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  1. that or it'll be a jump up and down spray and pray style like....
  2. My only guess is to relive some of their PvP glory days now that the cruch of one hit kills will no longer exist in D2. I'm really curious to see how some of the top PvP players will perform in D2 now.
  3. damn, don't think my grimoire is 5000 https://www.polygon.com/2017/6/22/15857930/destiny-2-emblems-record-book-accomplishments
  4. Also nothing new. Anyone that knows hardware already knew this 3-4yrs ago.
  5. Is the game somewhat linear or can you pretty much go anywhere and explore? I really enjoyed Divinity but it did get to a point where I was lost and didn't want to refer to a guide if I didn't have to so I lost interest.
  6. for anyone that watch porn, 12 inches is alot
  7. Pics Edit: nvm, saw your other post
  8. Just finished and got all main endings including the E ending after the mini game. Overall I felt it was a fun game. I ended up experimenting with different weapons and using different kinds so it was less repetitive. Ending was a bit weird to me and somewhat confusing on wtf was going on. Maybe if I played the previous ones I would understand the story better. Even reading the archives, I was lost on what project gestalt was or what this disease was...google helped me on that though. I don't know if I should try to complete all the missions and go for secret boss. Kinda eager to send this back to gamefly. My opinion is still the same that it's a game you can wait til it hits $20 with how short it is.
  9. I debated getting that 1080 OLED from LG since it was in my price range, but I didn't want to not have 4k just in case. But now I kind of wished I went with the 1080 OLED since the only time I use 4k is if I stream something. Don't really see myself getting a UHD player and paying $35-$40 for a UHD bluray movie
  10. for real....i did that too just to feel what 60fps destiny would look like on my tv....it's glorious
  11. Honestly i don't see the big whoop with 4k. Now 4k with HDR is pretty... Biggest difference you'll see with your old tv and new one though is the wider color spectrum and deeper blacks that add more depth. I had an old 2nd gen Sony Bravia from 2005? and upgraded to a newer Bravia and the difference is night and day.
  12. i am so not in the market for a 1080 gtx haha Most i've ever spend on a vid card is $250.
  13. i'm really debating it too, if anything, whenever I decide to build (or buy) a new PC, i will get it. I've been debating getting a new PC for awhile now. Mine is a good 5-6yrs old.
  14. I remember people reported on PS Pro, you load in like a good second faster same with opening inventory. BTW: are you serious about building a gaming PC and getting it for PC?