people who look and act more like the sex they wish to be, would have lower suicide rates than those who don't.
  6.   So then you agree that sexual reassignment surgery is a barbaric and stupid practice and that society shouldn't embrace and encourage transgenders to go through with it?   If you're changing this debate to be exclusively about hormone therapy rather than about the entire process of transitioning from one sex to another, then we can have that discussion, but the fact remains that sexual reassignment surgery does not decrease suicide rates. Here's a study that includes both hormone treatment and surgery, and the conclusion is that sex reassignment is NOT an effective method to reduce suicidal behavior.
  7.   Think about what you're saying. We're not talking about just the appearance of genitals. We're talking about the entirety of the person. A man who has gone through with both the surgery and hormone therapies - appears far more womanly to onlookers than a man who is merely wearing women's clothes. If you're accepted by 70% of the people you meet because you now look like a woman and 70% of people don't know you used to be a man, then that should be an improvement over 0%, don't you think? Your argument is that anything shy of 100% might as well be 0%. That doesn't make any sense. The fact is that surgery and hormone therapy make people look more like the sex they wish to be. That's the whole point of it! And yet, it provides no benefit to the person's psychological state in terms of suicide rates. That shows that the problem is internal.
  8.   If you wouldn't think that, then you're not being rational. We don't live in a binary world where someone is either fully accepted or not accepted at all. The whole point of sexual reassignment surgery is to make transgenders feel more like themselves and thus, fit in better. A man who thinks he is a woman makes himself look more like a woman as a means to fit into himself and into society better. That doesn't mean he's going to be accepted by everyone, but the whole point is that it's supposed to be an improvement over his previous state, And yet there's no improvement in depression/suicide rates, whatsoever. That shows that the problem is internal, not a matter of external perceptions.
  9.   Many people who go through with the reassignment can end up looking close enough to the new sex that no one would know. Society can't stigmatize you if they don't know that you're any different. Sure, your parents would know, but the point is that if you're a man who has gone through every measure to become a woman, you can make yourself look woman-like enough that no casual observers would ever know you were born a man. There is more acceptance after surgery because fewer people know about your sexual identity issues, so wouldn't you think there would be some indication that this benefits the individual and reduces depression/suicide rates, at least partially? It doesn't. That's because the problem is internal.
  10.   I'm not sure why you're treating this as though it's me vs the medical community. It's not. The idea that there's some sort of consensus among those who study transgenderism, saying that the best course of actions is for the rest of society to simply accept this as a valid alternative lifestyle and to support transgenders who wish to mutilate their bodies via sexual reassignment surgery - is objectively false. There is no such consensus view. As I've pointed out multiple times, studies conducted by experts on the subject show that the suicide rate doesn't actually decline among those who go all-out in transforming themselves into who they feel they really are.   That shows that it's not just a perception issue. It's not simply about acceptance; it's about the fact that there is an inherent rift in who these people are. They are physically one thing and psychologically, they feel like another thing. It's not about external acceptance; it's about the fact that they feel like there is a fundamental disconnect built into them. That's an internal issue, not one that can be remedied by changing the externalities.
  11.     I agree. The point isn't to stigmatize transgenders and treat them as lepers; the point is to treat them in the same way that you treat someone with Alzheimer's or Parkinson's or any other condition of that nature. No one is trying to cast them as terrible people who should be excommunicated or insulted. It's quite the opposite. The point is that these are individual human beings with medical/psychological conditions that are very harmful to them. The goal is to help them and to decrease this obscenely high rate of depression and suicide. Forcing society to play along with their fantasies does not help them. Helping someone and enabling them are two different things.
  12.     "It's complex" is not an argument, but a platitude. As I've pointed out:   1. As per the DSM-5 definition of a mental disorder, transgenderism absolutely qualifies. With a suicide rate that high, it is a "clinically significant disturbance" to the individual.   2. The fact that sexual reassignment surgery does not reduce the suicide rate AT ALL shows that this is not about societal acceptance. If a man who wishes to identify as a woman and is depressed because society doesn't view him as a woman - then decides to surgically transform himself into a woman - but is STILL just as depressed despite now looking how he has always felt, then that proves that the problem was NOT about external perspectives, but rather, it's an internal psychological issue.   3. This idea that externalities can drive a 41% suicide rate - is insane. A LOT of groups of people throughout history were far more harshly rejected by their societies than transgender individuals are today, yet you didn't see suicide rates that obscenely high among them like you do with transgenders. This idea that "society doesn't accept my identity, therefore I'm going to kill myself" is normal behaviour - is insane. 
  13.     As I've already pointed out, sexual reassignment surgery does NOT decrease the suicide rate. That right there disproves the assertion that it's merely an issue of external acceptance.   Besides, this idea that the lack of acceptance within society is the reason for suicide - is insane. Tell me, do you think 41% of black slaves attempted suicide? Do you think 41% of Jews in Nazi Germany attempted suicide? Of course not. Pick any example of societal rejection/oppression of a group of people in history. The idea that society rejects me, therefore it makes sense for me to want to off myself - is insane. When that high a percentage of a certain group attempts suicide, the problem can't simply be blamed on externalities. The problem is internal.