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  1. TFW you read a kittykat thread.

    Skip to a minute in for the good stuff.
  2. What is the point of marches?

    The catholic church needed something to fill the void between February and April each year.
  3. http://www.fox2detroit.com/news/california-man-accidentally-sets-apartment-on-fire-while-trying-to-kill-spider
  4. All airports are the same

    I heard that JFK Airport added an indoor pool over the weekend. That's unique and different.
  5. Yeah. I'm really sorry about that... couldn't even get past the cheeks.
  6. Here in the mitten, we've been going through a cold spell. It was a balmy 16 degrees today. High of 9 tomorrow and Friday. Wind Chill as low as -20 . My penis is already suffering shrinkage just thinking of it. Wait, no, that's just the regular size.
  7. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/01/02/trump-fights-fake-news-with-awards-for-most-dishonest-corrupt-media.html God Bless him. At least he's staying busy.
  8. How fucked up is this?

    Welcome to Trump's America.
  9. WELCOME TO THE EVERVERSE, BITCHES. I don't know what that means.
  10. This does bring up an interesting point about a change that I've noticed over the last several months. (Note: I do not watch pornography, but sometimes I get e-mails like 'do u want ur manhod to be 3 inches bigerr?' or 'want too stay hard annd last for hourss?'. Fuck yeah, I want all of those things, so I click the links and usually get directed to some disgusting pornographic website). Anyways, months ago, they had always used not-so-subtle titles for their incest porn like 'Girl fucks 'not her brother'' or 'guy plows step mom and 'not his sister'' or they'd always say so and so fucks step dad, step brother, step sister, etc. But lately, the titles have been more direct 'Girl fucks her dad and brother' or 'Mom shows daughter how to give a blow job to son'. Not sure what changed in the legalities of the porn world, but I've definitely noticed a change in the titles. Yeah, those are good. Sometimes it's better when they don't wake up.
  11. OMG. It's a bigger reveal than Samus!!
  12. Keanu Reeves would've made the situation worse, though
  13. Denzel Washington could've prevented this tragedy. He's done it before.
  14. Loving it. Probably my favorite new series in quite sometime.