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  1. It's interesting how if a white woman claims to be a black woman, the left has to utterly destroy her and her entire livelihood, whereas if a white woman claims to be a white man, the left has to celebrate 'him' and 'his' bravery.
  2. Actually, that's a sign of the close-mindedness and/or illiteracy of this board. I used to post well-constructed, thoughtful arguments that would go through and explain the conservative position on a given topic. But people here would just shout "wall of text!" and ignore the posts so that they could avoid exposure to alternative viewpoints. So if you guys don't want to expend the minimal effort require to read 1-3 short paragraphs explaining a different viewpoint, then I'll have to provide it in these bite-sized tweets that you can easily digest.
  3. You know the "You had one job" meme that always gets misused? This is the perfect place for it.
  4. It was such a small movie. I don't mean the budget, but the content. It had no narrative, no writing, and no cohesion. It felt like something you'd see in some minor subplot on an episode of The Wire, not something that makes for a best picture candidate, let alone winner. The performances were pretty good and it had some touching moments, but it felt like one of those cliched art house movies with no real writing to speak of. It was this year's 'gay cowboys eating pudding' movie. Moonlight felt like a much crappier version of Boyhood. Less ambitious, less interesting, poorer writing, and less memorable. But it threw in a whole bunch of themes that Hollywood loves (being in poverty, being a minority, and being gay), so it received the Oscar, even though it just isn't a very good movie.
  5. It's a shame that Moonlight sucked. But I guess after the "Oscarsowhite" nonsense last year, they needed to go with the "diversity" vote this year.
  6. Best picture next. This should go to either Hacksaw or Arrival. I enjoyed La La Land, but it's not best picture material. And Moonlight definitely isn't.
  7. Nice, she deserved that. But wait, how was Amy Adams not even nominated? That's crazy.
  8. Gosling better not win this. He didn't even deserve to be nominated.