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  1. This is going to be torture.

    Pics of sister?
  2. I wouldn't mind revisiting Sunshine eventually.
  3. Have you ever stolen something as a kid?

    I never had the confidence to steal, but my brother would often come home with, cartridge only, Nintendo 64 games. I guess we weren't kids and I knew it wasn't right, but I liked video games.
  4. I visited Hollywood a few years back and everyone on that list ran a train on me in the bathroom at Spagos. McKinnon used a strap-on. So, I guess, there go your heroes.
  5. THOR: Ragnarok - RT Watch [ Spoilers ]

    Loved it. Possibly my favorite Marvel movie to date. Still need to see Dr. Strange and Spider-Man. Thor:Ragnarok Spoilers! Marked it for you , but please mark spoilers in the future! - Nokra
  6. That's my biggest issue with it so far. It's not even nickel and dime'ing, it's decent chunks of cash to get it where it should be. Maybe it's just me feeling entitled, but 32gb internal memory for a console is redonkulous in this day and age.
  7. House of Cards cancelled - Season 6 will still air.

    The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was staying off the sexual offender list.
  8. @Boyle5150 was the best I ever had. He really knew his way around a cock and he never neglected my balls.
  9. Where my ninjas with the hot whips? Also, Pretzel is married (Yes, to a fine lady). Lets all wish him well.
  10. I pre-ordered the Mario Odyssey Switch Bundle at the beginning of the month, off Amazon, so hopefully I get one in the nest week or so. And I dented my Wii U gamepad screen the other night and had to order a LCD and digitizer replacement. Hopefully I'm smart enough to replace that.
  11. THOR: Ragnarok - RT Watch [ Spoilers ]

    I haven't been to the theatre since Rogue One, but I need to see this at the cinema... even if I have to take a night off work!
  12. You sound like you're not a fan of 'traditional' work. So, like others have said, just go on Craigslist and advertise dick sucking. Make it subtle or CL may pull the post. If I remember correctly, you're a decent looking young man. Older gay men/straight republicans would love that shit and will probably pay you well for letting them put their penises in your mouth, but make it clear to them that they cannot finish inside your mouth. In order to make that kind of cash, you need to rely on volume. It's going to be a lot of dicks and the risk of STD contamination may be high. Get the money up front and let them know that you'll take them to the edge, orally, but you need to finish them off with a hand job. Keep a squirt of lotion in your palm because some of them may try to trick you by saying they're not close yet, but then they shoot a thick, creamy load in your mouth. You need to use your lips and tongue to feel when they're about ready to ejaculate. When you feel it coming, quickly, orally disengage and stroke the guy off the rest of the way. By the time they're in the vinegar strokes stage, they probably won't care where they finish. Good luck, my friend. I hope you raise the cash!
  13. Ralphie May dead at 45

    I know you miss him, but he wouldn't want that.
  14. Pacific Rim: Uprising

    I'm excited. Reminds me a lot of the Transformers movies.