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  1. i'll check if I have any health regen bows. I had the same idea but at the time I only had a health regen axe and it wasn't working out as well.
  2. I tried one elephant and died when he was almost dead...felt the fight is kinda bullshit lol. Dude with arrows just keeps making it rain while you have to dodge a big ass elephant. I almost threw my controller after I died with the elephant had little life left...ill try again later
  3. So I beat the main story. Is there anything worth doing before I start the Hidden Ones DLC? I am clearly not gonna finish everything cause there is so much so I figured i'd do the important stuff 1) Find all the tombs 2) Finish all the papyrus puzzles (not sure if worth it either as some weapons aren't yellow) 3) Find and finish all the side quests
  4. Holy shit...lol, just saw this from your giveaway post. My wife had something similar. Western doctor gave her like some sand drink. Went to eastern doctor and he said just to go on leaky gut diet for 2 months. Both worked but from my observation, if you want to continue eating bad shit and never resolving the problem, go with the sand drink.
  5. God of War Limited Edition PS4 Pro announced

    Yep IMHO that is the best one. I also dig the blue Uncharted one and the Destiny Taken King one. Edit: I also forgot about this one.....
  6. That's what I did. I gamefly rented the 2nd one cause I had high expectations after buying the 1st one on steam for $5....man I was disappointed. I had to google the lore cause I had no clue wtf was happening, even after the ending. 2nd one didn't get good til the end IMO...then it was over.
  7. thanks thats good to know...thats mostly what I don't have uncovered.
  8. Level 32 right now and i've probably only uncovered 30% of the world map......I feel I have a long way to go......
  9. Please help me find the name of this old game?(SOLVED)

    haah wow, game looks like Sewer Shark on Sega CD. My cousins and I use to play that a bunch.
  10. Tom Clancy's: The Division 2 announced

    Needs more stories, less wanna be gangsters in proximity chat.
  11. Honestly no clue. Description says prologue. Awesome that you scored the free game...I'm jealous
  12. Did you l get past the demo portion yet?