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  1. Should probably have more rules. For clarity, can I go for it on 4th down if I'm playing the computer and plan on passing and have 513 yards passing and I have a truck that at that very moment is relocating my team from Miami to Nova Scotia and the ball is on the opponents 49 and 1/2 yard line and accelerated clock is on and Richie Incognito is sending me racist ginger texts?
  2. Ahhhh.....that's because I played it once like a month+ ago but haven't played enough other stuff since to boot it off
  3. Madden 15 = Game of the Year Madden 15 Confidence System = Feature of the Year Madden 15 Servers = Best Stable Infrastructure of the Year Donnie Moore = Best Stats and Ratings Guy of the Year Madden Ultimate Team = Best Mode of the Year Tomcat = Best 3 Year Plan of the Year
  4. Horizon 2 Reviews + Day One Patch Car Club

    Played a bit last night -- will join the club tonight
  5. If you never play this piece of shit, you never have to deal with its fucktastic invite system or the horrible desyncs
  6. My point was its easy to judge people over little shit and you've posted some crazy shit on the boards over the years. You posting that stuff to me was comical, no different than what this kid did.
  7. Dude...how about I send a handful of your posts from General Board to your NDA company. Everything from fucking your girl while she's on the rag to the numerous other asinine things you posted. Not just one incident. I'd rather Gfunk post
  8. And he's in the national spotlight because "we" put him there for being good at football. I think as much of him yelling some dumb shit in a cafeteria as I do Richie Incognito texting stupid shit to Martin -- which is who fucking cares.
  9. Rams would be way better off drafting another nice Christian kid from Oklahoma and a wealthy family -- that will certainly lead to more victories. And not joking -- no it's not smart, but its a kid saying something dumb, so what. Suspended for cuss words? Get the fuck outta here.
  10. How so? I'm not defending the guy but cmon, how many parties or bbqs or lunches have you been at with friends were you said something jokingly or even vulgar? Especially at 20, 21 years of age. The media and critics look for every opportunity to shred these kids, tear them down -- all with hopes of making $$$ off them ultimately (hits on website). So what is more sad: A) a kid at a party saying "fuck her in the pussy" B) a jealous kid at the party recording that shit and uploading it C) middle+ age white guys writing shitty blog articles about the kid saying "fuck her in the pussy" and judging the fuck out of him and how it impacts draft stock D) a bunch of other insecure middle+ age white guys getting their panties in a bunch over the entire thing E) a billionaire owner still calling his team the Redskins Of those 5 things....A is the least of my worries
  11. Ummmm....NDAs are about giving up info as to what you are working on, not who your employer is. FBI and CIA agents can say who they work for publicly. Ain't nothing in Canada that important.