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      Now that E3 2017 has concluded, the D1Pcast crew will be recording its impressions of the show on Friday June 23 at around 6:30pm Eastern time.  Like we did for the preview show, we'll run through each conference and give our thoughts on the good, bad, and the wonderfully inexplicable (Devolver Digital - I'm looking at you!).   We're very much interested in hearing your thoughts and impressions about this past E3, so feel free to share them in this thread.  Or -- even better! -- if you'd like to join us for this episode, we'd love to have you on the show!  The more, the merrier as we put a capstone on our E3 2017 coverage!  

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  1. I beat the Elite 4 in Pokémon Moon last night. Gonna focus on Fire Emblem next.
  2. I should probably buy this game.
  3. Europe only?!? RRRRRAAAAAAAGGGGGEEEE...!!!
  4. But why tho? And please don't just say "Because I can play it on a TV!" That has no bearing on the console itself, that's just your TV.
  5. Yeah, I saw a whole bunch of reviews from Metacritic and the game is getting generally positive reviews...with a small handful of outliers that didn't care for it as much. Seems worth it for the most part. Cool new IP that I hope gains more traction that Code Name: S.T.E.A.M did.
  6. I bought Ever Oasis, but I'm not going to bother playing it until after I finish Pokémon Moon and Fire Emblem Echoes. One "big" game at a time for me!
  7. Found a nice little gem this past week while I was in Tennessee: This brings my Virtual Boy collection total up to 11 games owned now. I also own Mario's Tennis, but it is not pictured here because it is in the Virtual Boy itself. Three more games left before the North American Virtual Boy collection is complete!
  8. That's a fun game to play for a few minutes here and there. If playing with friends, those sessions can turn into hours, haha. Good stuff. @chakoo Thanks for sharing those. I'm strangely looking forward to the 2DS XL for some reason.
  9. Must be selling it early, I guess. The game's release date isn't until tomorrow. You buying?
  10. It is a handheld, but Mighty No. 9 was never announced for it.
  11. I like Tomodachi Life well enough. Still need to try out the demo. I've been busy.
  12. Very well. I shall carry on.
  13. All hands-on impressions have been glowing so far. Mercury Steam may have a spotty track record for some people, but if they are just doing the "heavy lifting" for Nintendo's director, then everything should be fine. That said, there is something to be said about going in with super-low expectations, and then being blown away by how amazing a project turns out. And hey, if it sucks? Well, you won't be disappointed since you'd be getting exactly what you expected. (or maybe more accurately, NOT getting, because who wants a sucky game?) Win/win.
  14. Once I get these, I'll have four different colored Joycons (grey, red, blue, yellow) so when using a single con per player in a four player game, everyone can have a different color! It'll be like the N64 days all over again.